Basic Terms of Bridge Online Game

Learn the terms of bridge online games that are used in the contract bridge using duplicate or rubber scoring. The essential things to know for bridge games.

Bridge is a card game in which you and your opponent sit opposite each other and plot different tricks to win the game. In this game, the value of the score defines how much risk you can take. The best way to become a master in the bridge game is to see and observe any card game in which one person plays as a single card in turn and learn it from any of your friends.

The bridge game is played on the standard card deck with 52 cards. Four to eight people can play the bridge online game. But it’s good to keep the players from four to six. Visit to play this game online. 

Bridge Terms:

There are several terms that are involved in this game. Let’s take a look at the following terms of the rules card game bridge:


All the players have the opportunity to bid in bridge base online play, any one of them can bid if he believes that he can win more than 6.


One player plays the card and the person who has played the best card wins the trick. The number of total tricks is 13 on each hand.


The winning bid sets the trump until a no-Trump bid is made. It is higher than all the other cards. It can be played if the player can’t, otherwise, the suit is followed. Keep in mind a no-Trump bid always has no Trump suit.


If you fail to make the contract, then the penalty points are awarded to the opponent.

Over Tricks:

If you have taken more tricks than your contract then bonus points are awarded to you.


Penalty points awarded to your opponents if you fail to make your contract


Bonus points are awarded to you if you take more tricks than your contract.


Rubber is used to indicate the two out of three wins of one pair. The team that won two out of three was the first team, then it got 100 contract points in the bridge online game.


In this game, you can double the bid of an opponent which can result in extra bonus or extra penalty points.


If your opponent has doubled your contract then you can also redouble to add more bonus to the total score.

Penalty Double:

A type of double in the auction in which you believe that the opponent will not make the bid.

Takeout Double:

 A type of Double made during the auction to tell your partner that you are strong in your opponent’s unbid suits.


A team is vulnerable if it wins one game in the rubber. Being vulnerable enhances the awarded points and penalty points that are given away.


It is the short form of high card points that are good to measure the strength of the hand that you can use for bidding purposes. 3 points for each king, 4 points for each Ace, 1 for Jack, and 2 for each Queen.

RP (Revalued Points):

It indicates the strength of your hand against the bid suits of your partner. Extra points can be won for short-side suits in the online bridge card game.

Major Suit:

Spades or Hearts are considered the major suits because both of them have more worth than the points.

Minor Suits:

Diamonds or clubs are minor suits because they have less value in terms of points.

Final Contract:

This is the last bid of the 247 bridge card game, followed by three passes, and must be made by the winning team.


Above we have mentioned the important terms of this game that should be known for having a bridge online game. These terms are not enough to be the master of the game, there are a lot of them, but we have mentioned the important ones so that beginners can understand the game easily.

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