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How to Download YouTube Videos in iOS 16?

Everyone is aware that you cannot directly download YouTube videos to an iPhone since the iPhone does not permit the downloading of any YouTube videos. Where to find YouTube video downloaders for Android devices since the number of extensions and apps is excessive. It is possible to jailbreak your iPhone in order to download YouTube videos, but doing so might damage your phone. If you want to download Youtube Videos then Read it. I’ll explain how to download YouTube videos on iPhone in iOS 16 in this article.

Before then, we had iPhone apps for downloading YouTube videos, but Apple decided to outlaw all of them. However, if someone wanted to download a video from YouTube, they would first download it to their PC and then transfer it to their iPhone. These days, you may download any form of YouTube video from websites that are available on iPhone devices and  download MP3 format.

How to Download YouTube Videos in iOS 16?

Step 1: First, open YouTube, then navigate to the video you want to download, and then tap Share.

Step 2: Press the Copy Link button.

Step 3: After copying the video URL, click it to bring up the oDownloader website, where the video will be downloaded.

Step 4: Paste the video’s link that you already copied.

Step 5: Choose a format for your video. There are many different types of formats.

Step 6: Tap the Download button here.

Step 7: After choosing to download, the process will begin immediately. To access the downloading area, hit the Three Dots.

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone with IOS 16

Method 1: Download the YouTube video

  1. Open the YouTube app on your iphone.
  2. Start watching the video you wish to download.
  3. There are a tonne of options available underneath the video, including “like,” “dislike,” “save for later,” and more. choose “Download” from the menu.
  4. Choose the video’s download quality.
  5. You may download videos in HD resolution if you have YouTube Premium.
  6. Click “Download.”
  7. The YouTube tool will download your video.

The video you just downloaded will not be saved to your iPhone’s files or photographs apps, but rather to the YouTube app itself.

Method 2: Using the Shortcut app, download the YouTube video

• To get the shortcut for downloading YouTube videos, tap the provided URL.
• After you click the link, select Get shortcut.
• Open Safari and YouTube.
• Find the video you wish to download by searching.
• Click the video’s share icon.
• Select Shortcuts in the pop-up menu.
• Select YouTube Download.
• You will need to wait a little while for the YouTube videos to be linked to shortcuts.
• There will be a pop-up with two choices.
• Select the Save to Photo Album button.
• Direct download and storage of the YouTube movie to your iPhone’s picture collection will occur.

Method 3: Using a third-party tool to get YouTube videos

  1. Download a document organiser for files and media on your iPhone.
  2. Open the video you wish to download in the YouTube programme.
  3. Select the “Share Video” link.
  4. Select “copy link.”
  5. Open the newly downloaded documents app.
  6. Click the compass icon in your screen’s bottom right corner.
  7. Type into the URL box and then search.
  8. Click the text box to bring up a popup. 
  9. Click the start button after clicking the paste link to download the video choice.
  10. Select the desired download quality by clicking the download button.
  11. Select “Done.”
  12. Go to Documents and choose View File.
  13. Select Downloads.
  14. Select the downloaded video, then hit the share icon.
  15. Select “On my iPhone” and then “Add.” 16. Save the movie to the camera roll in the files tool by selecting the share option, then Save the video.

You may even download programs other than documents from the Appstore, such the VLC player, to get YouTube videos.

That’s it, everyone! Using one of these techniques, you may download YouTube videos on your iPhone. Please let us know in the comment area below if you are aware of any other workable techniques.

How can I download YouTube video in iOS Mobile?

Your iPhone should be downloaded with the Youtube app. The Library should be accessible when you’ve opened the app and is situated in the bottom left corner. Next, check the Downloads tab to see if there are any older downloads. Open your selected video on the YouTube app next, and then tap the Download icon that appears immediately underneath the video.

How can I get iOS 16 on my iPhone?

Ensure that your device is plugged in and using Wi-Fi to access the Internet. then take these actions: Open  Settings > General then click on Software update. Select “Install Now.”

Can iPhone 7 Get iOS 16?

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are not compatible with iOS 16 since they are iPhone models older than the iPhone 8. This startled a lot of people on Twitter because most people believed that at the very least the iPhone 7 Plus will support iOS 16. The iPhone 7 series and some earlier phones, however, will only support iOS 15.

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