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7 Fantastic and Free AI Tools You Need to Explore

Explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence with our collection of 7 free AI tools. From user-friendly options to more advanced tools like building ML models, we’ve curated a unique list. These tools are not only easy to use but also free for testing, without the hassle of providing credit card information. We personally use some of them, like Lumen and JADBio, and are excited to share their value with you. Stay tuned for more updates on this topic, starting with version I.

7 Amazing Free AI Tools Worth Exploring

1. — CopyWriter

Copy.AI is an AI-based tool that creates unique content for blogs, social media, or videos from a brief description. It’s useful for content creators, helping to write Instagram captions, blog posts, product descriptions, and more. Just sign up, describe your topic, and the tool generates content. It’s a great tool for the future of digital content.

Note: Copy.AI isn’t the only AI content creation tool. There are others worth trying:

  • Microcopy: For headlines, slogans, etc.
  • Speedwrite: Rewrites and enhances sentences.
  • Hemingway: Makes writing bold and clear.
  • Jarvis AI: A quality AI copywriting tool.
  • Notion.AI: A new arrival, discussed below.


  • AI-based content creation for blogs, social media, and videos.
  • User-friendly – just describe your topic, and it generates content.
  • Useful for various content types like Instagram captions, blog posts, and product descriptions.
  • Future-oriented for digital content creators.


  • Several alternatives are available, making it competitive in the AI content creation space.


GFP-GAN is a cool new tool that fixes old photos in a snap! It’s a Free AI tool developed by Tencent researchers. With GFP-GAN (Generative Facial Prior-Generative Adversarial Network), they combined info from two AI models to add realistic details to old photos in just a few seconds. It keeps things super accurate and high-quality.

Louis Bouchard talks about how awesome GFP-GAN is in a short 2-minute and 26-second video. He explains how it works for photo restoration and shares how you can use it for free. The results are seriously impressive, even with not-so-great quality photos.

Want to give GFP-GAN a try? You can test a demo for free. And guess what? The creators have shared the code, so anyone can use this tool for their own projects. GFP-GAN is making fixing old photos easy and free!


  • Fixes old photos with realistic details in seconds.
  • Developed by Tencent researchers.
  • Super accurate and high-quality results.
  • The demo is available for free testing.
  • Open-source code for personal projects.


  • Specialized for photo restoration; may not suit all image-related needs.

3. ADA -Symptom checker

Ada serves as both a symptom checker and an AI-powered medical assistant, leveraging clinical data to aid users in symptom tracking. Users can evaluate symptom intensity and explore various treatment options with the assistance of this tool. While it can guide users to appropriate medical attention, it cannot replace an actual visit to a healthcare provider. Additionally, Ada features a condition library, providing users with a comprehensive resource for medical conditions. The app has shown promising results thus far. Three benefits of Ada include:


  • Accessibility: Ada provides immediate assistance anytime, anywhere.
  • Empowerment: It offers personalized recommendations, empowering users to take control of their health.
  • Efficiency: Ada streamlines symptom evaluation and medical guidance, potentially saving time.


  • Dependency Risk: Relying solely on Ada may lead to overlooking professional medical assistance when necessary. Use it alongside guidance from a qualified physician.

4. DALL·E 2 – the Image Creator

Meet DALL·E 2 – the Image Creator that’s causing a buzz! Created by Open AI, this new AI system turns words into real-looking images and art. All you have to do is describe what you want, and it brings it to life. It’s super fun to play with, and the website has lots of examples to spark your creativity. Best part? It’s totally free!


  • Created by Open AI, turning words into real-looking images.
  • Fun to use with a variety of examples.
  • Sparks creativity and brings concepts to life.
  • Totally free to use.


  • May not be suitable for highly detailed or specific image requirements.

5. Check out – the CopyWriter!

Notion is trying out a cool new feature called Notion AI that helps create content. You just tell the app what you need – a blog post, a recruiting email, or a list of awesome business books – and it magically creates it for you. Lots of people already love Notion for taking notes, and this takes it up a notch. We’re excited to test it out, but right now we’re on the waiting list (as of Nov. 16th).


  • New feature, Notion AI, helps create content.
  • Integrates with the popular Notion app.
  • Magic content creation for blog posts, emails, and lists.


  • Currently in the testing phase, with potential limitations until fully released.

6. Meet Lumen5 – the Video Creator!

Lumen5 is a super easy online platform for making videos. Just follow a few steps, and you’re done! They have awesome templates for different social media platforms. Here’s the cool part: when you upload a transcript, the AI does the work – it creates the entire video sequence, including images. It’s perfect for quick social media content. Plus, Lumen has lots of images and videos you can use for your video.

Lumen5 – the Video Creator:


  • Easy online platform for video creation.
  • Templates for different social media platforms.
  • AI-driven video sequence creation from transcripts.
  • Perfect for quick social media content.


  • May not provide highly customized or complex video editing options.

7. Check out – the Audio Stem Splitter!

It uses AI magic to quickly and precisely separate different parts of music like vocals, instruments, and more. Wanna remove vocals or focus on a specific instrument? Lalal’s got you covered without losing quality. It’s perfect for unleashing your creativity! You get 10 minutes free to play around, and if you need more, the paid options are super reasonable – just 15 euros for 90 minutes of processing. – the Audio Stem Splitter:


  • Uses AI to precisely separate different parts of music.
  • Quick and accurate vocal removal or focus on specific instruments.
  • Free trial for 10 minutes.


  • Limited free trial duration, paid options may be required for extensive use.

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