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How to turn off voicemail on iPhone in 2022/2023

One of the best feature in iPhone is Voicemail-

How to turn off voicemail on iPhone or how to turn voicemail off on iPhone- You must be familiar with the voicemail feature if you love the iPhone. The majority of users that rely on this service can set up appointments and get in touch with their clients. As a result, when this feature is turned on, it is very useful. However, there are situations when you might wish to turn off your iPhone’s voicemail, such as when visiting a foreign country.

In other instances, Turn off voicemail feature on iPhone or iOS 15 users can occasionally be a problem. The majority of users complain that the voicemail screen might occasionally become clogged, making it challenging to move on to the next voicemail. Voicemail on iPhone must now be disabled as a result of this. This section is for disabling/turn off/deactivate voicemail if you’re having any of the mentioned issues.

Use MMI code to disable or turn off voicemail on iPhone

You may connect with your mobile service provider via MMI codes, also known as Man-Machine-Interface codes. This is a quick and simple way to turn off your voicemail as well as conditional call forwarding settings.

To Find your Mailbox Number

Open the Keypad tab of the Phone app.
Dial *#61# after entering it.
Note the mailbox number, then select Dismiss.

How to Enable or Turn on call forwarding

  • Firstly Go to Setting
  • Click on Phone
  • Click on Call Forwarding
  • Click on Phone
  • Click on Forward To → Enter mailbox number.
  • To save changes, exit the menu.

How to Turn off iPhone voicemail

  • Reopen the Keypad tab of the Phone app.
  • Dial ##004# after entering it.
  • For all voicemail-related services, you’ll notice a notification stating that setting deactivation was successful.
  • To leave the page, click Dismiss.
  • Put your phone in Airplane Mode now and see if your voicemail is still working.

The plan’s one weakness is that not all service providers adhere to these international MMI requirements. The following phase, however, would be effective for those for whom it does not.

Get in touch with your service provider

Although communicating with customer care might be a time-consuming procedure, this is the most efficient approach. It should be noted that this change will essentially be permanent and all saved greetings, messages, and settings will be removed.

Google makes it simple to look for your carrier’s phone number. Here is a list of the top US service providers by popularity.

  • 1-877-453-1304 for T-Mobile
  • Call 1-800-922-0204 for Verizon.
  •  1-800-331-0500 for AT&T 
  • Call Sprint at 888-211-4727.

Fill up your voicemail space

Turn on Airplane Mode first. As soon as your voicemail box is filled, keep contacting yourself and leaving messages. Depending on your service provider, the maximum number of voicemails may change. We obtain what we want since you won’t be able to receive voicemails after the mailbox is removed from storage.

Signing off

Call your service provider instead of using the web to disable voicemail if you need to do so for a prolonged length of time. Use the MMI code approach whenever you just want it to be done momentarily. Dial ##004# or contact the service provider to reactivate.

Additionally, if you’ve ventured to use the “storage full” approach, you may immediately clear up space by deleting every voicemail at once.

How to Turn off Voicemail on iPhone – Feature

To turn on voicemail feature on iPhone Start by pressing on the phone symbol on the home screen of your iPhone. In order to find your voice mailbox number, type the numbers *#62# and then dial the number. If you are good with numbers, write the number down on a piece of paper or learn it.

To Turn off Voicemail on your iPhone, Go to the settings menu. Tap the phone icon when the menu appears, then go to the call forwarding area. Once you’ve entered the voice mailbox number in the box provided and saved the settings, you can now leave.

You can now dial the number #404 by typing it into your phone’s keypad and calling to switch off or turn off voicemail on iPhone.

After that, you can try calling your voicemail box to see if there are any new messages.

On your iPhone, you may also choose to enable the divert call feature if you so choose. When you disable or turn off voicemail in iPhone, you can make your phone display “no answer” when someone tries to reach you by dialing #61#. Additionally, you can call 67 for user busy response.

Calling 004# will allow you to reactivate the voice mail service.

How to Turn off Voicemail Password on iPhone

The accessible passwords are activated by default once the voicemail inbox is set up. The purpose of this feature is to shield all voicemails from prying ears. Most of the time, carriers won’t advise you to disable the passwords, but if you frequently forget your passwords, it’s usually preferable to do so.

You can disable the passwords and then enable them later by following the steps listed below.

  1. Make a call to the voicemail system first. Press and hold the first key on your iPhone’s keyboard. You might also think about pressing and holding the voicemail key as well.
  2. Type your voicemail’s password. In the event that you are prompted, you should enter the voicemail inbox password. You might need to reset the password if you’ve forgotten it in order to continue.
  3. By skipping the section where you must listen to messages, go to the main menu. You must click the * button to complete this. You should then select one of the administrative alternatives from there.
  4. Choose a password choice. Follow the on-screen instructions after tapping the key that says “turn off the password.” You must be attentive enough to avoid errors because these instructions always differ slightly on the carrier.

How to Disable Voicemail Transcription on iPhone

You can not disable voicemail transcription, You can only adjust the language because the transcription is typically based on American and Canadian English. Switch Siri’s language to any language that doesn’t sound as English in the settings. The final words will demonstrate that the transcription is not accessible.

