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How to Get Google nest aware Plus on iPhone in 2022

How to Get Google nest aware Plus on iPhone- There is, however, a free trial period available. You have the option to cancel your subscription if you are dissatisfied with the service. Sign in to your Google account and navigate to the “My Subscriptions” section on the left. Follow the Subscriptions path from here to manage your subscriptions.

Can you cancel a subscription to Nest Aware on iPhone?

You can cancel your Nest Aware subscription by logging in with your Apple ID or Google account. To do so, go to the sidebar of your account and select “View Information.” In the left-hand column, select “Subscriptions,” and then select “View Nest app subscriptions.” There will be a cancellation option there. Please keep in mind that your Nest app ID may differ from your Apple ID or Google account.

Nest Aware provides camera as well as other camera-enabled device subscription plans. These plans enable you to view live video and audio from your Nest devices. Subscription fees vary but are typically around $60 per year. You can also pay $12 per month for the Nest Aware Plus subscription, which also contains 60 days of event video history & 10 days of 24-h video recording history.

You can also use your Apple ID to cancel a subscription on your iPhone. Your Apple ID, which you can discover on your bank or credit card statement, is required. After you’ve entered your Apple ID, click the subscription you want to cancel. You must wait 24 hours for the cancellation to be effective.

You can sign up for a free trial of Nest Aware if you don’t want to pay a monthly or annual subscription. The trial period lasts 30 days, and the subscription fee is determined by your country’s currency. During this time, you can test Nest Aware on your iPhone or sign up for a free trial to take advantage of its features.

Cost of subscription

Nest Aware is an excellent way to monitor your home without a lot of money. When there is an emergency, it connects you with a nearby 911 dispatch centre using Google’s “e911” technology. This feature is free and extremely useful for many people. The subscription fee, on the other hand, grants you access to the most advanced features, such as intelligent alerts.

If you’re wondering how much the subscription costs, you should know that it ranges from $5 to $30 per camera. You can save money on subscriptions by purchasing additional cameras. If you purchase more than one Nest camera, you will receive a discount. Nest Aware’s monthly cost varies by region, but it is typically less than $20 per camera.

Unless you cancel, your subscription will automatically renew. You can, however, choose a free trial to find out how much it costs before committing to a subscription. Depending on how long you want to use Nest Aware, you can pay for a month or a year. After signing up, you can use the app to access your home’s history as well as interact with Google Home.

How To Subscribe Nest Aware

We’ll explain how to subscribe to Nest Aware, its subscription costs, and how to cancel in this article. You may quickly sign up for a Nest Aware membership, cancel your current subscription, or enjoy the free trial for 30 days with a few easy actions.

You have three options on how to become a Nest Aware subscriber:

  • Download the Nest app from the Google Play Store to sign up for Nest Aware.
  • Download the Nest app from the App Store to sign up.
  • Utilizing the Google Home app to subscribe to Nest Aware

How to subscribe to Nest Aware from the Google Store?

  1. Click google store on your device
  2. Find the Nest app and download it.
  3. Start the programme.
  4. Select “Sign in with Google” by tapping it.
  5. Log in with the Google account you wish to use to purchase Nest Aware.
  6. The notification “Nest wants to access your Google account” will appear. Click “Allow.”
  7. The screen where you may add your house will thereafter appear. Click “Continue” after entering your home’s name.
  8. Next, enter your home address, choose your nation, and press “Next.”
  9. If you wish to get notifications about Google promotions, choose this option and press “Next.”
  10. Give the app permission to check your phone’s location so it can tell if you are inside or outdoors.
  11. Your location will be detected by the app automatically. Click “Done.”
  12. The “Nest” programme seeks for and establishes connections with local network devices.
  13. ” Click “Allow”
  14. The Nest app now allows you to add a compatible device. To connect to your compatible device, click “Add product” and follow the on-screen directions.

How to subscribe to Nest Aware from Google Home?

Nest Aware is only available through Google Home on Android-powered devices. If you don’t own an Android smartphone, you may subscribe to Nest Aware through the Google Store.

