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Instagram will allow you to protect your DM with a PIN

Instagram will allow you to protect your DM with a PIN- Social networks introduced direct messaging with the hope that users would have a little more privacy in their communications. History has demonstrated, however, that there is no absolute assurance of security in these kinds of operations. Instagram is currently developing a fix that could increase your sense of security.

The major social media platforms have been looking for ways to guarantee users’ privacy and security for years, especially when it comes to conversations that try to be a little more personal.

Google Maps, which uses Instagram, wants to be your resource for finding popular locations.

The platform that now appears to want to take this a step further is Instagram. And it is that everything appears to point to the development of a feature that will enable users to secure their MD with a PIN.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known developer, was aware of the findings and shared them by posting some screenshots and information about the potential uses of this new tool on his Twitter account.

The development is significant and would be consistent with other social media platforms’ aspirations, like Twitter, to completely encrypt users’ direct interactions.

It’s vital to keep in mind that WhatsApp already has a similar feature enabled, allowing users to set a password or register their fingerprints in order to use the app. This feature was enabled by Meta, the parent group of Instagram.

DMs on Instagram and with a PIN

Users will be able to select the devices on which they want to use the security feature using a PIN for direct messaging on Instagram, it is known.

The social network also states that end-to-end encryption will gradually be implemented in more chats, but it is unclear whether this security measure needs to be manually enabled or if the service will do it for you.

On the other hand, it’s unknown if Instagram’s PIN will function the same way WhatsApp’s does. It is unclear whether the code will merely be used to access the direct messages area or whether a unique one can be established for each chat, to put it another way.

Whatever the case, the one thing that is still certain is that, in order to get and keep users for platforms like Instagram, it is no longer sufficient to just have the finest creative resources or the broadest reach. Today, security and privacy are crucial.

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