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Do not buy MI products from Flipkart || Flipkart has different build versions || No MI Main features available

Hi guys, Here’s why you shouldn’t buy MI products from Flipkart: Flipkart has different build versions. MI’s main features are not available.

Two days ago, I purchased a Xiaomi 11i mobile Phone on Flipkart. I didn’t have the functions which I want. I complained four to five times but it didn’t work at all. Now I want that function in my phone or want to replace it.

What to do if you face this Problem?

These days, consumer courts do not tolerate such behavior and also impose damages for the consumer’s humiliation (in addition to the financial loss as well inconvenience).

The National Commission stated in the matter of B.L. Sood vs. Delhi Transport Corporation (RP No. 115 of 2006) that even “rude, rough, and uncivilized” conduct would constitute inadequate service, as well as a consumer getting such care, is should be compensated.

Send a letter to the service center requesting a replacement for your phone or a complete refund plus interest. You could also submit your grievance to the CORE (Consumer Online Resource and Empowerment) Center online in the interim (

If you are not satisfied with the resolution provided here, file a complaint with the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, naming the manufacturer and the retailer/service centre as the opposing parties. You have a good case because both the manufacturer and the reseller sold faulty mobile phones and then gave poor after-sales support.

Due to the fact that the product did not live up to the manufacturer’s claims, you may also file a complaint of unfair commercial practices.

The manufacturer or retailer will be ordered to reimburse you by the consumer court, together with compensation and court costs. Punitive damages are another option.

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