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How to Download WhatsApp And Uninstall WhatsApp

How to Download WhatsApp or How to Install WhatsApp and How to Uninstall WhatsApp-

Steps To Download WhatsApp

  1. Open Google Play Store Then look for WhatsApp Messenger.
  2. Click on Install
  3. Click on Open WhatsApp and Go to next by agreeing WhatsApp Rule and Regulations.
  4. Then Add your phone number
  5. Choose Restore if a backup of your chat history was available and you want to restore it.
  6. Fill your Name. You can change your name or correct your name by tapping More Option then Go to setting and Click on Profile Name.
How to Download WhatsApp

Steps To Uninstall WhatsApp

  1. Firstly take your chat backup
  2. Then Open your Device’s Settings
  3. Click on Apps and notification then click on WhatsApp
  4. Then Click on Uninstall to remove the app

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How to Change WhatsApp Language

On the iPhone, WhatsApp is supported in over 40 languages, while on Android, it is supported in up to 60. WhatsApp changes to your phone’s language. If you set your phone’s setting to Spanish, for example, It will be in Spanish as well.

Change your phone language-


  • Go to your phone’s Settings
  • Click on System
  • Go to Languages & input
  • Click on Languages.
  • To change a language to the top, tap and hold it, or click on add a language.


  • Click on iPhone Settings
  • Go to General
  • Click on Language & Region
  • Go to iPhone Language.
  • Choose a language,
  • Click on Change to language.


  • Click on Settings on the apps menu
  • Go to the side to choose Personalization
  • Go down and Click on Language
  • Click on Language
  • Choose language
  • Click on OK or SELECT.

Language option supported countries-

You can able to change language of WhatsApp from inside app if you have an Android smartphone. On the first Homepage, you can choose your language. However, if you currently use WhatsApp:

  • Start WhatsApp.
  • Click on More Option
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on App Language.
  • Choose the language you want to use.

If you don’t see these choices, it’s possible that they aren’t available in your country.

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