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Double camera feature coming to Snapchat

Double camera feature coming to Snapchat. Four different settings are available with Snapchat’s dual camera capability, which is now rolling out to iOS users.

Users may now capture videos or take pictures with both the front and back cameras thanks to a new Snapchat feature called Dual Camera. The vast majority of the Snapchat community has embraced this useful feature.

It is noteworthy that Snapchat wasn’t the first business to introduce the dual camera feature. This function has been available on the newest social networking site BeReal for a while, and Instagram joined the hype in July of this year.

Simply run the camera app, hit the dual camera option from the display, and you are ready to use the newly announced Dual Camera on compatible phones. It is accessible for Snaps, Stories, and Spotlight videos.

Additionally, there are four layout options available with the new dual camera feature: vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture, as well as a cutout. Picture-in-picture mode displays a spherical front-facing camera on top of the back-view camera, while the previous two are fairly self-explanatory. Users may shoot a selfie and add it to the image from the rear camera using the cutout mode.

Additionally, Snapchat users have access to creative tools including music, filters, and stickers. The Snapchat Dual Camera is now available for iPhone XR and later, with support for Android smartphones coming soon.

In related news, Snapchat’s revenue may experience a greater decline than companies like Apple and Google.

Is Snapchat going to release dual or Double camera feature on Snapchat?

Yes, Snapchat is going to release dual camera Feature on ios.

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