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4 Ways To View Instagram Story Anonymously

Curious about your competitors on Instagram? Learn how to keep an eye without them knowing!

To secretly view Instagram Stories without being detected, you can View Instagram Story Anonymously. This means the person who posted the Story won’t know you’ve seen it, and you won’t be tracked.

This is useful if you’re blocked by someone or if you want to discreetly check out a competitor’s Instagram account for marketing insights. Learn how to do it with this guide and keep your actions under the radar.

Is it possible to secretly view Instagram Stories Anonymously?

Currently, Instagram doesn’t have an official feature allowing you to view Stories anonymously because it goes against their policies. There won’t be an official anonymous Instagram story viewer introduced in the future either. However, there are alternative methods to achieve anonymous viewing of Instagram stories.

If you’re curious about how to view Instagram Stories without alerting others, the techniques discussed in this article are your solution. By following these methods, you can view Stories without logging into your account and without leaving any traces.

Here are the simple steps to anonymously view any publicly posted or shared Story.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational purposes only. Using methods to view Instagram stories anonymously may violate Instagram’s terms and could be illegal in some places. We do not endorse any illegal or unethical activities, and we are not responsible for any consequences of misuse. Use this information at your own risk and be aware that changes to Instagram’s policies may affect the effectiveness of the methods described.

How to View Instagram Story Anonymously

Simple Steps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously:

  1. Create a New Instagram Account
  2. Switch to Airplane Mode
  3. Slide and View from Adjacent Stories
  4. Use Third-Party Online Tools

Create a New Instagram Account

To view Instagram Stories anonymously, create a new Instagram account specifically for this purpose. This ensures your real identity remains hidden when viewing Stories. This account can also be used for other activities on Instagram where you prefer to stay incognito.

Creating a new account is a straightforward process, but it’s recommended to use a VPN or mobile data to create it from a different IP address. This minimizes the chance of Instagram flagging your new account.

Once the new account is set up, you can effortlessly spy and view Instagram Stories without revealing your identity. Now you know how to view Instagram Stories anonymously using a separate account!

Switch to Airplane Mode

To view Instagram Stories anonymously without using a third-party app, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Instagram and log in.
  2. Find the user whose story you want to view.
  3. Once on their profile, wait for their story to appear at the top.
  4. Turn on Airplane mode on your device to disconnect from the internet.
  5. Tap on the user’s story and view it as usual.
  6. After watching, close the Instagram app and turn off Airplane mode.
  7. You’ve now viewed the Instagram story anonymously, and the user won’t be notified.

Slide and View from Adjacent Stories

Instead of directly clicking on the Instagram Story you want to see, try this trick:

  1. Instead of clicking, lightly swipe to view the first frame of the next account’s Story.
  2. This way, you can get a sneak peek without your name appearing in the “Seen by” list.
  3. You can also view the last frame of someone’s Story by clicking on the first Story of the next account and swiping back to the previous account’s last Story.
  4. Keep in mind, this method doesn’t allow you to view all the middle frames of an account’s Story.

Use Third-Party Online Tools

For an easy and free way to view Instagram Stories Anonymously, try third-party online tools. This method doesn’t involve creating a new account, downloading apps, or logging into Instagram. Here are two top tools:

  1. IgAgony
  2. StoriesIG


IgAgony is an online tool that lets you view Instagram Stories without anyone knowing. It’s simple to use, and you don’t need to create an account. Just visit the website and start viewing Stories anonymously.

Key Features:

  1. Anonymous Viewing: view Instagram Stories without revealing your identity.
  2. No Account Needed: Use the tool without creating an account.
  3. Platform Independent: Works on various devices and operating systems.
  4. Free to Use: IgAgony is entirely free.


  1. User-Friendly: Easy for anyone to use.
  2. No Account Hassle: Use it without creating an account.
  3. Works Anywhere: Compatible with different devices.
  4. Cost-Free: IgAgony is free to use.


  1. Public Account Limitation: Only works for public Instagram accounts.
  2. Internet Speed Impact: Your viewing experience may depend on your internet speed.


StoriesIG is a straightforward online tool for viewing Instagram Stories without detection. No need to sign up; just visit the website and start viewing Stories anonymously.

Key Features:

  1. Anonymous Viewing: view Instagram Stories privately.
  2. No Account Required: Use the tool without creating an account.
  3. User-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface for all users.
  4. Free Service: StoriesIG is completely free.


  1. Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive interface.
  2. No Account Needed: Use without the hassle of creating an account.
  3. Compatibility: Works on different devices and browsers.
  4. Free of Charge: Access StoriesIG without any cost.


  1. Public Account Constraint: Only supports viewing Stories from public accounts.
  2. Internet Connection Impact: Your viewing experience may be affected by internet speed.

Simple Tip: Download Instagram Stories

You can download Instagram Stories from a public account to your device and use anonymous Story viewers to view them. Remember, this method works only for public accounts.

Make sure you have enough storage on your device to download the Stories. After viewing, you can delete them to free up space.

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