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Irctc Account Suspended How To Activate

Step-by-Step Guide to Reactivate Your Suspended IRCTC Account

Irctc Account Suspended How To Activate or how to unblock irctc account- Indian Railways’ official catering and tourist partner is IRCTC. IRCTC has established a variety of facilities to make your journey easier and more comfortable, like internet food in trains, online ticket purchasing, and many others. To book a ticket through the IRCTC’s authorized or official website or app, you must first create an account and afterwards log in using your userID and password.

However, some people have trouble logging in and reserving tickets. “Bookings are not permitted as your account has been suspended,” is the most common mistake they see while booking a ticket on the IRCTC web. People do stupid things from time to time, and their IRCTC account is suspended as a result. Whenever it concerns to the misuse of their services, IRCTC authorities are strict.

Suspension or deactivation of an IRCTC account for the following reasons

Wrong, inaccurate, or unverifiable data-

Garbage/junk values in profiles may result in account termination, according to the IRCTC registration website. As a result, the vast majority of accounts are suspended due to the use of fraudulent email IDs or incorrect addresses.

You might be wondering how the IRCTC learns that the information you submitted is inaccurate or unverifiable. The solution is straightforward! IRCTC officials monitor and verify the details of various users on a regular basis to ensure that there are no fraudulent profiles.

Using Autofill Scripts

If you use Magic Autofill to fill out the ticket booking form rapidly, it may result in your account being suspended. Any such activities are not supported by the IRCTC. It has the potential to permanently ban your account. Your phone number and email address will also be prevented from registering new accounts in the future.

Originally, this autofill extension was designed to assist passengers in swiftly obtaining tatkal tickets, however it was later discovered that other unlawful software was being developed to circumvent the ticket booking system. As a result, IRCTC began suspending accounts that employed autofill scripts.

Enormous Hitting on Site

To book tickets online, the IRCTC website was created. If you access the IRCTC portal regularly, be sure the website is not overloaded. This is because persistent activity from your device or user ID may be regarded as suspicious, resulting in deactivation.

If your account was suspended despite the fact that you did nothing improper or unlawful, it’s possible that you pressed the refresh button just so many times or went back to the previous just so many times.

Fraudulent Behaviors

If you Google “Top methods to book tickets on IRCTC,” it’s highly likely that many of the results are illegal or false. IRCTC personnel may view purchasing lots of tickets on different trains on the same day as suspicious action. As a result, IRCTC is likely to prohibit such IDs. This is done to protect the interests of other users and to keep the website running smoothly.

For a Very Long Time, There Has Been No Activity

If you made an account with IRCTC but haven’t booked a ticket in a long time, your account may be immediately cancelled. Any user ID that has not logged in for 6 months will be identified inactive and will be suspended without warning.

How Can You Avoid Having Your IRCTC Account Suspended?

To avoid being suspended from the IRCTC, you can take the following precautions:

  1. In a calendar month, the IRCTC accepts just six rail reservations (with a maximum of 6 passengers per ticket). As a result, you should never reserve too many tickets with a single user ID. Create many IDs and are using them to book 1 ticket per ID if you do need to book a large amount of tickets.
  2. To book tatkal tickets, do not use any autofill scripts or extensions. Other legal and practical methods for swiftly booking tatkal tickets available. If you use these tips, you’ll be able to book tatkal tickets without having your ID suspended.
  3. IRCTC requires you to register with your real information, such as your primary email address, mobile number, as well as AADHAR address. Your ID will not be suspended if the data are verified by IRCTC staff.
  4. Make a note of your account login and password in a secure location. So don’t forget to bring your credentials. Log in to your account at least once a month. As a result, your account will stay active and will not be deleted due to inactivity.

How can I reactivate a suspended IRCTC account?

If you’re looking for an answer to the query “How to reactivate a suspended IRCTC account,” you’ve come to the right place. To reactivate the cancelled IRCTC account, there is a totally legal and functional option.

Irctc suspended account reactivation Process-

  • Send the required IRCTC account information to from your registered email address.
  • Username and password for IRCTC
  • Mobile phone number on file
  • The address you gave us when you signed up.
Irctc Account Suspended How To Activate

Now you must wait for the response. If you require any additional assistance, please contact IRCTC Customer Support at 0755-6610661 or 0755-4090600, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your ID was suspended due to inactivity or high traffic from your device, they will very certainly reactivate it within seven working days.

However, if you used your ID to commit fraud, your ID will almost certainly never be reactivated. The only option left is to create a new IRCTC account using a different email address and phone number.

Irctc Account Suspended How To Activate?

There is an easy technique to restore your IRCTC account user ID or password if you forget it.

User ID Recovery through Email at the IRCTC

Go to the page for Forgot User ID. In the appropriate columns, enter your registered email address, date of birth, and captcha. Then press the submit button. Your user ID will be sent to your email address.

Password Recovery for IRCTC

To reset your password, go to the Forgot Password page. Fill in your IRCTC userID, birthdate, and captcha. Then press the submit button. Your account password will be sent to your registered phone numbers and email address.

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People May Ask

Why is a user in IRCTC disabled?

According to the information provided by IRCTC, you have added more than ten master passenger lists to your user ID. Your ID has been suspended/deactivated and cannot be activated again because it appears that you are using your personal user ID for commercial gain/misuse.

How long does it take for an IRCTC account to be activated?

It changes. I waited 12 days; others waited longer, while others waited less.

How do I get my unverified IRCTC account back or how to activate suspended irctc account?

IRCTC Account Reactivation Procedure

Then it’s just a matter of reactivating your IRCTC account. Send the following information about your IRCTC account IRTC customer support at to using the email address associated with your suspended account. Your IRCTC username and password.

Why has IRCTC disabled my account?

Here are all the reasons why your IRCTC account was suspended; there isn’t a single explanation why it was disabled-

  • False or unsubstantiated information
  • Making use of Autofill Scripts or Login Scripts
  • Regularly visiting websites
  • Illegal Activities
  • Very Long Period of No Account Activity

How do I deactivate my disabled IRCTC account?

Send an email to with your login information asking them to remove your IRCTC account. For further information, you may also phone 011-39340000 or 044-25300000.

Is it possible to create a new IRCTC account with the same cellphone number?

Yes, you are able to create a new account on using the same email address and mobile number.

How can I deactivate a mobile phone number that is listed on IRCTC?

You can edit your profile by logging into your IRCTC account, going to My Account, My Profile, and clicking the Edit button. You can now edit, remove, or change the number.

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