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Instagram SWOT Analysis

We will be talking about Instagram swot analysis today. It will examine the advantages, disadvantages, possibilities, and threats of the most popular social networking platform.

Instagram is a social networking platform and business based in the United States with a focus on photo and video sharing. It is currently a Facebook subsidiary. In October 2010, Instagram’s founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched the social media site. The company first exclusively released it for iOS, and in April 2012, it was made available for Android as well.

After launching the social networking platform, it garnered over a million users in just two months. By the end of the first year, its growth rate had increased to over 10 million users, which significantly impressed Mark Zuckerberg. Instagram was purchased by Facebook for about $1 billion.

Speaking of the app with the most mobile downloads worldwide, Instagram is ranked fourth in 2020. A report claims that Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users. Cristiano Ronaldo has the most following among celebrities, with 253 million dollars.

An estimation places Instagram’s yearly income in 2020 at $24 billion, with a 36.9% share of Facebook’s overall revenue. The two countries with the most Instagram users, the United States and India, each have 140 million users.

About Instagram

CompanyInstagram ( Parent company- Meta Platforms Inc)
FoundersKevin Systrom, Mike Krieger
Year Founded1824
CEOAdam Mosseri
HeadquarterMenlo Park, California, United States
Products & ServicesPhoto sharing | Video sharing
CompetitorsLinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube Shorts, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook

Compared to other social media platforms, 60% of Instagram users visit the site to purchase new products.

Instagram SWOT Analysis

  • Instagram Strengths
    • Integration
    • Multimedia Pioneer Platform
    • Filters
    • Direct Messaging
    • Parent Brand
    • Global Reach
    • Hashtags
  • Instagram Weaknesses
    • Limited Communication Channel
    • One Way Traffic
    • Data Issues
  • Instagram Opportunities
    • Sponsor
    • Smartphones and Social Media
    • Video Ads
  • Instagram Threats
    • Low Visibility
    • Schedule Posting
    • Beauty Race
    • Strong Social Media Competitors

Instagram Strengths


By integrating with other popular platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others, Instagram is successfully utilizing integration technology to its benefit. Users can simultaneously publish their work to several sites because of this. It gives social media users a lot of versatility.

Multimedia Pioneer Platform

Being the first in the social media sector to develop specialized video/photo platforms gives Instagram a distinct advantage. Although it may seem commonplace today, in 2010 it was groundbreaking. When all of these elements are taken into account, the platform was able to attract one billion users per month.


The built-in filter function that Instagram pioneered allows users to adjust the lighting and brightness, and add a variety of additional styles to their images and videos. There won’t be any need for additional makeup in its presence. These attributes significantly contributed to grabbing consumers’ attention.

Direct Messaging

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing website where users can add captions and hashtags to their visual content before sharing it. People would have the choice to direct message content creators as well as like, share, and comment on their work. The public comment section is not the best place for marketing, advertising, and other types of promotion. The use of direct messaging in this situation is crucial.

Parent Brand

As many of you are already aware, Instagram is a subbrand of Facebook, and everyone is familiar with the internet behemoth. The leading social media network in the world supporting you gives you several benefits in terms of financial resources and technical help. Because of this, Instagram has quickly experienced phenomenal growth.

Global Reach

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram runs its business globally. People use Facebook for a variety of purposes, including selling, interacting with friends and family, and promoting their goods and services because it is a public platform. But regardless of their intentions, every single one of them makes use of the platform.

71% of US firms, according to a 2018 Mention research, utilize Instagram for commercial purposes.


Hashtags are the most crucial component of Instagram posts. They enable users to rank their content higher in searches and connect with the right target market. But if the content is good, it can help the creators grow their audience.

Do you know that the typical Instagram post comprises 10.7 hashtags?

Instagram Weaknesses

Limited Communication Channel

Instagram provides a constrained communication channel when it comes to two-way communication. People can only make public comments or send direct messages, for example. Your message would be lost in the threads if other people were commenting and sending direct messages at the same time.

One Way Traffic

Instagram paid promotion and sponsored posting features are widely used by businesses. If readers wish to purchase it, they may go directly there thanks to the platform’s ability to insert a link to their online store at the bottom of the piece. However, it is a given that they would shop after seeing the advertisement.

Data Issues

Facebook is receiving a lot of criticism for a variety of issues, including the disclosure of user’s personal information to marketers, data breaches, and privacy concerns. It seriously damaged Facebook’s credibility, and it affected Instagram. New users are very concerned about how the site will manage their personal information.

Instagram Opportunities


On Instagram, influential people, famous people, and public figures have millions of followers. Companies and enterprises get in touch with them to promote their goods and services.

In actuality, Instagram serves as the primary means through which many influencers make money through the marketing and promotion of brands and enterprises.

The company needs to invite more Instagram influencers to boost platform traffic.

Smartphones and social media

According to recent trends and data, smartphone and internet usage have both been on the rise in recent years. The fact that Instagram is the finest app for fans of visual material, offers the platform a fantastic opportunity to expand its market. The business ought to take advantage of this trend.

Statista estimates that there are 6.4 billion smartphone users worldwide, with a 5.3% annual growth rate.

Video Ads

Many other platforms include an integrated ability to build advertising and allow users to create adverts in any way they want in the form of images and videos. In other words, advertisers don’t necessarily need to work with an outside ad agency. They can do this by utilizing the platform’s embedded features. Such features ought to be available on Instagram.

Instagram Threats

Low Visibility

In the beginning, it was simpler for people to become visible through their visual material and uploading. Nowadays, leveraging sponsored posting and influencer shout-outs to expand one’s audience has nearly become impossible for the average business user. On Instagram, a few users and companies dominate the conversation.

Schedule Posting

Schedule posting is a popular automated technique used by businesses and influencers. For a month, they choose posts that take the form of videos and photographs and add them to the automatic tool funnel. The scheduled material would continue to be posted by the application on time. Although it sounds like a great feature, the percentage of active users has dramatically decreased.

Beauty Race

The popularity of short films, selfies, and images has intensified the trend of careful body and figure maintenance. As a result, people are increasingly turning to cosmetic procedures like buttlifts, botox, and fillers to improve their appearance. One could argue that people are sanctifying themselves at the expense of their well-being. Instagram frequently features photos and videos that have undergone extensive editing and filtering.

Strong Social media Competitors

NYTimes reports that Instagram is losing its pool of youthful users. The Instagram strategy document claims that users between the ages of 13 and 44 switched from Instagram to YouTube and TikTok, with adolescents favoring Snapchat more. This occurred as a result of the increased entertainment and communication options provided by these apps.

According to research by Piper Sandler based on responses from 9,800 US teenagers, 34% of respondents ranked Snapchat as their preferred social media site. Likewise, TikTok and Instagram were ranked as the top two apps by 28% and 25% of respondents, respectively.


After carefully examining Instagram’s SWOT analysis and its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, we have concluded that it is the most popular platform in the world. To mitigate the threat, the organization should work on its flaws, and it should concentrate on its strong points to seize possibilities.

What is SWOT on Instagram?

Instagram’s SWOT analysis illuminates its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Internal elements, such as strengths and weaknesses, are those that the business can change and have some control over. Opportunities and risks are outside forces over which the business has no control.

What are Instagram’s weaknesses?

Weaknesses. Instagram’s biggest flaw, as seen from the standpoint of a publisher, is that its online traffic is isolated. There is currently no method to link to your website or generate visitors there. You’ll need to interact with your Instagram followers if you want to grow your following.

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