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Jio Broadband: All Best Plans, Detailed information

Reliance Jio, backed by Mukesh Ambani, joined the internet market in 2019 with Jio Broadband, after disrupting the Indian telecom business with low pricing and freebies.

After introducing Jio Fiber Connection in August 2019, the business began commercially rolling it out across the country in September 2019.

For its superfast fiber-to-the-home internet connection service, the business is, as expected, offering enticing Jio Fiber Connection Plans.

If you’re having trouble with your network provider or have sluggish Wi-Fi speeds, now might be the greatest time to invest in a Jio Fiber new connection.

You’ve come to the perfect site if you’re curious about how Reliance Jio Broadband plans can benefit you and how to get a connection. 

What is Jio Fiber or Jio Broadband?

Jio Fiber is a fiber-to-the-home internet broadband service offered by Reliance Jio Info comm, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance group.

The Jio GigaFiber service was formally introduced at Reliance Industries’ 41st annual general meeting in 2018. Jio Fiber Connections, as it had been later rebranded, is set to go commercialized on September 5, 2019.

The Jio Fiber Connections service is currently being researched in a limited number of cities and states. The FTTH broadband provider claims up to 1 Gigabit per second download speeds.

Furthermore, it would be the primary technical enabler for the GigaTV platform and the company’s goods in the IoT ecosystem.

The Jio broadband service is now available in a limited number of places around the country as part of the company’s preview offer.

Jio Broadband 2

The corporation is offering the broadband service free of charge as part of the preview offer. However, a user must pay a refundable security deposit of Rs 4,500 for a 100Mbps connection and Rs 2,500 for a 50Mbps connection in order to receive the connection.

The preview offer has no set expiry date, however it is expected to cease shortly after the commercial release.

Despite the fact that Jio Fiber Connection plans have yet to be released, Ambani declared at Reliance Industries’ 42nd annual general meeting that now the Jio Broadband basic plan with a 100Mbps bandwidth would start at Rs 700.

The business also announced plans to create ‘Jio forever’ data plans, which will include a free 4K LED television and a Jio Fiber connection set-top box.

The integrated set-top box would indeed be able to stream material in 4K resolution. It will also allow console-style gameplay, with additional joysticks and controllers supported.

It will be capable of making video conversations and providing mixed reality experiences for commerce, education, and other purposes.

Apart from programming from those other platforms, the set-top box will include a built-in suite of Jio apps for entertainment, education, cloud services, and other purposes.

How to book Jio Fiber?

To register for Jio Fiber, go to the company’s official website now and click on the ‘Book Now button in the upper right corner.

To generate an OTP, you would need to input your name and mobile number. After you’ve got your OTP and entered it on the website, you’ll be prompted to input your current location on the next page, marking it either ‘Home’ or ‘Office.’

On the same page, you must also submit your email address. After you’ve completed all of these procedures, the firm will contact you through SMS or email to set up your new Jio Fiber connection.

Jio Fiber installation charges

Users of Reliance Jio can now take advantage of this new free trial offer. New users that sign up for a Jio Fiber plan beginning September 1st, 2020, will indeed be eligible for a Jio Fiber 30-day no-strings-attached free trial.

For a month, the free trial will include up to 150Mbps download speeds, a 4K set-top box with free subscriptions to 10 OTT apps, and unlimited voice calls.

Jio broadband 3

If users are unhappy with the service at the end of the trial month, it will be disconnected without warning.

For the free trial, new users have two options. For a Rs 2,500 security deposit, they can get a 4K set-top box with 10 OTT apps, such as Disney+ Hotstar, Lionsgate Play, and others.

The second alternative is to pay Rs 1,500 as a security deposit, however, individuals who choose this option will be denied access to the set-top box and OTT apps.

If customers choose to just not remain with the services, this fee is recoverable in both situations.

Jio Broadband Services

How to get Jio Fiber free trial?

New Jio Fiber Connection consumers can get a 30-day free trial with no strings attached.

New users will always get up to 150Mbps download speeds, a 4K set-top box with complimentary subscriptions to 10 OTT apps, and unrestricted voice calls for 30 days as part of a free trial.

If users don’t like the service after 30 days, the connections will indeed be removed without warning.

New users can choose between a 30-day free trial with or without a 4K set-top box. Those who choose the former would be required to pay a security deposit of Rs 2,500.

Jio broadband 4

They’ll get a free subscription to Disney+ Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot, Alt Balaji, Sun NXT, Shemaroo, Lionsgate Play, and Hoichoi, among other OTT applications.

Those who choose a trial without a set-top box will be required to pay a security deposit of Rs 1,500.

