What is Pétanque? Google Doodle celebrates popular French sport

What is Pétanque? Google Doodle celebrates popular French sport. You may enjoy the newest interactive Google Doodle, which allows you to play this 19th-century French outdoor game from the comfort of your home.

Pétanque, a game akin to bocce and lawn bowling, is more than just a pastime, claims Doodles Archive. At the regional, governmental, and international levels, this game is played in competition all over the world. The top athletes participate in prestigious competitions like the La British Open in England and the Mondial La Marseillaise in France.

The International Federation of Pétanque as well as Provençal Game believes that the sport, which has about 10–12 million participants globally in 160 countries, is in reality most popular in Asia. Pétanque may be linked with France, but it is actually most popular there, according to The Local. For your information, Thailand is presently ranked second in the Pétanque World Championships. And according to the study, an estimated 1.5 million Chinese children reportedly play the game at school.

How to play Pétanque?

The game’s rules are straightforward or easy.

  1. All you need to do is move your team’s metal boules ahead of the opposing team and throw, toss, or roll them closer to the target boule.
  2. The goal is to score 13 points first, either as an individual or a team.
  3. After all boules have been thrown, points are obtained by having one or more of your boules nearer to the goal than those of your opponent.
  4. The game is played across a number of ends, or rounds, with the winning team of each end being the first to begin the following end.
  5. Although the objective may appear straightforward, players have access to a variety of strategies to outwit their rivals.
  6. At competitive levels, “shooting” is a common tactic where players try to deflect an opponent’s boule from the objective.

According to The Local, the first-ever Pétanque World Cup was won by César Brauer, also known as “César of Montelimar,” in 1962. Fifty years later, in 2013, he took part in his final World Cup. He passed away in 2015.

Pétanque History

According to Pétanque Australia, the game has been played since the sixth century. The Jules Lenoir Boulodrome at La Ciotat, Provence, France, where the game’s current format was first played, dates back to 1907. In the new game, the field’s length was roughly cut in half, and instead of running up to toss the ball, players now remained still in a circle. Local cafe owner Ernest Pitiot created these guidelines. The modifications were made after Ernest attempted to accommodate Jules Lenoir, a French jeu provencal player whose rheumatoid arthritis prohibited him from sprinting before he threw the ball.

Tip: A medium pull just above ball tends to provide more of a rolling action, maintaining the ball on the floor. Pulling the cursor just below ball will deliver more of an arc to the ball’s motion.

Every ball you place closer to the target than your opponent’s earns you one point. In the second round, the player who was further away in the first round is first, while the person who scored first is first in the third round. After three rounds, the person with the most points wins.

You can opt to practise alone, with friends, or with random people.

What is the pétanque?

Along with Raffa, bocce, boule lyonnaise, and to some extent, lawn bowls and crown green bowling, pétanque is one of the boules sports. All of these sports have one thing in common: the smaller target ball is the direction in which players or teams direct their boules or balls.

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