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How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version

Are you want to know about How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp- Mostly WhatsApp users want to hide their WhatsApp chat so that no one else can see it without the person’s permission.

Because our family members or friends frequently use our phones, we wish to keep our WhatsApp conversations private.

As you may be aware, WhatsApp only has archived choice for hiding WhatsApp chat, but this is just temporary, and anyone can view your personal WhatsApp chat. As a result, your chat is not secure.

Here is an easy solution to WhatsApp users’ for hiding their personal WhatsApp chat.

How to hide WhatsApp chats without archive?

Yes, with a password and without archive, you can hide your personal WhatsApp chat. However, you won’t be likely to function the procedure in your own personal WhatsApp app.

Because, as of now, WhatsApp has not updated any more options for hiding chat, which can be used to secure the chat more effectively than the archive features.

As a result, you’ll need to download a third-party WhatsApp client that offers more functionality than WhatsApp’s official standard features. So, let’s go over the entire operation.

Hide WhatsApp chats Using GB WhatsApp without archiving them?

When it comes to WhatsApp’s additional capabilities, you’ve probably heard about GB WhatsApp, right? As a result, the GB WhatsApp application comes with a slew of unique features, including the ability to hide WhatsApp chats with a password.

GB Whatsapp is an unofficial third-party WhatsApp software that functions in a similar way to the official programme via WhatsApp’s API.

So, with the aid of this application, we will learn how to hide chat in GB WhatsApp. You can hide in both Android and iPhone smartphones.

If you search for GB WhatsApp on Google Play or the App Store, you will not discover this application since, as I said, it is unofficial.

So, how do you install GB WhatsApp and how do you lock your chat or how to hide contact in WhatsApp?

Easy Steps to install and hide chat in GB WhatsApp

  • Firstly you have to download GB WhatsApp from chrome or other search Engines on your Android or iPhone.
How to hide WhatsApp chat
How to hide WhatsApp chat
  • Then scroll down below and click on “Download GBWhatsAPP APK”.
How to hide Whatsapp chat
  • As soon as you click that, the app will begin to download, and you can install it by turning on unknown sources once it has been downloaded to your smartphone.
  • On your cellphone, open the GB WhatsApp app and sign in with your Whatsapp number. (If you want to restore your previous messages and groups in this GB WhatsApp chat, simply back up the chat in your regular WhatsApp and then press the restore button in this app.)
  • On GB WhatsApp, locate the Whatsapp chat contact you want to hide.
How to hide Whatsapp chat
  • If you have latest version you can see Hide option on top of the corner.
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 4
  • If you don’t locate hide option then click the three-dot option in the top right corner.
How to hide whatsapp chat
  • Then, Click on Hide option.
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 5
  • After that you will long press the number which you want to hide, Now You will be required to select a lock type for hiding your WhatsApp chat. So, choose either a pattern or a PIN based on your choice.
How to hide Whatsapp chat
  • Finally, your specific WhatsApp chat will be hidden, and no one will be access it without entering the lock or pattern.

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Other Options for Privacy and Security-

Go to the Gb settings and follow the given steps below.

To hide the date and name follow the given steps-

  • GB Setting > Setting > Hide date and name
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 6

To Hide Media from gallery follow these steps-

  • Go to Settings > Hide Media from gallery
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 7

For Voice change and lock conversation follow these steps-

  • Open the Chat > click on three dots on top right corner > voice changer or lock conversation.
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 8

For more privacy and settings follow these steps

  • Go to setting > privacy and setting > universal.
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 9

For Airplane mode in messages follow these steps-

  • While Airplane mode is on, you will not be able to send/receive messages but your mobile working properly.
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 10

Now, let’s see how to unhide a specific chat that you’ve hide on GB WhatsApp by entering a password for WhatsApp secret chatting.

  • Click on the WhatsApp button. Normal WhatsApp users will also be familiar with the location of the secret chats in GB WhatsApp.
  • When you were hiding the chat, you set a pin or a pattern.
  • Your hidden contact will now appear, and you can access your private WhatsApp chat.
  • Select the contact and hit the three line dots or hide option if you want to unhide the WhatsApp chat.
  • Click on unhide chat option
How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp in latest version - 5
  • To unhide, type the same password again, and your conversation will unhide as usual.

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