Follow the steps below to sign up for a free trial:

  • Visit the Jio Fiber website for more information.
  • Choose either Option 1 (with 4K set-top box) or Option 2 (without 4K set-top box) and click ‘Book Now’ (without the set-top box) For OTP verification, go to the next page and input your name and phone number.
  • After that, you’ll be asked to provide your personal or business address, as well as your email address. Submit the form

If your location has Jio Fiber, you’ll be contacted by a Jio representative for the connection within 2-3 business days.

What’s the internet speed being offered by Jio Fiber?

30Mbps and 100Mbps speeds are available on the Rs 399 and Rs 699 subscriptions, respectively. Users of the Rs 999, Rs 1,499, and Rs 2,499 plans will have access to speeds of up to 150Mbps, 300Mbps, and 500Mbps, respectively. Jio Fiber’s top-tier Rs 3,999 and Rs 8,499 plans offer speeds of up to 1Gbps.

What are the benefits of Jio Fiber?

One of the main advantages of Jio Fiber is that it provides direct fiber connectivity all the way to the residence, as opposed to most cases when the fiber just reaches the building and the final few meters of end connectivity is provided by a regular cable.

The overall speed and user experience suffer as a result. Jio Fiber’s high-speed connectivity enables HD Voice Calling, TV video calling with the Jio TV camera, and seamless smart home networking.

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To make the most of the high-speed internet, Jio is also giving peripherals such as a Jio 4K set-top box, Jio TV camera, and Jio security cameras.

Reliance Jio Fiber also includes free subscriptions to Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, Jio Cinema, Jio Saavn, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot, Alt Balaji, Sun NXT, Shemaroo, Lionsgate Play, and Hoichoi, among other OTT services. During the 30-day trial period for new users, ten of these services will be supplied for free.

Jio Fiber broadband plans price list with benefits

Name of the planMonthly Price(excl. GST)Quarterly Price(excl. GST)Semi-annual Price(excl. GST)Annual Price(excl. GST)Benefits
Rs 399 Jio Fiber PlanRs 399Rs 1,197Rs 2,394Rs 4,78830Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling
Rs 699 Jio Fiber PlanRs 699Rs 2,097Rs 4,194Rs 8,388100Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling
Rs 999 Jio Fiber PlanRs 999Rs 2,997Rs 5,994Rs 11,988150Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 14 OTT subscriptions
Rs 1,499 Jio Fiber PlanRs 1,499Rs 4,497Rs 8,994Rs 17,988300Mbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 15 OTT subscriptions
Rs 2,499 Jio Fiber PlanRs 2,499Rs 7,497Rs 14,994Rs 29,998500Mbps, unlimited data, 15 OTT subscriptions
Rs 3,999 Jio Fiber PlanRs 3,999Rs 11,997Rs 23,994Rs 47,9881 Gbps, unlimited data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 15 OTT subscriptions
Rs 8,499 Jio Fiber PlanRs 8,499Rs 25,497Rs 50,994Rs 1,01,9881 Gbps, up to 6,600GB data, Free Voice and Video Calling, 15 OTT subscriptions

Jio Fiber broadband ISD plans price list with benefits

Name of the planPlan validityISD Talk timeVoice
Rs. 50230 days1500 MinutesISD calling to USA and Canada, only on codes specified,
Rs. 50128 days₹424.58Data 50 MB, Used only for making ISD calls

Jio Fiber Top-up Voucher price list with benefits

Name of the planTalk time
Rs. 10₹7.47
Rs. 20₹14.95
Rs. 50₹39.37
Rs. 100₹81.75
Rs. 500₹420.73
Rs. 1000₹844.46

Jio Fiber Data Sachet

Users of Jio Fiber can also purchase a Rs 199 data sachet plan for seven days of unlimited access. This Jio Fiber plan includes unlimited domestic voice calls.

Users can also get unlimited bandwidth at speeds up to 1,000GB at 100Mbps and 64kbps after that. This plan has a seven-day validity period.

People May Ask

Q- Are the plans for Jio Fiber Broadband unlimited?

A- While Jio Fiber Broadband rates start at Rs 399 and are “truly unlimited,” there is a Fair Usage Policy limit in force. The maximum FUP size is 3.3TB (3300GB).

Q- Is a router provided by Jio Broadband?

A- Yes. Wi-Fi is supported by Jio Home Gateway.

Q- Is there a free Jio router with Jio fiber?

A- When choosing a new Jio Fiber postpaid connection, Jio subscribers will receive a Gateway Router, Set Top Box, and free installation as part of the zero entry cost plan.

Q- Is Jio a router or a fiber modem?

A- This router is one of the most basic on our list and is simple to set up. This router is one of the most basic on our list and is simple to set up.

Q- Is Jio Fiber a 5G network?

A- During the virtual event, Ambani announced that Jio has begun testing its 5G solution in India, with speeds exceeding 1 gigabit per second. Jio Fiber has already been placed in 3 million active homes since its launch, with 2 million added in the last year, according to Reliance.

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