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IOS 16.1 Update on iPhone 14- Fixes ‘SIM Not Supported’ Bug

Another iOS 16 bug affecting users of the iPhone 14 has been acknowledged by Apple; this one is related to cellular data and SIM card functionality “SIM Not Supported”.

According to MacRumors, some owners of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max may experience a “SIM Not Supported” message on their device. The document warns that the iPhone may completely freeze after showing the pop-up warning. Apple claims to be “investigating” the situation and emphasises that there is no hardware issue, advising customers to keep their software updated.

Apple recommends users to wait a short while to see if the warning goes away while the inquiry is ongoing.

Customers shouldn’t try to restore the device if it doesn’t, Apple advises in the memo. Instead, users should visit an Apple Store or an authorized service provider, where they can make a request for technical support and have the problem fixed.

Apple has previously recognized an issue with its most recent iPhone models. The iPhone 14 has experienced a number of troubles in the days and weeks since its release, including problems with camera vibrations and device activations. Subsequent iOS 16 versions have fixed these issues. A release of iOS 16.1 is anticipated for the end of this month, and Apple is now testing it with developers and public beta testers.

According to MacRumors, the tech giant recognises that devices in the iPhone 14 series could display a message that reads “SIM Not Supported.”

The pop-up notification can cause the smartphone to entirely freeze.

The business asserted that it was looking into the matter and added that there was no hardware fault, but advised clients to keep their software updated.

Apple advised customers not to attempt to recover the device if the warning does not go away after waiting a little while to see if it did.

A issue in the iOS 16 upgrade that prohibited certain users from activating new iPhone 14 devices had already been rectified by the company.

The activation or migration problems experienced by users of new iPhones are fixed with the iOS 16.0.1 upgrade.

There is a “known issue for iOS 16 that may disrupt device activations on open Wi-Fi networks,” the company had warned customers in a note.

The tech behemoth declared that there are currently no official remedies and advised support employees to refrain from “creating a repair (case) for the issue”

The business advised customers to “upgrade to the current version of iOS to address the issue” if they experienced problems with Messages or FaceTime after configuring their new iPhone.

“On the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, the activation of iMessage and FaceTime might not finish. Update iOS to the most recent version to fix this “Apple said.

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