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Reasons to Have a Stacked Monitors Setup

Are you looking for Reasons to Have a Stacked Monitors setup? Although no one size fits all and no one best solution, stacked monitor setups are becoming more popular in various work environments. Using a multi-screen laptop and monitor arrangement has several advantages. Thus many businesses are promoting this trend. Even if stacked twin or three monitor setups are more expensive, the long-term advantages are probably much greater.

Hence, one must understand how a dual-stacked monitor configuration adds to work efficiency and boosts productivity rather than just viewing it as an additional expense. This post will cover what stacked monitors are in the first place and the major reasons to have them.

What are Stacked Monitors?

Stacking two or more monitors on top of one another is a stacked monitor configuration. It is a fantastic way to expand the size of your screen, and it might be a terrific option for those with just one monitor. There are more monitor arrangements than stacked monitor setups, such as dual monitor setups, curved monitor setups, and many more.

In a dual monitor configuration, the second monitor doesn’t have to be the same size as the initial one. You can determine the screen sizes and how to employ various monitors on one another to produce a distinctive and fashionable design of your own. Also, you can make your workplace configuration as straightforward or intricate as you like. Your displays can be stacked or put on top of one another using a monitor stand. The following are the major reasons to have Geminos stacked monitors from Mobile Pixels:

More Applications

Flat-screen monitor arrangements work best when horizontally stacked due to the curvature that blocks the peripheral vision. Yet a vertically stacked version seems reasonable for individuals requiring curved screens and a multi-monitor configuration. Gamer-friendly curved screen monitors like the curved gaming monitor 165 Hz and the WQHD curved gaming monitor are good choices for this solution.

Less Space

Saving space is the main justification for using a stacked version instead of a horizontal version. You can save a lot of room by using vertically placed monitors because they use less desk space. A stacked monitor will reduce the work surface space covered because not all individuals have spare rooms as their home office, nor can they invest in corner desks that are an optimal solution for efficiency.

Affordable Option

Although monitor screens are not inexpensive for productivity, you pay less for them. You will save time and money in the long term by making this one-time investment. The time it takes to navigate between tabs and the time it takes for a screen to open each time you open a new window add up to a significant amount of time during the day. According to numerous studies, employing a multi-screen arrangement can increase productivity by 40%.

Less Neck Strain

When installed correctly, multimonitor setups lessen the pressure on your neck and shoulders. You can easily achieve a bigger working area without adjusting your neck, and they are excellent for promoting controlled movement. Ensure you adhere to the correct recommendations for multi-screen setup for best effectiveness, which are also addressed below.

Better Screen Sharing

On Zoom, it might be challenging to reference anything else on your screen without blocking your view or allowing others in the room to see it. You can pick which one to share if you have a second monitor. The other screen, hidden from the audience, can then be utilized for anything, such as taking meeting notes or monitoring urgent emails.

Increased Screen Size

The second defense would center on productivity. Because stacked systems have 1.5 panels on the bottom level and an additional utility screen on top, it is usual to employ ultra-wide monitors (34+ inches). The dashboard information, Spotify, and other infrequently used apps will likely be displayed in the top panel.


Having stacked monitors for your work or gaming experience can be the ultimate game changer for a person who loves bigger screen space. The reasons mentioned above are the ultimate factors for having a stacked monitor screen configuration.

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