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Twitter to become more like Instagram Stories! This is what you can attach in tweets in future

Twitter to become more like Instagram Stories! This is what you can attach in tweets in the future. Many new capabilities being tested by Twitter will allow users to connect multiple objects to a single tweet. The specifics are shown below.

Twitter is on track to resemble Instagram more and more! According to a recent rumor, Twitter is developing a function that would let users publish images, videos, and GIFs in a single multimedia tweet. Up until this point, you could only submit one kind of media per tweet. It has already been released to a small number of beta users, and as time goes on, more users will ultimately receive it. From the days when the platform only allowed 280 characters for self-expression, this is a significant improvement.

For a short period of time, we’re testing a new feature that will let users blend up to four media assets—regardless of format—into a single tweet. People are utilizing photos, GIFS, and videos to enhance their Twitter interactions, which are becoming more and more visual. With this experiment, we want to find out how users combine these various media types to tweet in ways that go beyond the character limit of 280, the firm told TechCrunch.

New post features are coming to Twitter

A small number of people get access to the functionality right now for a brief period of time.
Additionally, users will be able to simultaneously tag both photographs and videos.

Most users may currently only combine up to four photographs in a post. Additionally, you may only include one video, one website link, or one story link in a post. Additionally, a tweet may only include one GIF at a time. You cannot blend your preferred media across these formats.

A few months back, it was discovered through a leaked image that this multiple media placement in a single tweet can be done as a carousal, where one slide may include the photo, another slide the video, and another slide GIFs.

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