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Google Really Wants Apple To Support RCS Messaging

Support RCS Messaging! The good old Message has been put far behind in the competition in an era wherein instant messaging applications are prospering.

Unless you have an iPhone or are part of the Apple ecosystem, iMessage is a fun way to communicate because of its blue color.

RCS — Rich Communication Services — has been a significant endeavor by Google in the last few years to enhance Android texting. However, it is having difficulty persuading Apple to engage in order to create a more unified messaging service across mobile devices.

Google, on the other hand, requires more than Apple to enhance Android communications. Google was unable to create a texting network for Android devices that could compete with Apple’s iMessage.

Google hasn’t quite worked it out yet, what with the slow demise of Google Hangouts, the brief lifespan of Google Duo, and the incremental acceptance of RCS, which is dependent on either specialized programs (primarily Google Messages) or cellular carriers. However, this does not prevent the business from pressuring Apple to implement RCS.

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, and it’s a technology that’s meant to take the place of SMS. Larger files, reading indications, and other features common to Internet-based messaging systems are supported by most RCS implementations. SMS employs phone numbers for identification and sending messages, similar to iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and a few other apps.

Google Really Wants Apple To Support RCS Messaging

If you text someone and both of you have a smartphone that supports RCS, messages should automatically are using the latest tech.

Hiroshi Lockheimer tweeted back to an Article in the journal entitled “Why Apple’s iMessage Wins: Teens Dread the Green Text Bubble”: “Apple’s SMS lock-in policy is well-documented. For a firm that considers humanity as well as fairness to be a major aspect of its marketing, using peer pressure as well as bullying to sell items is deceptive.

Today, there are standards in place to correct this.” “iMessage shouldn’t gain from bullying,” the official Android Twitter account stated, referencing Lockheimer’s remark. SMS has the potential to bring us together, and the solution is already in place.”

RCS is the standard that Google finds as the solution, despite the fact that it wasn’t addressed in any of the tweets. Google used to rely on cellular providers to add RCS functionality, but when that became too sluggish, the firm decided to make it available to everyone who has Google Messages installed as their default SMS program.

RCS, on the other hand, still needs Google or Samsung’s messaging apps (there is no API for 3rd-party applications like there is for SMS), as well as end-to-end encryption, isn’t always available. Rather than a free email address or other identification, RCS still relies on having (as well as sharing) a mobile phone number.

Google Chat already offered cross-platform messaging using the open XMPP procedure.

Google’s Point Of View(Support RCS Messaging)

RCS’s tale does not begin with Google, but it does conclude with it. Through Chat and the Messages app, Google released the version of RCS messaging that most customers will see.

However, this is far from the first time Google has attempted to launch a messaging service, and almost all of its previous attempts have failed — usually as a result of Google becoming distracted or making poor decisions, such as randomly launching new overlapping services or abandoning projects that only needed a little love.


Whether you believe that assertion or not, if Apple did embrace a Universal Profile-compatible RCS communications standard on iPhones, Google would definitely benefit. After all, RCS implements many of the best features of iMessage, and Android users would have a better experience chatting with iPhone users across the aisle, decreasing the impact of Apple’s messaging lock-in and potentially swaying customers who only remain for the blue bubble.

Google Really Wants Apple To Support RCS Messaging

People May Ask

Q- Is RCS Compatible With Apple?

A- RCS support has yet to be introduced by Apple.

Q- Is It Possible For Apple To Use Google Messages?

A- You can send and receive an SMS on your Mac that is synchronized to your Android phone no matter where you are as long as you have a WiFi connection.

Q- Will Google Messages Be Available On iOS?

A- The Google Messages app for iOS has yet to be developed.

Q- Is RCS Supported In Google Messages?

A- RCS has been fully supported by cellphone networks, software, as well as devices for some years. The Android version of the Google Messages app supports it.

Q- Is Google RCS A Free Service?

A- RCS is a free app for all Android phones.

Q- Why Isn’t RCS Supported By Apple?

A- Apple is holding back the industry as well as the customer experience for not only Android phones but also its own users, by not implementing RCS. Rather, it wants Apple to offer “the industry standard for modern messaging (RCS) in iMessage, just as Apple supports the older SMS / MMS protocols” in iMessage.

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