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How to Enable Developer Mode in Telegram

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  • How to Enable Developer Mode in Telegram
  • What options does developer mode add?

How to enable developer mode in Telegram? Since its creation in 2013, when it was one of the most innovative messaging platforms, Telegram has continued to be one of the best.

It has accumulated a ton of features since 2013, making it one of the top applications in 2021. Because of the incredible functionality it offers as a messaging tool, It has amassed a sizable user base.

And not many people are aware that it includes a developer feature as well. This developer word makes me think of the numerous “Development Options” in smartphones that are tailored specifically for developers.

Developer simply refers to jobs that are intended for programmers that are genuinely interested in and have previous experience in the field. Because little adjustments may have an impact on how the this app functions.

Let’s imagine you’re interested in developer options; if so, read the article below to learn how to enable developer mode in Telegram.

How to Enable Developer Mode in Telegram

  • Using the Telegram app on your smartphone, sign in.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, tap the three horizontal stripes.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” option, denoted by a cogwheel icon.
  • Swipe the screen down to the bottom.
  • Hold down the area between version and release for a few seconds. A message with a slash (/) will appear.
  • Once more, extend your touch to rapidly access a new menu.


  • Open Telegram and go to “Settings” by tapping the three lines in the top left corner.
  • Scroll down and select “Advanced.”
  • Scroll down again and select “Developer options.”
  • Toggle on the “Developer mode” switch.
  • A pop-up message will appear warning you that developer mode is for advanced users only. Click “OK” to proceed.
  • You’ll now see a new section called “API Development tools” in Developer options menu.
  • You can now use this section to create your own bots, plugins, and more.

You can activate the Telegram developer settings by carefully following the instructions. The only thing to remember is that if you stop using it, they will start to hide once more, and you will need to reactivate them.

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What options does developer mode add?

The user has the chance to correct several problems and mistakes related to handling and using the application when in the debugging mode. The following are the Telegram developer mode options:

  • Import contacts: Selecting this option will enable contact synchronization and transfer your list of pals directly to the cloud for storage.
  • Reload contacts: enables you to restart the system so that the cloud-based contacts are updated.
  • Reset imported contacts: This option can be useful if the programme encounters a problem or has trouble syncing contacts.
  • Reset chats: This choice addresses issues with conversation synchronization, specifically in this.
  • Activate Records: The option to deliver records in text file format (.txt) to any application is provided by the activate records function.
  • Internal camera disabled: By activating this feature, you will cease using camera and your computer’s default camera will turn on right away, especially while sending a file.
  • Clear Cache of Sent Media: This option eliminates the cache for all chats’ sent images and videos, minimizing the cache.
  • Call Settings: Used to accept specific Internet protocols are call settings. As long as you have some prior information, the popup advises you to use this option. Two options are presented in this scenario: the TCP connection to be forced, like with calls.
  • Read every chat: This tool will assist you in marking all messages as read if you have a lot of unread group messages, channels, or chat messages with pals.
  • Don’t pause music while recording: This feature enables you to continue listening to music on your mobile device while recording a voice message to send to someone.


You may import contacts, enable logs, turn off the in-app camera, change call settings, display the status bar, and other choices. These developer settings let you accomplish a ton of fun stuff.

People May Ask

Q- Is enabling developer mode secure?

A- When you enable option on your smartphone, nothing goes wrong. The device’s performance is never impacted by it. Android only offers permissions that are helpful for developing applications because it is an open source developer platform. Some examples include USB debugging, a shortcut for bug reports, etc.

Q- Developer option: Why is it obscured?

A- The options on Android phones are hidden by default. This is so that developers who want to test different capabilities and make adjustments that could affect the functionality of the phone can utilize them.

Q- Does everything get deleted in developer mode?

A- Much though turning on Chromebook Mode is straightforward, turning it off is even easier. However, keep in mind that turning off this also completely wipes your Chrome OS device clean.

Q- What is the purpose of developer mode?

A- Android phones have a collection of sophisticated hidden settings called Developer Options. These settings are mostly utilized for programme development and debugging. In order to prevent novice users from mistakenly enabling some of the options that could have unanticipated effects, these are hidden.

Q- Is Telegram trackable?

A- End-to-end encryption, no data retention on our systems, support for self-destructing messages, and the prohibition of forwarding are all features of exclusive secret chats.

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