Ask Your Service provider for Help

  1. If you are unable to follow the above steps, call your service’s toll-free number or iPhone providers by dialing *611.
  2. 877-453-1304 for T-Mobile
  3. Call 1-800-922-0204 for Verizon
  4. AT&T: 1-800-331-0500
  5. 888-211-4727 for Sprint

How to Reactivate Voicemail on iPhone?

There is a simple way to reactivate/turn on or recover the service if you used one of the aforementioned techniques to disable visual voicemail on your iPhone but now wish to do so.

You may activate the voicemail feature on your iPhone by dialling pre-programmed numbers from the Phone app. On your iphone, open the Phone app, select a suitable number from the list below, and dial it.

  1. AT&T: ##004#
  2. 004# T-Mobile
  3. Verizon: *73 (if *73 doesn’t work, try *900, then *920).
  4. *920 US Cellular
  5. *730 Sprint

How do I deactivate my Verizon voicemail?

  • You must first be familiar with your voicemail password. Call Verizon customer care to get it reset if you can’t recall it.
  • Once you have your password, you may disable your voicemail by calling *86 from your phone and following the instructions.

How can I disable voicemail?

There are several ways to disable voicemail in iPhone-

  1. Calling your service provider and asking them to turn off your voicemail is one option.
  2. Another method is to temporarily turn off your voicemail by dialling *82 from your phone.
  3. If you want to permanently turn off your voicemail, call *38 and follow the steps.

How can I turn off Verizon voicemail?

Call Verizon as well as ask them to turn off your voicemail service if you want to turn off voicemail on Verizon. If you have a valid cause for wanting to disable it, they should be able to assist you even if they question you about it.

Can voicemail be disabled?

Yes, Voicemail can be disabled on iPhone. To disable or turn off voicemail on iPhone you can follow these steps- Go to Settings > Phone > Voicemail and slide the Voicemail switch to off to turn off voicemail.

Can I disable voicemail on iPhone?

Yes, You can disable Voicemail on iPhone. Open the Settings app and select Phone under Voicemail to turn off voicemail on your iPhone. Select the option next to Voicemail by go to the Voicemail section and scrolling down. Voicemail on your iPhone will be turned off as a result.

How do you turn your voicemail off?

Voicemail may be disabled in a number of different ways.

  • Calling your phone provider and asking them to turn off your voicemail is one option.
  • Another option is to disable voicemail in your phone’s settings.
  • Getting rid of every voicemail you have is a third option.

How Can I Get My iPhone’s Lost Voicemail Back?

You can restore or recover your backup as well as your voicemails. It will be recovered if you ever lose your voicemails for whatever reason. UltData – iPhone Data Recovery is the ideal program for data recovery on iPhones, and you may use it to restore your voicemails if you don’t have a backup.

What to perform on your device is demonstrated in the following.

  1. On your PC, install the software.
  2. Launch the software after connecting your iPhone to your computer with a USB cord.
  3. Launch the software, connect your iPhone to your computer, and select Recover from iOS Device from the menu that appears.
  4. The content that is to be restored can now be chosen. Select Voicemail from the menu selections on the screen, then click Start Scan.
  5. Select the voicemail messages you want to get back. To restore them to your iPhone, select Recover to Device.
  6. You can get back into your voicemail by doing that.

How do I turn off my Verizon voicemail password?

You must contact Verizon customer support to disable your voicemail password. If you’d like, they may assist you with removing your voicemail password and setting up a new one.


We’ve covered a number of methods in this post that you may attempt to turn off voicemail on your iPhone. Any of these techniques can be used to disable voicemail. However, getting in touch with your phone service provider is the most straightforward option if you are unable to do so directly on your iPhone. Don’t forget to share this content with any of your relatives or friends who you think would find it useful. Additionally, if you have any questions or concerns, please share them in the comments section.

How to Turn off Voicemail on iPhone without any application?

Using the No More Voicemail program is another way to turn off voicemail on any iPhone. This software transfers the call to a virtual number that never stops ringing rather than turning off voicemail on your iPhone. By doing this, it stops other users from leaving pointless voicemails for you. Voicemail management is made terrific and easy with this method, and installing and configuring the software is also a breeze.

  • You can browse the App Store and perform a search for the No More Voicemail app there.
  • After that, just install the app on your iPhone like you would any other app.
  • Open the application now to continue, and register.
  • When you are through with the setup, a number will appear on the screen; tap the Copy button to copy it.
  • Click the dial button after pasting the copied number into the Phone app.
  • After that, return to the No More Voicemail app and finish the confirmation procedure.

How do I change my Verizon voicemail settings?

You must sign into your Verizon account on the company’s website in order to modify your voicemail preferences. You may then modify your welcome message, password, and other options.

How do I turn off the voicemail password on my iPhone?

Go to the Settings app and select “Phone” to disable the voicemail password on your iPhone. Change the “Password” option to off by scrolling down.

Can I turn off voicemail on my iPhone?

Yes, You can Turn off voicemail on your iPhone.  Open the Settings application and choose Phone to accomplish this. To turn off voicemail, scroll to the bottom of the section and press the switch next to it.

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