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Facebook Issue: – Logout from Facebook, How to Fix #FacebookDown

Facebook Issue or Facebook Down at 7 October 2022: According to India time, at 5:20 pm, Facebook users have been automatically logged out of Facebook and they are having trouble logging in again. According to the popup coming in Facebook, Facebook has been down for maintenance at this time.

Facebook Issue- Automatically logged out user

Recently, many Facebook users in India have been automatically logged out on their laptops and mobile devices and they are now having trouble logging in even after entering the correct password. According to the information on the login page issued by Facebook, no maintenance work has been started in Facebook, due to which the services of Facebook will not be available to the people yet, although Facebook has said that it will be restored in just a few minutes. will be done.

Facebook Issue: - Logout from Facebook, How to Fix #FacebookDown - 4

Running problem with Facebook

This is not the first time with Facebook’s platform that people have faced problems. In recent times, this type of incident had become quite common, due to which there was a lot of trend on Facebook and Twitter. The brunt of its technical eating to Facebook had also dropped it in the stock market.

How to Fix Facebook Down

  1. Check if Facebook is down
  2. Close and reopen the app
  3. Check for updates
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Check your internet Connection
  6. Check the app’s network permissions
  7. Clear the app cache
  8. Not able to play Facebook videos
  9. Not able to upload photos
  10. Not able to upload videos
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