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Tiktok can find Internet users, even those without the application

Tiktok can find Internet users, even those without the application. According to a study by a business that specialises in offering tools for defence against ad tracking severance, the social network TikTok has installed a device on a significant number of websites that enables it to follow the activity of Internet users. Consumer Reports requested this on our behalf. Internet users who don’t have a TikTok account are likewise subject to tracking.

  • TikTok collaborates with firms that use “Tracking Pixels” to do this. They automatically provide a certain amount of information, some of which may be personal, once loaded during navigation on the website on which they are placed.

Potentially sensitive data

“Hundreds of Companies Share Data with TikTok,” claims Disconnect’s research of 20,000 websites (including some of the most well-known websites in the US and the biggest websites at “.org,” “.edu,” and “.gov”). Some websites, like American Planned Parenthood or the United Methodist Church, are sensitive because they may disclose information about health or religion.

Consumer Reports states that this information may include the Internet protocol (IP) address, which is a unique number assigned to each Internet user, the URL visited or keystrokes made by the Internet user. A corporation that has a monitoring mechanism offered by a social network may, for instance, ask the same social network to show advertisements for its products to Internet users who have visited its site. This information is used for advertising reasons.

This approach is used by the majority of international advertising firms, including Google and Facebook. Even while TikTok has somewhat fewer “pixels” than Google or Facebook, its use of these strategies is not surprising given that it is poised to become a major force in the advertising industry.

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