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How will Twitter’s Edit button work? Twitter Blue shows ‘how it goes’

In this article, we have covered How will Twitter’s Edit button work? Twitter Blue shows ‘how it goes’. Users can change their tweets using this feature after they’ve been published. They will have thirty minutes to amend their posts in total.

Twitter announced the test launch of a new feature on September 1 called the “Edit Button,” which would allow users to edit their tweets as the name implies (after being published). The social media juggernaut has since released an altered tweet demonstrating how the functionality would function.

Hello, this is a test to see if the edit button is functional; we’ll let you know how it goes. read a blog post from Twitter Blue, a monthly membership service that grants users exclusive access to premium features that let them personalize their Twitter experiences.


This is a test to see if the edit button functions properly; we’ll keep you updated.

A pencil icon with the words “Last modified” next to it may be found underneath the post. A new tab will appear when you click “Last Edited,” where you can view the original post and the editing history.

This particular tweet’s initial version stated, “Hello, this is a test to make sure the edit button works,” and it was last modified at 2:27am on September 30. It was also only altered once.

The “Edit” button on Twitter

After a post is published, users have a total of 30 minutes to modify it. Twitter had noted when announcing the test launch, “Think of it as a limited amount of time to address things like repair typos, add missing tags, and more.”

The feature is expected to launch “soon.”

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