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How To Join A Discord Server Without A Link

How To Join A Discord Server Without A Link- Start the desktop application of Discord, click Explore Public Servers, look for a server, and then click Join. Using Discord’s “Explore Public Servers” option is the first way to join a server without an invite. There is a list of open Discord servers under the “Explore Public Servers” page.

Discord is easy to join if you have invite. You can request the invite link from a friend who set up a Discord server. As an alternative, you might ask them to send you a direct invitation to the server. By clicking the “Join” button, you can connect to the server that your buddy invited you to join.

You can join the discussion between them privately by clicking the “Join” button. However, there is a different approach you must use if you want to join a Discord server without a link. You’ll discover three distinct methods in this guide for joining a Discord server without an invite link.

How to Join a Discord Server Without A Link-

Before proceeding it’s important to understand the variations between the public and private Discord servers.

Public Network

Public servers usually revolve around a well-liked subject and are available to everybody. To join public servers, one does not require an invite or to send a request.

Private Network-

Private servers cater to more specialized communities and are more exclusive. They have fewer members, and you must receive an invitation to join.

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t even need link to join a public Discord server. We’ll go over the most common approaches.

Choose “Explore” to join A discord server without a link/invite/code

Using Discord’s “Explore Public Servers” feature is one method of joining a server without using a link. You may search through tens of thousands of open Discord servers with this tool. Remember that this choice is only accessible on the desktop version. Use the steps listed below to join a Discord server using the explore option:

  1. On your computer, Start Discord.
  2. Tap the compass icon in left side.
  3. Find a server that you want to join. (You can search by categories / tags if you don’t understand the server’s name.)
  4. The most well-liked servers will be displayed at the top of the results page. Click “Join (server name)” if you find the server you would like to join.

Apply to join A discord server without a link/invite/code

  1. There is a list of all public servers and bots for Discord on the website It’s nice that you can explore and join servers on this website using both a computer and a mobile device.
  2. Based on the platform you’re using, the procedure appears the same. To browse as well as join a Discord server without a link, follow these steps:
  3. Go to your browser’s address bar & enter “”

Use Disboard to join A discord server without a link

Use of Disboard is another method for connecting to a Discord server without a link. On the website Disboard, you may add and search for public Discord servers. The website can be accessed for free and supports more than 20 languages. Additionally, the procedures are the same whether you use it on a computer or a phone.

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To join a Discord server using Disboard without a link, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a browser and enter “” into the address field.
  2. To search the server, can use search bar. If you’re not sure of its name, you can search by tags, categories, etc. Disboard helps in the process of selection by offering tags and categories that are comparable to the one you’ve searched for.
  3. Click “Join this server” at the bottom once you’ve located the server you wish to join.
  4. You can select the server language on Disboard, which might make it much easy to reach the server you’re searching for.

How to exit a server on Discord

We have learnt how to join servers, but it’s just as important that we also know how to leave them if we no longer enjoy them. If you use Discord on a smartphone, follow these steps.

  1. Select the server you want to leave by opening the Discord app on your phone. On the left, all servers are visible.
  2. Then click the three dots icon located at the top.
  3. three-dot symbol
  4. The option to “Leave Server” is the last one you should touch. Finally, press on Leave Server once more to affirm your choice.
  5. the server
  6. The procedures to depart the server when utilizing the Discord client on your PC are essentially the same. You will notice a drop-down menu in place of the three-dot icon.

How To Join Discord Server With Invite link or code?


  1. Simply tap the link you got if you have all the Discord software installed on your phone or computer.
  2. You will be directed to the Discord website to download the app if you don’t already have it.
  3. You must be logged into your Discord account in order to approve the invitation link.
  4. After that, just choose the Accept Invitation option.
  5. You have now used a link to connect successfully to the designated server.


  1. The server link was copied to you.
  2. Open the Discord app on your phone, then click the green Plus button on the home display’s left side.
  3. On the following page, you’ll see a selection. Open Discord and select a friend.
  4. Paste the copied URL into the field provided, and then click Join on the keyboard using tick icon.
  5. Now just click the Accept Invite button.

How To Join a Discord Server Without an Invite On Phone?

You can join random public Discord servers or look for one using Discord app on your PC if you want to connect a Discord server without waiting for an invite. A lengthy list of public Discord servers may be found under Discord’s “Explore Public Servers” function.

Unless you already know the identity of the Discord server you wish to join but lack an invitation link, you can still reach it by going to the website and typing the server name. However, keep reading if you wish to join any Discord server (private or public) without using a link.

Is It Safe to Join Server on Discord from Third-Party Websites?

yes. It is secure to join a Discord server without using invitation links from outside websites. The websites for Discord servers are primarily made to give users a list of active servers and bots.

If the server isn’t listed on the official Discord app, you can simply join it by using third-party websites like “,, and” You can visit the server without using the link or any other extraneous materials.

It is free to use it and join any of the servers that are accessible on these websites. It also means that you can join them without having to spend any money.

However, be cautious of websites that offer Discord servers. If you log in to certain websites, some of them intend to steal your data.

How Can I Join Discord Server Without An Invite or link?

You can search through a range of tags and categories on Disboard to find well-liked and active Discord servers. You can search for a certain category by using the search box at the top. This website can be accessed in many different languages and is entirely free to use.

