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New MacBook Air: Everything We Know About Apple’s 2022 Air

Apple has only recently updated the MacBook Air Pro, adding new connectors, extra power, and, most relevantly, a notch. However, the focus has already shifted to the Pro’s smaller sister, which has been without a layout upgrade for what seems like decades. However, if rumors are to be followed, all of that might alter in 2022.

From enhanced display technology to vintage new colors, the MacBook appears to be getting a major makeover next year. The internal parts of the Air could also be modified to stun if the M1X and M1X Pro processors make it there. Don’t want to wait? Take a look at the top Apple Black Friday offers right now.

Macbook Air Has A New Design

Apple is expected to fully revamp the MacBook Air in 2022, according to some of the speculations. According to leaked renderings, the new MacBook Air will be a mix of a new MacBook Pro, the next iMac, as well as the earlier MacBook Air.

The MacBook could gain a new corner screen with a gap, as well as MagSafe, from the MacBook Pro. The laptop could have white borders and a chassis that comes in a variety of colors, similar to the iMac. The laptop will most likely have the same super-thin construction as the past MacBook Air, which has established the Air popular over the years.

As per Jon Prosser’s leaks, the next MacBook will be thinner and lighter than the earlier models, but it will no longer have a tapering design in favor of a constant thickness.

The leaked images also show a laptop featuring MagSafe, a feature that has been absent from the MacBook Air for some years. They also indicate that the laptop could have a white keypad. That doesn’t look horrible in renderings, though that may accumulate dust with age.

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We’ll have whether these renderings turn out to be realistic.

The mini-LED technology was first introduced in the MacBook Pro, and it is now expected to make its way to the bottom of the forthcoming MacBook Air 2022. It’s still unclear whether Apple will use a button on the MacBook Air 2022, as it did on the new MacBook Pro. Furthermore, with the MacBook Pro, Apple turned the keypad background entirely dark, so we might see this feature with the MacBook 2022.

There are no connectivity possibilities on the latest MacBook. As a result, it’s feasible that Apple will introduce more USB-C/Thunderbolt connectors in the future. However, we may not see an SD card or HDMI port, as these features are likely to be reserved for Pro models. Another update is that the MacBook Air 2022 may feature a better 1080p camera.

A more capable M2 chipset is expected in the MacBook Air 2022. The processor may not be as efficient as the M1 Pro and M1 Max, but it is intended to boost upon the M1 chipset in several ways. According to rumors, the M2 chipset would include eight CPU cores with significantly faster clock speeds. On the next SoC, Apple is expected to boost the GPU cores from eight to 10.

Apple may be functioning on a 3nm processor for the MacBook Air, according to another tip from the Informal. According to the source, the chipset could be called Ibiza. The MacBook Air 2022 could come with 8GB of RAM & 256GB of Storage space as standard.

New MacBook Air: Everything We Know About Apple’s 2022 Air


Model MacBook Air 2022
SeriesMacBook Air
Refresh rate                                                  120Hz.
DesignFlat-edged design
Resolution14-inch and 16-inch
ProcessorM2 chip
Graphics ProcessorIntegrated Graphics Processor
Finger Print SensorYes
USB Ports2 x Thunderbolt 3 (Type C)

Performance Of The New MacBook Air

The M1 chip, which is Apple’s 1st gen computer processor, is found in a recent MacBook. It’s a terrific chip, but with the M1 Pro & M1 Max, several people are wondering what Apple Silicon will do next. The Apple M2 chipset, which is the firm’s upcoming entry-level chipset, will most likely be another chip.

The M2 is projected to have an 8-core chip, similar to the M1. However, each core will most certainly be quicker, and the laptop’s graphics will certainly be enhanced with either 8 to 10 GPU cores. This is an increase from the M1’s 7 – 8 GPU cores.

Leaks And Rumors About The MacBook Air (2022)

Because of its slimmer layout, the MacBook Air (2022) is expected to use an Apple M1 SoC, however, it’s unclear whether it’ll be the same M1 processor found in the present MacBook Air or a new fully-featured M2 SoC.
Aside from the CPU, Apple is likely to leave many of the other features the same as the current structure. After all, this is the ‘cheap’ laptop choice, so any increase in power could drive up the price and reduce the demand for the MacBook Pro.

While the number of connectors on the 14-inch & 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021) increased significantly, the MacBook Air (2021) is expected to stay at two.


In recent months, Apple has had a flurry of product announcements. Apple unveiled the MacBook Pros with M1 Pro & M1 Max embedded processors, third-generation AirPods, as well as new HomePod mini colors during its most recent presentation. It appears that we will see more items in the future. The new MacBook Air is expected to be released soon, according to leaks. In 2022, a laptop with considerable advancements is planned to be released.

Although if Apple doesn’t update the system, the MacBook Air 2022 will most probably preserve its quiet, form factor design, and decent battery life, which is also the largest in an Apple notebook. However, with the 2022 model, we foresee certain upgrades, particularly in the appearance of the Air. Rumors spread of a total redesign with a variety of color options, akin to the old Mac-inspired options available for the 2021 iMac and fourth-generation iPad Air.

According to rumors, the MacBook Air 2022 will be completely redesigned. The laptop’s design is expected to resemble that of the MacBook Pro. Through this, Apple is anticipated to release the MacBook Air with a mini-LED screen. There could also be a better 1080p webcam, a new M2 chipset, and more connector choices. Although that was a quick summary of the rumored MacBook Air 2022, we have more information to provide. So let’s get this party started.

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