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How do I find the IP address from an Xbox Live Gamer tag?

All IP addresses are exposed when activity is done online. For online gaming on Xbox, you need to share your IP address. 

So, if you want to find your friend’s or someone else’s IP address, you can do it quickly. We can accomplish this task with various tools or simply through social media engineering. On Xbox, if you want to find someone’s location, you can do so using their IP address. As soon as you get their IP address, you can search for their location, which is where they live.

There are various options, you can try to find the IP address from Xbox Live Gamer tag. There are also many tools for Xbox IP address finder and Xbox Live IP Tracker. Read more to find out.

How do I find the IP address from an Xbox Live Gamer tag?

Here are the methods to find the IP address in an Xbox Live Gamer tag.

Method 1: Search Gamer Tag on websites

If you have a person’s Gamer tag, you can easily search different sites for complete information. Some information search sites offer IP addresses and additional tracking by providing them with a gamer tag. This method is a good option for people looking for an IP address from an Xbox live gamer tag

1. It has been verified

Been Verified is a good reverse-user search engine that you can use to find any person’s details by entering the minimum amount of information.

  • It collects massive amounts of data from 50 and more social networks and performs benchmarking against billions of public records and delivers results.
  • When you use a Gamer tag to find a person, you’ll get their real name, location, phone number, and current address and IP address.

2. Spokeo

Spokeo is another people search tool that searches and displays huge amounts of information simply by entering a Gamer tag, the site also finds users using online usernames. Spokeo helps you find the IP address from your Xbox Live Gamer tag

  1. Visit Spokeo’s official website.
  2. Enter the person’s Gamer tag and click the SEARCH NOW button to do an extensive search.
  3. Wait for the Spokeo engine to search the database, it may take a while, when the site finds a match, you will get a report that includes all the information including the Xbox Gamer tag.

3. Social sum

Social Catfish is a locator that helps you find your Xbox live Gamer tag IP address. There is a dedicated page on the site itself on how to find your IP address from Xbox Live Gamer tag. Social Catfish reverse username search allows you to search for anyone by username, not just Xbox but you can also search for any other username and Social Catfish will fetch the information for you from its database.

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1. Visit Social Sum and click on the username.

2. Search for an Xbox Live Gamer tag and click the Search button to start a search to locate the person’s IP address.

Method 2: Use XResolver

Xbox Calculator is a tool to find the IP address from your Xbox Live Gamer tag. The only requirement before using this tool is knowing its Xbox Gamer tag. Only then can you use that Gamer tag to perform a search.

  • For full access, Xresolver requires user registration, go to the Xresolver website.
  • Click Register to unlock full registration access.
  • Now enter your desired username and your email address, create a password and re-enter it in the Confirm Password section.
  • Now click on the Register button to register with the entered details.
  • The site will automatically sign you in after you register, click on the menu bar, and click on Xbox Resolver.
  • Enter the person’s Xbox Gamer tag and click Resolve, which will display their IP address which you can use to find their IP address.
  • Note: You can also find your Xbox Gamer tag using its IP address, just enter the IP address and click Resolve to find its Gamer tag.
  • Sometimes Xresolver cannot find the IP address. In this case, you may need to use a different technique to find the IP address.

Method 3: Find the IP address using Wireshark

Wireshark is another option when trying to find another Xbox player’s IP address. The prerequisite for this service is that you play the game together with the person whose IP address you are trying to find.

The nature of this connection is peer-to-peer. This tool relies on this technology to find the IP address this tool does not work on Xbox so you need a computer to find the IP address from your Xbox live Gamer tag

1. Go to the Wireshark website.

2. Click the Download button to download the Wireshark app.

3. Click Windows Installer to download the Wireshark installer.

4. After downloading, install the app and open it

5. Now connect your PC to your router and then connect to your Xbox console with an ethernet cable.

6. Whenever peer-to-peer network information is transmitted through and from the console, all the details of the players in the game along with their IP addresses and other data can be viewed in the Wireshark interface, it is a reliable method and works as an address finder Xbox IP.

Method 4: Friend the IP address using the command line

You can also use the command line to track your Xbox system’s IP address. The prerequisite is that the target and you must be in a chat connection, a shared connection may also be necessary. This is a reliable method to find the IP address from your Xbox Live gamer tag.

1. You need an Xbox to follow this method, turn on your Xbox, and navigate to the person whose IP address you want to track.

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2. Follow the person and find their Gamer tag in your friend list.

3. To connect with them, you need to start a chat with them. This can be done using the Groups and Chat feature on Xbox.

4. Now on your computer, search for Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator.

5. Type netstat-an, then press Enter.

6. If you want to find a person’s location, go to to track it.

Method 5: Use Grabify

Gravity is another tool to find a person’s IP address via Xbox. It basically works as an IP grabber. Gravity is also a free tool that can grab your IP address. The tool works by generating a link, you need to share this link with the person you need to find the IP address. As soon as the target clicks on the link, Grabify will fetch their IP address for you.

1. You have to guess what target is most interested to click on for example social media or any website and copy that URL.

2. Now go to the Grabify page.

3. Paste the link in the Enter a valid URL or tracking code… section.

4. Click Create URL to create a short link from the link you just pasted.

5. Along with the shortened link, you will also receive a code to track the target’s IP address.

6. Now you may need to send this link to your target for them to click on.

7. After clicking, you may need to enter the code on the Grabify website, enter the code in the Enter a valid URL or tracking code… section and click Tracking code.

8. This will display all information about the user who clicked on your link; Grabify also displays all information about the user and their operating system, geolocation and their details.

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