  1. On your Android phone, download and launch the Google Home app.
  2. Log in to the Google account that you’ll be using to purchase Nest Aware.
  3. Using the home screen, select Settings.
  4. Choose Nest Aware from the “Features” menu.
  5. Select “Subscribe” by tapping it.
  6. The Nest Aware subscription choices will be shown. The free Nest Aware trial membership option is active if this is your first time using a trial.
  7. Pick a Nest Aware subscription package.
  8. Choose between yearly and monthly membership payments.
  9. Examine the Nest Aware purchasing information.
  10. Next, click “Subscribe.”
  11. Your email address will get a subscription receipt from Google Play.
  12. You’ve finished the Nest Aware subscription procedure. From the Google Play app, you can control your subscription preferences.

Fees for Nest Aware subscribers

You may sign up for Nest Aware if you own a Google Nest product that is compatible with it. For every need and desire, there is a Nest Aware subscription payment plan available.

Subscriptions to Nest Aware are payable either monthly or yearly.

Every pricing is calculated using the local currency in your area.

Try Nest Aware for Free Here

  1. The Nest Aware membership features are free for 30 days if you have a device compatible with the Google Home or Nest app.
  2. If you want to continue using the subscription features of Nest Aware after the trial term has ended, you can upgrade to the premium version of the software. Per household, one free trial of Nest Aware is permitted.
  3. Once the Nest Aware Trial has begun, it cannot be stopped. However, you may disable the camera’s ability to capture video and audio if you don’t want it to. Additionally, you may remove old audio detection recordings and films from the program memory.
  4. You must reside in a nation that allows Nest Aware subscriptions in order to sign up for a free trial.
  5. Depending on your location and a Nest device that works with it, some Nest Aware functions may change.
  6. For the Nest Aware account opening process, a Google Account is required.
  7. You have a 30-day free trial membership to Nest Aware. However, a few Nest Aware functions, including Emergency Call, are only accessible through expensive subscriptions.

Can you get Nest Aware on iPhone?

Yes. Your first-generation Nest Aware subscriptions will remain active as long as you don’t switch to a Google Account. First generation subscriptions for new cameras are also available.

How do I access Google Nest Aware Plus?

Log onto your account at, choose a camera that has a Nest Aware subscription, and you can check the video history on a computer. It should be noted that only older cameras and doorbells that were initially configured with the Nest app may be seen on computers.

What is difference between Nest aware and Nest aware plus?

Event history is extended to 30 days with the regular Aware membership. If you want to watch additional footage, Google offers an upgrade option called Nest Aware Plus that extends this period to 60 days and adds 10 days of continuous video history.

Does Nest have an Apple app?

The Nest Thermostat, a self-learning thermostat that can be managed by an app downloaded to any iOS device, such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, as well as on the Android operating system, was created by a Palo Alto, California-based business simply named Nest.

How do I upgrade Nest Aware?

Subscribe to Nest Aware through Google Store.
Log into your Google account at Choosing Your subscriptions Find “Nest Aware” under “Available subscriptions” and click Get started. Select Get started after finding the house you wish to add to Nest Aware.

How can I download the Google Nest Cam app on my phone?

  • Having an account number
  • Activate the Nest app.
  • Tap Settings in the upper-right corner of the app’s home screen.
  • Decide to add a product.
  • Scan the QR code located on the camera’s rear.
  • You can follow the app’s setup and installation instructions.

Why is my Nest app not working on my iPhone?

Re-sign in after signing out of the Nest app. Restart the Nest app after stopping it from multitasking: To open the multitasking screen on an iOS device, double-tap the home button. To exit the Nest app, slide up from the multitasking screen. Check to see whether the problem persists on both Wi-Fi and cellular data (if applicable). Restart the apparatus.

What app do I need for Google Nest?

Enables you to set up and manage Chromecast, Google Nest, or Home speakers, displays, and other devices. Thousands of compatible lights, cameras, speakers, and other devices are all controllable.

Why won’t my Nest connect to my phone?

Restarting your phone or tablet and opening the Nest app again are also recommended. Before attempting to connect your thermostat once more, double-check that Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on in your phone or tablet. When setting up your thermostat, double check that the SSID and password for your Wi-Fi network are right.

How many cameras can I have on Nest Aware Plus?

The Nest app allows for a maximum of 10 Nest Cameras per residence (video quality depends on your internet bandwidth).

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