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What is Bluebugging? What to do if Bluebugging occurs?

Here is everything you need to know about bluebugging, a technique used by hackers to gain access to victims’ Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

We are all aware of the harm that can result from having our gadgets stolen or compromised. Hacking a gadget gives users access to all the confidential information stored within. Debugging is the process of finding bugs. However, “bluebugging” is one of the hacking methods employed by hackers.

Hackers utilise a technique known as “bluebugging” to access contacts, calls, messages, and texts. Data security is one of the most crucial procedures that users need to be cautious about in order to avoid this.

Once a smartphone has been “blue-bugged,” the hacker has complete access to the phone’s controls. Hackers have access to all the data on the smartphone, including calls, messages, and private information.

Bluetooth earbuds and headphones have become very popular in place of plug-in wired headphones. People are at an increased danger from this.

What to do if Bluebugging occurs:

An individual can stop such bluebugging by:

  • Removing or deactivating the Bluetooth-paired devices.
  • Updating the smartphone’s operating system on a regular basis.
  • Limiting the use of public WiFi.
  • Installing a VPN as an extra layer of protection.
  • When not in use, Bluetooth settings should always be turned off.
  • Your device will be safe and secure as a result of this

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