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How to Use Reddit- It can be intimidating to sign up for a huge website like Reddit. This post will provide you a better understanding of Reddit and how to utilize it to interact with its numerous communities. You’ll quickly discover why it’s one of the most well-known websites.

What Is Reddit Used For?

Reddit is mostly used for sharing of information.

The core of what makes Reddit a must-visit website is contributing content. You can ask questions about just about any subject or write entries that describe something amusing, interesting, newsworthy, etc. People often use it to spread the word about businesses and side projects they think other people might be interested in.

One area of the website where users can share significant news from throughout the world is the World News subreddit, for instance.

Equally important is posting comments. Users can leave comments on postings for a variety of purposes, such as asking for more details or delving deeper into the topic.

How to Use Reddit?

Although we could go into great detail regarding the many components of the site, in a word, understanding how Reddit functions is simple. It’s a big forum where people post stuff, and other users vote on, comment on, or share that content.

Reddit’s extensive collection of subreddits, which transform the website into something manageable and user-friendly, is where it excels and the reason it ever works at all. Simply said, a subreddit is a category on the website. The content is broken up into different subjects rather than displaying each user’s contributions on a single page.

Here are some illustrations of the site’s vital components. Some of the most popular subreddits, each having well over 20 million subscribers or followers, are as follows:

/r/funny: Anything that makes others laugh, including memes, videos, and images.

/r/AskReddit: Ask and answer questions, occasionally even with famous people like presidents and other high-profile figures.

/r/gaming: a fantastic location if you enjoy playing board games, cards, video games, etc.

/r/aww: videos and images of little animals and other adorable objects.

/r/Music: Reddit’s main music community is this, while there are many others that focus on particular genres, such as Indie Music and Dubstep, as well as music-related subreddits like Listen to This.

/r/pics: a vast collection of images in practically every format.

/r/movies: news and discussions surrounding newly released, blockbuster motion pictures.

/r/todayilearned: Users have recently learned some interesting information.

/r/Showerthoughts: Interesting ideas and viewpoints.

Reddit postings frequently cross over. Offbeat may contain the same material that you already read in Not the Onion. If the overlap is appropriate for the community and adheres to the guidelines, it is usually acceptable. It aids in attracting viewers who might not subscribe to the same subreddits.

While you can see articles as a guest, you must create a user account, which is completely free, in order to post comments, vote up or down on content, or submit a new post to a specific subreddit.

Rules & Terms to Know

Reddit may appear chaotic at first sight, but despite the constant influx of new images, videos, articles, and other content, it isn’t completely uncontrolled. You must abide by both clear and frequently specific rules within each community (see the Reddit content policy).

For instance, /r/technology isn’t the appropriate location to share your woodworking project (that would be /r/woodworking), postings in /r/penpals have a minimum character limit, and other communities have post type restrictions (e.g., links but not images).

To find out what’s permitted in a community, check for a section on the subreddit’s home page that discusses rules. These rules may include details like how precisely you must style titles or how you must interact with comments.

Moderators on subreddits lay forth guidelines for the community they are in charge of. A moderator has the right to delete content that violates these guidelines and even to ban an offending user from the subreddit if they do so.

As you go across Reddit, it’s important to understand the moderators and regulations. Here are some additional words you might encounter:

Karma: It is mostly a reputation score and is the sum of people’ upvotes minus their downvotes. In some cases, you’ll need a specific post karma rating to post something in a community. Users with low karma or bad karma could be thought of as spammers or newbies.

Throwaway: A user may create a separate account just for publishing content if they don’t want their true identity or previous posts to be connected to it.

NSFW: An acronym for Not Safe It’s a sign that the content is something you could prefer to read, watch, or hear when you’re alone if it’s for Work and typically has an adult theme.
Short for “Explain” is ELI5. It’s used to request that the community reframe a notion to make it simpler to understand, like I’m 5.

AMA: You’ll notice this, which is short for “Ask Me Anything,” when someone invites other users to ask them questions about practically anything or a subject that makes sense in the context in which they asked the question.

OP: Refers to the individual who posted the first message and is short for Original Poster.

PM/DM: Usually used in the context of a request to inform someone that they should message you directly rather than through a public comment, short for private/direct message.

Upvote/downvote: To vote anything up means you approve of it or believe it is pertinent to the discussion. The OP receives karma for upvotes. The alternative is downvoting.

r/: This comes before a URL that opens a subreddit (see above examples).
u/: This comes before a URL that directs users to their profiles.

Custom feed: These feeds, which were formerly known as Multireddits, contain several subreddits. They’re connected to your user account URL and a terrific method to discreetly use for yourself or distribute personalized feeds.

