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One simple trick to get more informative Google Search results

One simple trick to get more informative Google Search results. You’ve probably experienced this several times. A page of links is presented once you open Google and enter a search term in the Google Search box. Finding the information you need might often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack because the page is frequently overloaded with sponsored posts and other junk.

This might be a contributing factor in the growing trend among Gen Z users to permanently switch from the search engine giant to a more well-liked digital substitute like TikTok. which, despite how bizarre that may sound, is not the case. The TikTok app, which offers a tonne of easy-to-follow videos from users talking through various iPhone capabilities, has you covered if you’re searching the web for advice on how to get the most of your new iPhone, for instance.

Get more informative Google Search results

The power of the Google-Reddit search query

Meanwhile, there’s a quick tip you can apply the next time you use Google Search to look for a certain piece of information that may be quite helpful. Or, at the very least, to assist you in reducing the overwhelming number of search results to a more manageable data set:

All you have to do is Simply tack “Reddit” at the end of your search phrase. I’m done now.

Give credit where it is due, This tip, which I learned from Reason magazine, really helps you differentiate the good results from the irrelevant ones while conducting a search. And this is why it’s so genius. Let’s take a hypothetical buyer of an excellent refrigerator as an example.

I just performed a typical search for “best refrigerators,” and this is what I see now:

You have to browse past advertisements in order to get your desired content.

Then what? You can find a tonne of refrigerator-related collections and guides on Google, written by consumer goods experts for magazines like Forbes, The New York Times, and Consumer Reports. Which is… okay, but it still feels a little bit like, “Hey, here are some alternatives; select one.” Not as beneficial as you would like.

Perform Quick Calculations

Mathematicians should only use handheld calculators. When you enter an equation in the omnibar of your browser, Google will immediately provide the answer in the list of search recommendations.

Additionally, calculators are instantly accessible from Google search results. To find the calculator you need, type “calculator,” “tip calculator,” or “mortgage calculator” into the search bar.

Even Google has sophisticated calculators that can graph functions like sin and cos, as well as resolve geometry issues like the area of a circle with a radius of four. would have been a lot simpler for high school.

Execute faster data conversions

Google has you covered whether you’re attempting to determine the weather in another nation or need to know how much flour to use when you don’t have a tiny enough measuring spoon. Use this formula to search: [First unit’s value] to [Second unit’s value].

On the other hand, you may type “unit converter” into Google’s search engine to bring up a conversion calculator. Then, choose the data type you’re converting from the selection box.

You may convert using Google’s unit converter:

  • Area (for example, square foot to square mile)
  • pace of data transmission (for example, kilobyte per second to gigabyte per second)
  • electronic storage (for example, megabyte to gigabyte)
  • Energy (for example, joule to kilocalorie)
  • Frequency (for example, hertz to kilohertz)
  • fuel efficiency (for example, kilometre per litre to miles per gallon)
  • Length (for example, foot to yard)
  • Mass (for example, pound to ounce)
  • planar angle (for example, degree to radian)
  • Pressure (for example, pascal to bar)
  • Speed (for example, miles per hour to kilometres per hour)
  • Temperature (for example, Fahrenheit to Celsius)
  • Time (for example, second to minute)
  • Volume (for example, tablespoon to fluid ounce)

Perform Quick Currency Conversions

You can convert currencies in both the omnibar and the search results if you need to. Use the following formula to make the computation in the omnibar: [value of first unit] to [second unit].

Alternatively, you may input “currency converter” to bring up a converter with a list of several convertible currencies in the search results.

Even a few cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, and Litecoin may be converted using the program. If you are aware of what those are.

Plan Upcoming Vacations and Business Trips

To check the price of flights from several carriers, search for [city] to [city].

The distance between the two sites and the expected travel time, depending on whether you’re driving, taking the bus, walking, or riding a bike, are lower down the page.

The distance and directions map won’t show up if there is an ocean between where you are and where you wish to go. However, you may retrieve the distance in miles (or kilometers, depending on your settings) between the two sites by adding the term “distance” to your search (for example, “New York to London distance”).

You may locate rooms and prices by searching for “hotels [city]” on Google to help you plan your trip:

See What Time It Is Anywhere in the World

You may look for the current time in another city by searching for “time in [city]” or “time from [city] to [city]” to find out the time difference between your home and another location.

Get more about customer support

To get a firm’s customer service phone number, search for the company name plus customer service.

Learn the meanings and etymologies of words.

Add define or etymology before a word or phrase to see its definition or its etymological history (except for etymology define, which gives you the definition of etymology).

Translate Words to Other Languages

And to have Google translate a term into a language you understand, put [language] after a word in a foreign language.

Find the stock prices currently

To get the current stock price and other financial information, enter a stock symbol into Google, for example, APPL.

Discover the Sun’s Rise and Set Times

Enter dawn or sunset to find out when the sun will rise or set in your location. To receive the dawn and sunset timings for a different city, you may simply include the name of the city to your search.

How can I improve the accuracy of Google search results?

To improve the accuracy of your search results, you may add symbols or phrases. Any punctuation that isn’t a part of a search operator is often ignored by Google Search.

  • All of Advanced Search
  • Visit the Advanced Image Search page.
  • To focus your search results, use criteria like area or file type.
  • Tap Advanced Search at the bottom.
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