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How to Get Advanced Server in Free Fire in 2022

Garena will release the Free Fire OB35 version, and the new path will do the same with the Advance Server. So, how to get advanced server in Free Fire in 2022?

Players can now sign up for the Advance Server to take advantage of new content in the impending update to the well-known battle royale game, Free Fire’s OB35, which is scheduled to be released internationally.

Up until July 14, the OB35 Advance Server is anticipated to be operational.

The players are now searching for how to get free fire advance server to both new and unreleased characters as a result of this running in.

Free Fire Advance Server OB35 APK download guide

According to reports, the advanced server has a special client that enables players to test out new features and provide thoughtful comments.

The OB35 update Advance Server registration has started. There is a catch though, since there are only a select number slots available for testing the service.

Registration is required to play the slots and is the only way to get an activation code.

Free Fire Advance Server Code-  Important Information

Game CompanyGarena
Game NameFree Fire/ FF Max
APK File NameFree Fire Advance Server
Advanced Server Open7th July 2022
Advanced Server Close14th July 2022
RewardsUpto 1000 to 3000 Diamonds
How to earnFind bug, report and Earn Diamonds
Activation CodeAvailable on 7th July 2022
Official website
Download APK FileAvailable

How to Get Advanced Server in Free Fire in 2022

However, the test would only be limited to gamers with Android devices.

The client will remain open until 14 July 2022. Subsequently, all the data from the Advance Server will be deleted.

  • Step 1: To get to the official Free Fire Advance Server website, they can click on this link.
  • Step 2: After arriving at the website, the user must log in or create a profile using either Google or Facebook.
  • Step 3: After logging in, the website will request the user’s email address. Click the complete button after entering the mail address. You’re done now.

You will be given a slot if the registration is successful, and you will then get an activation code. To access the game, enter this code.

It should also be noted that players can download the APK from the official website after the game server has been launched.

They can then just play using a guest account or their own accounts. One needs to use the activation code for both procedures.

Here is how you can access the unreleased Garena Free Fire OB35 Advance Server content and new characters

To access the game’s unreleased content, users must download and activate the Advance Server APK.

The official website is the sole place to register for the Advance Server. You must click on the link to access the detailed instructions and obtain the activation code.

Players may easily redeem free diamonds by tapping on the mail icon in the lobby once they have the code and have logged into the Advance Server. And they’ll gain rank points.

These will enable them to purchase various store goods.

Players will have access to additional characters in addition to content.

To access the new characters on the Advance Server, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Launch the Free Fire Advance Server app and select the “calendar” button in the lobby to access the events section.
    Step 2: A series of Advance Server events with free diamonds and other goodies will be held. To see the two new characters available, tap on the “Daily Login” event.
  • Step 3: To obtain both characters, click the “Claim” button. They’ll both be at liberty.
  • Step 4: Next, equip the character you need from the “character” section and participate in games to learn the new skills.

Free Fire is prohibited in India, thus players who adhere to the laws of the nation should choose games that are approved by the administration. Fans of Free Fire can choose the Free Fire MAX edition, which is still available in India.

List of Advance Servers

  • Indian Server
  • Russia Server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Europe server
  • Indonesia Server
  • Brazil server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam
  • Thailand server
  • Malaysia
  • Bangladesh server
  • Vietnam server
  • Middle East Server
  • Pakistan

Additionally, we’ll list some special benefits that you can get with Free Fire Advance below

  • Players can post their reviews and communicate directly with the FF Garena Developer teams.
  • The players will get free access to all impending OB35 Updates’ fresh information and leaks.
  • Players can report game problems or flaws and earn incentives like Gun Skins, Free diamonds, a title, an outfit, and other items.
  • If players report a problem or glitch, they may receive free diamonds.
  • A Free Mythic Suit, Room, Character, Gun Skins, and more Executive Premium Rewards will also be given to players.
  • The gamer will be added to a special team if they discovered a significant bug in the next OB35 Updates.


There are a ton of advantages to playing on the Free Fire Advance Server, as this is a new initiative by FF Garena to allow Royale Battle players the chance to try out new modes. Another advantage is that if you play on YouTube, all streamers want to be the first to know about impending improvements.

People May Ask

Q- Can we receive free diamonds on the Free Fire advance server?

A- Players of Free Fire have the option to play on the advance servers, where they can get free diamonds for reporting defects to the developers in addition to experiencing pre-release content.

Q- What in Free Fire is the shotgun?

A- The M1014 is unquestionably the greatest shotgun in Garena Free Fire. Players may easily win gunfights thanks to the devastating damage at close range and a respectable fire rate. It is also a fantastic option because it is simple to find when you arrive.

Q- I need to sign up for the FF advance server?

  • The user must first go to the Free Fire game’s official website,, as the initial step.
  • You can now choose to log in with your Facebook account.
  • Visit the FF advance server download page using that link and log in.

Q- Is PUBG more superior to Free Fire?

A- When it comes to performance across all types of devices, Free Fire is the undisputed champion. In addition to having shorter, 50-player matches than PUBG Mobile, this Garena version also offers simpler graphics.

Q- Which nation is home to Free Fire?

A- Free Fire’s publisher and developer, Garena, is situated in Singapore, which begs the issue of why this app was prohibited given that it is not Chinese.

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