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How to reset password of IRCTC?

How to reset the password of IRCTC- if you are searching this term then you are landing on the right page here we can provide the easiest way or easiest steps to reset and change your IRCTC password.

How to reset the password of IRCTC?

You can also reset your password on the IRCTC website-

IRCTC password recovery is possible in three ways:

  • IRCTC password recovery through a registered email address
  • IRCTC password recovery with registered mobile number
  • Getting in touch with the IRCTC’s customer service division

To recover IRCTC forgot password via registered email id:

  • Click the link marked “forgot password” on the IRCTC website.
  • Type in your username to continue.
  • You will be taken to a page with a security question displayed. Recalling the solution in this case is necessary to enter your IRCTC account.
  • You will get an email with guidelines for the IRCTC reset password as soon as you respond to the questions and continue.
  • Reset the password to the given instructions.

IRCTC password recovery using a registered mobile number:

  • click the “forgot password” option on the IRCTC website.
  • To continue, enter your username and captcha.
  • The password recovery page will now be displayed to you.
  • Enter the mobile number you have given to IRCTC when registering.
  • On the registered mobile number, you’ll get an OTP. On the password recovery page, enter the OTP.
  • Type in the fresh password. Retype the new password to confirm once more.
    Fill out and submit the captcha.

To change your IRCTC account password in very quick and easy steps

  1. Type IRCTC login ID or user ID.
  2. Type your IRCTC account’s registered mobile number (linked with the above user ID)
  3. Tap “Get Password” from the menu.
  4. A randomly created password will then be sent to your cell phone.
  5. You can log in to your IRCTC account using that password to make train reservations.
  6. If you want to create your own password, go to the Forgot Password page on the IRCTC website. You can then input the new password of your option after entering the new password as your old password. Your password will be updated after you submit the information.
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People May Ask

How do I reset the password for my IRCTC account?

In the event that you lose your IRCTC account password, you can now replace it in a few simple steps. Enter your registered IRCTC user ID as well as your mobile number on the IRCTC Forgot Password page.
The new password will then be sent to your mobile device through SMS. To access your IRCTC account and make online train reservations, enter this password.

Where can I get the link for the IRCTC password change?

Your registered email ID for your IRCTC account will contain the link to change your password. Simply visit the IRCTC website, click the “forgot password” link, provide the answer to the security question, and you will be sent an email with the password reset link.

You can reset your password and log into your account by following the instructions provided in the mail. It is crucial to keep in mind that providing a false response to the security question would prevent you from receiving the IRCTC password reset link by mail. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind the information you gave when opening your IRCTC account.

How do I change my IRCTC account’s email address?

  • Log in to the IRCTC website with your email address and password.
  • Select “Update Profile” from the menu in the user profile area.
  • Replace the registered Email ID with the new Email ID.
  • Re-enter the Email ID to confirm it, then select “update” from the menu.
  • Your IRCTC account will be deactivated. Enter the new Email ID to log in once more.

How can I contact customer service to update my IRCTC password?

To retrieve the IRCTC password, you can email the customer service team at IRCTC or phone them at their number. You can reach them by phone at 011-39340000 or 011-23340000 or by email at It is usually used as a final resort when all other options have failed.

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