Crosspost: duplicate content that is concurrently uploaded in several subreddits, each with its own set of votes and comments. 

Repost: Usually, duplicate posts in the same subreddit are only flagged if the original post was just made.

Coins: To let the OP know you enjoyed a post or comment, you can leave virtual Reddit Coins on it.

Joining Communities Only those who have user accounts are eligible to join communities and subreddits. Select Join near the top of the page after logging in. Re-clicking the button will allow you to depart the neighborhood.

It’s not typically required to join a subreddit in order to post there. If you want to be notified when someone posts in a community, you might choose to join it rather than reading it as a guest.

On the front page of Reddit or in the Home tab of the official mobile app, new posts from the communities you subscribe to are displayed.

Another page is /r/popular, which is exactly what it says it is: a feed of Reddit’s most well-liked postings. Similar but less filtered is the /r/all page, where you can find popular NSFW posts but not sexually explicit ones (/r/all is hidden in the menu of the mobile app).

You can view the communities on those pages without being a subscriber, unlike Home. They’re a great method to discover new subreddits to subscribe to or to leave your small, isolated groups and discover what else is going on on Reddit.

Users of Reddit must be older than 13 years old. Additionally, you must be at least the legal age in your country to use Reddit, or your parent or legal guardian must provide verifiable consent.

Reddit browsing and posting

Reddit usage can include both surfing and posting. Some subreddits divide all of the content into specialised sections, as we mentioned earlier. To find posts, go to a community (or the /r/all or /r/popular sites).

For instance, you would go to to find the movies subreddit.

To make it easier for you to explore the posts in the order you desire, each subreddit has a few basic buttons along the top:

Hot: Suggests popular posts based on their number of upvotes.

New: Posts that were submitted most recently.

Top: The most upvoted posts appear first in the ranking. You have the option of choosing the most popular posts from today, this week, this month, this year, or all time.

Rising: Fresher posts that are rapidly collecting upvotes.

The comments on each post can also be organised using the filtering options. Similar to post-filters like Best, Top, and New, these are. Others include Old and Controversial.

Visit the subreddit as described above and choose Create Post to post. Use the bottom plus symbol if you’re in the app. You are allowed to publish text, links, videos, or photographs, subject to the guidelines of the community.

Locate the text field beneath the post to leave a comment. After formatting the text as desired, choose Comment.

There are a tonne of NSFW reddit communities. You might be interesting in the content limitations you can enable to prevent adult content if you’re enabling a minor to use Reddit. You can do this from the Feed Settings screen.

General Tips

Before making a post on Reddit, keep the following in mind:

To start, look. With its enormous user base, it’s probable that another user (or two, or 10) have already posted it. This is especially true for breaking news, help-related inquiries, memes, and much more. Before adding pointless duplicates to a subreddit, confirm this. Reposts are typically permissible as long as they are not made immediately before to the previous one in the same community.

Be considerate. It’s simple to overlook the creators of the pictures, words, and other stuff you scroll through. Prior to downvoting or commenting, have this in mind.

Don’t be scared to speak up, but be prepared for feedback. Many Reddit lurkers don’t post anything, maybe because it’s challenging to deal with criticism from other users and administrators.

Give proper credit. It’s tempting to claim something as your own in an effort to accrue as much karma as you can. But doing this is unkind, and in practice, other users will most likely call you out for it, harming your reputation.

Why Reddit Premium Is Used

Reddit can be used for nothing at all. You may read and interact with everything from the app or website, as well as publish and comment as often as you choose.

However, you can subscribe to Reddit Premium for a monthly or yearly fee if you want the following features:

  • No more adverts
  • Unique avatar equipment And 700 monthly coins
  • Members-only lounge entry
  • unique app icons
  • Awards for Powerups Premium

People May Ask

How do I use Reddit Recap?

To view your top posts and subreddits in the Reddit app, click to your profile and select the Recap icon (the thought bubble) over your avatar.

On Reddit, how do I use spoiler tags?

Select the Spoiler icon after selecting the text you want to conceal (the exclamation mark). Highlight the entire comment to make it disappear.

How do I use the old Reddit?

Select Opt out of the redesign at Visit instead.

How do I see my Reddit search history?

To view your most recent Reddit search history, use the search box. Go to Menu > History in the app. On the front page of the desktop site, under Recent posts, you can also find Reddit surfing history.

How can I delete the history of Reddit?

Clear the cache in your web browser, and turn off Turn off autofill settings in order to delete your Reddit history. Select the Reddit search bar and the trash can icon to remove specific search keywords. Go to Settings > Clear Local History > Clear Local History by tapping your user symbol in the Reddit app.

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