  1. Open a new tab in your browser.
  2. Visit the website.
  3. Now type the server name into the search bar and hit Enter.
  4. Enter the server name to see a list of notable Minecraft servers that have a high number of players if you want to join one.
  5. Once you’ve located the server in the search results, go there.
  6. then choose the join this server option.
  7. You’ll now be sent to your Discord application.
  8. Therefore, click the join button.

Why Can’t I Join a Server in Discord?

If the URL and invitation link are accurate, anyone can join a discord server. On both your PC and mobile device, you can join a discord server without paying any money.

However, some people are having difficulty doing so.

The challenges you face are listed below if you are unable to join a discord server.

  1. Unreliable server invitation link
  2. The wrong server’s URL.
  3. Internet connection speed issues.
  4. Outdated server link architecture.
  5. There are many users on the server.
  6. Due to your violation of the rules, you have been banned from the server.
  7. Your location does not have access to a server.

Can You Join a Private Discord Server Without a Link?

Use of an invite link is the only way to sign up for a private Discord server. There is nothing else you can do if you don’t have it other than ask a friend or the server administrator to provide you the link. Remember that not all server users have the ability to invite other users. It’s possible that even though your friend is a member, they are unable to generate an invite link.

If you don’t have the connection but want to join a private Discord server for a certain online community, you might be easy to retrieve it online. Discord links are frequently seen in the descriptions of Reddit forums for the same service. Some communities that used to be on forums and switched to Discord may have pinned threads containing instructions on how to locate the invitation link. When things get tough, a moderator is typically around who can give directions.

How to Join a Discord Server with expired link

The link owner can choose an expiration date when generating an invitation link. This can be a duration, such as the link expiring after 24 hours, or a restriction on the number of users, such as only allowing the first 100 individuals to click the link to access it. The only option available to you if you attempted to join a Discord server but the link was invalid is to contact the server operator and request a new link.

Discord servers to join for fun

Small groups of persons with comparable interests and hobbies can be found on Discord servers. They provide you the chance to make new friends, engage in debates about everything you can think of, and share your thoughts. You’ll need a link to join the majority of servers because they are private. Fortunately, there are public servers out there that you can connect without a link via a variety of techniques.

Is it Possible to Join a Discord Server Without a link?

Yes, It is possible to join a Discord server without a link, but you must either browse through and choose a public server from Discord application itself, or go to a free Discord server website.

How many Discord servers are available to you?

With just one account, you can join approximately 100 Discord servers.

Discord Server Viewing Without Joining?

You cannot join the Discord server without already being a member.

A Discord server is it free?

Yes, creating and joining a Discord server is free.

Is It Possible to Run Your Own Discord Server?

You can run your own custom Discord server.

How to Leave Discord Server?

Simply navigate to the Discord server you’ve join, tap the username of that server in the upper left side, as well as click on the option to exit the server.

How do I join a server in Discord by name?

Simply click the search icon in the left sidebar, choose a server, and then enter its name or a keyword to find one that doesn’t need an invite link to join.

How do I manually join a server in Discord?

You may also tap the plus sign in the bottom left of the desktop version or the web app. Tap “Join a Server” after that. Press “Join” after pasting the server link into this menu.

Can I connect to random Discord servers?

The Random option in the left-hand menu will send you to a random Discord server from the directory if you’re wondering how to join random Discord servers using this website. Finding Discord servers that you would never consider visiting or joining without this tool is fantastic.

How can I explore Discord’s public servers?

Press “Enter” once you’ve entered in your keyword to check if there is a public community that is interested in what you are! You can start investigating servers from the Server Discovery tab after it displays a list of all servers that match your search query.

How can I search for a public Discord server?

On your PC, run the Discord application. Select the compass-shaped Explore Public Servers button. You will arrive at the home page of the official Discord server directory, which features a search bar at the top as well as links to various well-known Discord servers, including those for the video game Fortnite and Minecraft.

Can a Discord channel be joined silently?

a setting that permits moderators or even all users to join voice channels invisibly. It can be enabled solely for public community servers for privacy-related concerns. Others like to hear people joining in on regular voice calls with friends, thus that is the justification. However, some servers can support voice calls that are much larger.

Why cant I join a Discord server when I’m not banned?

It’s conceivable that the invite you got was invalid if you’re attempting to join the server through it but the app won’t let you. It’s also conceivable that by the time you used the invite to join, it had already expired.

How do I find my Discord link?

Click on the three dots on the far right of the message to access the message link.
You can choose “Copy ID” from the right-click menu for any of the fields you’ve chosen.
After selecting “Copy ID,” the message, user, or server ID will be copied to your clipboard.


You can join a variety of fascinating Discord groups to learn more about a variety of topics and passions, like music, gaming, movies, art, and more. Links to comparable Discord communities and groups may be provided by several discussion forums and social media platforms, giving users another chance to delve further into particular areas of this expansive network.

The simplest option is to get an invite from a friend, however you don’t necessarily need an invite link, and you might have received the wrong Discord invitation. Whether you’re looking for the most well-known Discord groups to join or Discord server to join and explore or a more specific or niche community, there are many opportunities to join and explore various Discord groups.

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