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YouTube To Allow Educational Creators To Create & Sell Courses

In this Article, we are going to cover on YouTube To Allow Educational Creators To Create & Sell Courses, according to reports, YouTube is developing a new tool that would let educational creators make and sell courses. The “YouTube Player for Education” feature is a component of the platform specifically designed for educational uses.

The Google-owned video-sharing website is currently among the top websites for online education and learning, and its use extends beyond amusement. On YouTube, you may get free educational videos from the best colleges and teachers. The platform now wants to take things a step further and develop a unique environment for those who produce educational content.

The YouTube Player for Education is free of advertisements, external links, and suggestions and will only feature educational content. Of course, not all producers have access to the functionality yet, and prior to a general rollout, YouTube is working with a few educational technology companies in the US. EDpuzzle is currently partnered with YouTube along with Purdue University and Purdue Global.

By introducing courses, YouTube aims to become a platform focused on education

Given the abundance of instructional videos available on YouTube today, you may be wondering what unique benefits YouTube Player for Education may provide. The platform’s educational content will be the main focus of this part, so learners won’t be diverted by entertaining films or other stuff. For instructional purposes, it is important to create a distraction-free environment.

Additionally, YouTube video providers can introduce their paid or free instructional courses. This might be a brand-new way for creators to monetize their work and profit from their expertise.

The first people who can access beta courses on YouTube are American and South Korean users. In the future, the feature will be made available in more nations.

Coursera, Skillshare, and MasterClass are presently offering courses from a large number of YouTube educational content producers. However, YouTube Player for Education offers a dedicated space for the sale of courses and stops customers from hopping between several platforms.

Additionally, YouTube aims to enable quizzes that assess students’ subject understanding. Creators with access to the Community tab will be able to incorporate the tests in their films whenever they are released in beta in the upcoming months.

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