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A new Sonic Frontiers update fixes disappearing bosses and other bugs

Performance Improved in 1.10 Versions

Are you looking for A new Sonic Frontiers update fixes disappearing bosses and other bugs? Sonic Frontiers has released a patch that addresses a number of problems, including claims of a boss being missing.

The new version 1.10 patch “fixes an issue where the boss will often disappear when trying the boss battle on Chronos Island,” according to the initial post on the official Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account.

The enormous gimmick on Chaos Island was removed, but there was still a problem with the map screen that needed to be fixed.

The update, which is also going out to other formats, appeared on the PS5 and PS4 versions over the weekend, according to the tweet.

The remaining patch notes, according to Update Crazy, are as follows:

  • Random crashing bugs were fixed.
  • Resolved audio-related problems.
  • Additional UI enhancements
  • Added improvements to the game.
  • Increased stability and enhanced performance.
  • Other small Issues.

The final edition of Sonic Frontiers, which received a Metacritic score of 73, received a more generally favourable reviews than the preview version that critics tested earlier in the year.

According to SteamDB, the game also broke the previous record for the most concurrent players of any Sonic game on Steam, peaking at 19,181 players.

That surpasses the previous record for the series, which was 11,937 established by Sonic Mania almost five years ago.

The game was dubbed “the kick up the backside 3D Sonic has been crying out for” in VGC’s Sonic Frontiers review, which also called it “a truly impressive effort that hits a lot more than it misses.”

The review ends, “Sonic Frontiers is a brilliantly exciting adventure that provides the series a much-needed shake-up. It may have received mixed reviews earlier this year.

The rare camera and control “quirks” are still present, but they happen considerably less frequently than Sonic fans are used to, making the game overall lot less frustrating. More of this would be most welcome.

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