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How to Overcome with Google New Spam Update (19 October)

Google New Spam Update (19 October)- It has been 11 months since Google announced a spam update, as well as Google has now announced the October 2022 spam update. Google stated that this global upgrade will take several days to finish. Google stated “We issued the October 2022 spam update today,” they said, adding, “This update is global and impacts all languages.” It is possible that the upgrade will take several days to finish.”

So yet, there appears to be minimal movement in both SEO talk and automatic Google tracking programs. In short, the overall ranks have not moved much. Of course, this could be a very targeted spam attack, affecting only a small number of online sites. However, for the time being, this upgrade is limited in scope. Again, it is very early, and we will monitor it and keep you updated. I should mention that the previous spam update was quite significant practically immediately.

Purpose of the Update

Google’s primary goal, as implied by the name, is to eliminate spam. They now offer a variety of spam upgrades, such as a link spam update in July 2021. This update did not clarify whether it was linked spam or general spam. SEO – gain access to enormous amounts of SEO traffic.

In this Spam update, most of the sites get affected. Overall ranking become low.

Quick Facts About Google’s October 2022 Spam Update

In short, here are the most significant things we know right now:

NameGoogle Spam Update for October 2022
LaunchedOn October 19, 2022, about 11 a.m. ET
RolloutThe full rollout will take several days.
TargetsIt improves Google’s spam detection capabilities, according to Google, which stated that “sites that violate our regulations may rank lower in results or not appear in results at all.”
Penalty.It punishes spam techniques that violate Google’s spam regulations.
GlobalThis is a global update that will affect all areas and languages.
ImpactGoogle refused to tell me how many questions or searches were affected by this modification.
RecoverIf you were affected by this, Google advised you to evaluate its spam regulations to ensure they were followed.
RefreshesGoogle will refresh the spam update on a regular basis. According to Google, recovery can take months.

How to Overcome with Google New Spam Update (19 October)

You should work on:


  1. Content should be Unique & Add value to the Readers/Visitor.
  2. Content should looks Informational, it should not Promotional.
  3. You should take reference from trusted website.
  4. Title should be match with intent of keywords means you have to solve the persons query which you promise in your title.
  5. Do proper Keyword Research
  6. No Keyword stuffing’s.
  7. Article length should be 1200+
  8. You should add images in your Article.
  9. Content should be SEO Optimized.
  10. Don’t use rephrase language or any tool for content generation. It should be simple and understandable.
  11. Article should have good readability, so users can understand the language ( below 10 Grade in Hemingway Editor)
  12. Content should be like:
    • Overview in points (Key points)
    • Introduction
    • Solutions (Body of article)
    • Conclusion (at last you should conclude the article)
    • FAQ

When we analyzed the affected sites, we discovered the following:

Content that is thin –

The majority of them didn’t have excellent material… in fact, many of them had thin content. To clarify, I don’t mean thin content with a low word count; I mean content that didn’t deliver much value. In summary, the content was superficial, and after finished, there were few insights, practical points, or value.

Meta tags that were poorly designed –

Many of the websites affected had duplicate meta tags or pages that were clearly intended for search engines rather than humans.

Stuffing keywords –

People are still keyword stuffing, which is surprising. The majority of the impacted sites did not keyword things, but approximately 3.89% did. Whether it was in their content or meta tags, they were overusing keywords, which made the reading experience less than optimal.


Majority of this upgrade concentrated on content, meta tags, and keyword stuffing. This is not to say that Google did not consider other variables such as links or duplicate material, but we noticed the most significant trends connected to the factors described above and AI-generated content.

Focus on the user if you want to succeed in the long run; it is the only way to win. You may not be ahead in the short term, but you will be in the long run.

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