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YouTube Account Suspended- Find Out How to Recover It

Your YouTube Account Suspended and Do you want to recover suspended YouTube account If yes Then Don’t worry here are method to recover it.

Account got suspended due to breakdown of YouTube community Guidelines.

Reason Behind YouTube Account Suspended?

To identify content that breaches the Community Guidelines and copyright policies, YouTube employs a machine learning technologies and human reviewers. If you believe your YouTube account was suspended without cause, it’s important to know about these policies.

YouTube Guidelines:-

The following are prohibited by YouTube’s Community Guidelines:

  • Content having deceptive, spam, sensitive content and violent content.
  • Deceptive means content may harmful for person via scams, impersonate and fake engagement.
  • Spam
  • Sensitive Content means nudity, child pornography or other content.
  • Violent content means something dangerous, harassment, or hate-crimes related content
  • Having false information that has an impact on politics or public health

How to Get Your YouTube Channel Suspended Due to Community Guideline Violations

Your YouTube account get suspended temporarily or permanently like Roku and other streaming services.

YouTube has a strike system set up to punish misbehavior. How it works is as follows:

  1. If you 1st time break the YouTube guidelines then you will be warned by mail. YouTube will delete the content send you an email informing you of the policy violation.

If you continue to break the rules, you will receive a strike, which will result in your account being suspended for one week, and you will have 90 days to clean up your act to avoid further suspension. You won’t be able to do any of the following during the suspension:

  • Stream lives
  • Upload videos/stories
  • Make a community post
  • Add, Remove, Create or Edit Playlists
  • Navigate viewers to and from premiers
  • Show trailers

2. If you break the rules again within the 90-day period, you’ll get a 2nd strike and a two-week YouTube suspension.

3. After the 3rd strike in the 90-day period, your YouTube channel will be permanently banned.

Infringements regarding copyright and YouTube suspension

If your channel is accused of copyright infringement:

  • 1st Strike is a warning in which they will provide you guidelines.
  • In 2nd Strike your account will suspended for a week which means live streaming won’t be available in that time period.
  • In 3rd Strike your account will banned permanently.

There will be any notification when YouTube Account suspended

You got a strike when your YouTube account suspended via email

Notification on cellphone or computer

When you sign in your account, there will be an alert messages.

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How to Recover YouTube Suspended Account

Steps to Recover YouTube Suspended Account

They will notify you via email if YouTube Account get suspended.

You received an email in which they explain why they suspended your account.

You would need to appeal successfully to keep it from being terminated

Step 1- If you try to open or log in your suspended YouTube account they will lead to “Unable to Access Google Product” page.

YouTube Account Suspended- Find Out How to Recover It - 1

Step 2- Open your YouTube channel by URL, but don’t sign in.

Step 3- You will notice a red banner on screen in which they explain a reason for suspension.

Step 4- If you think that is wrong reason or an error occur, You can write a request.

Step 5- To mention YouTube’s/channel/URL and the correct google account email address.

Step 6- Click on submit

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Is the suspension of your YouTube account permanent?

Typically a suspension on YouTube is either temporary or permanent based on the violation of the platform’s policies. If you have received a notification of suspension, you can check the details and follow the steps outlined to resolve the issue if possible. If the suspension is permanent, you can also appeal the decision if you believe it was made in error.

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