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How To Delete Admin Account On Mac Without Password?

Delete Admin Account On Mac- There is a technique to remove an old admin password that you forgot and may now use your Mac again if you recently acquired a used Mac with an old admin account that requires an unknown password.

On a MacBook, you don’t need a password to deactivate the admin account. To access the settings on the computer, first create another administrator account. deleting the old administrator account from the machine and installing the new one.

Learn How To Delete Admin On Mac Without Password?

How to add a separate admin account

It’s simpler than it looks to add a different administrator account to your MacBook.

  1. Start or open your Mac
  2. Hold the Command key and the “S” key as soon as the screen appears when the computer is booting up.
  3. Type /sbin/mount -uw / when the dialogue box in black and white appears.
  4. Once “Root” appears, press the enter key and type: rm var/db/.applesetupdone.
  5. Once “Root” reappears, press enter and then type reboot.
  6. To start the computer, type enter.

You will then be asked to choose a primary language and the nation in which you are configuring your Mac after finishing these steps. If you want to transfer any data from another device, you will then be prompted. If you don’t want to immediately set up the Mac with all of your information, you can choose “not now.” Finally, you will be prompted to turn on the Mac’s location.

A popup with the opportunity to input your Apple ID and password will then appear after this. You can enter your current Apple ID credentials, create a new Apple ID, or just skip this area and go to the licence agreement on the following page. Select “Agree”

You’ll be asked to set up a new Mac account on the following page. You will use this account to access the Mac, so be sure to write down or pick an easy-to-remember password.

You will then have the choice to sign up for Apple updates and news. You can either complete or omit this part. Your computer will then be ready to boot up and be put to use after that.

Steps to delete old admin account

Following the instructions below, you can view and delete the other admin account once you have visited your Mac using the new account:

  1. Run System Preferences.
  2. To view the other Mac accounts, click the Users and Groups icon.
  3. You must click the lock in the lower left corner of the screen to enable modifications.
  4. When you do this, a box asking for your password will appear.
  5. In the last area, type the password you created while setting up your Mac admin account. You can edit the accounts on the Mac after inputting your credentials.
  6. The account you want to delete will be highlighted and its information will appear when you click on it.
  7. Below the listed accounts on the left side of the screen, press the “” symbol. A dialogue box will appear as a result.
  8. Click OK after selecting “Delete this home folder.”

Select “Save the home folder as a disc image” to save and archive the data from the previous admin account. By doing this, it will be ensured that no data or content is deleted, but the account will still be closed. This CD will be saved under “Deleted users and groups.” Anytime is a good time to access and retrieve this information.

If “Don’t modify the home folder” is chosen, the user’s home folder and all of its contents will be preserved. If you select this option, you can always recover the previous account and all of its data.

You won’t be able to restore the account or any of the data on it using your Mac if you remove the home file. However, you will be able to retrieve any files, pictures, or messages that were stored on the iCloud if the other account was made using an Apple ID. Log in iCloud with Apple ID that was used to create the old account in order to view files saved on it. You can search it up on the Apple website if you’ve forgotten your Apple ID.

Why can’t I delete an Admin account on Mac?

If you are having difficulties deleting an account, there are a few things you should check to make ensure all will go through it as intended. The procedures above should ensure that you are able to do so.

Check that the lock on the bottom left is unlocked if you are unable to tap on the profiles on the left or make any changes. With the admin passcode you are now signed into, you can unlock the lock. Use your computer’s default password, not your Apple ID one. You should be able to edit the accounts as a result.

If you carefully follow the remaining steps after checking the lock button, you should be capable of making the desired changes. Visit Apple Support if you’re still having issues.

How To Delete Admin Account On Mac Without Password?

If an admin account that you want to use is locked out, you can reset the password to gain access to the account. As said above, you must first establish a new account. Just input the bare minimum of data necessary for setup; avoid entering your Apple ID or any other private information.

Open System Preferences and go to Users and Groups when you have permission to the Mac. To authorize changes, click the lock icon in the lower right corner once there. You will be asked to enter your login information. The login for the account you just made is here. You will be able to modify current accounts as well as information once you have submitted your information.

Tap “Change password” after selecting the account you want to access. It will just ask you for the new password you will use going forward, not the previous password you used to access the account.

After changing the password, use the recovered account to log in and delete the newly created account by following the instructions above.

How can I delete administrator account without password?

To delete the administrator account without requiring a password or administrative access, enter the command “net user username /delete” and click Enter.

How do I find my administrator name and password for Mac?

On your dock, select System Privileges, or on the Apple menu, select System Preferences from the dropdown menu. Locate the Users & Groups icon, then tap it. From the list on the left, select your existing username. It’s an Administrator account if the term Admin appears under your username.

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