Koo VS Twitter Social Media Platform

What exactly is Koo?

The Indian software, which is very similar to Twitter, was introduced about ten months ago. Koo was touted as an app “designed for Indians to share their ideas in their mother tongue and conduct meaningful debates” when it was first downloaded from the Google Playstore. “Connect with Indians in Indian languages,” the tagline reads. It’s a microblogging site for personal updates and expressing opinions.

“The themes of discussion are varied and engaging. With a close-knit local Indian community, it encourages people to express themselves in Indian languages “the platform has been added You can do everything on This platform, including expressing your thoughts and updates. On this platform, celebrities can be followed as well.

Who are the founders of the company?

Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidwatka, two entrepreneurs, co-founded Koo. Radhakrishna also developed TaxiForSure, an online cab booking firm that was ultimately acquired by Ola Cabs.

Get to know the investors.

According to the Hindustan Times, it reached a crucial milestone in February when it raised roughly 30 crores from a group of investors, including a company owned by former Infosys CEO Mohandas Pai. The platform has previously received funding from Accel Partners, Kalaari Capital, Blume Ventures, and Dream Incubator.

koo and twitter


It is a social networking and news website where users exchange short messages known as tweets. Tweeting is the practise of sending short messages to anyone who follows you on This platform in the hopes that your comments will be beneficial and interesting to someone among your followers. Microblogging is a term that could be used to describe This platform and tweeting.

Some individuals use This platform to find fascinating people and businesses on the internet and then choose to follow their tweets.

Twitter’s Procedure

  • It is simple to use as both a sender and a recipient. Users sign up for a free account and use your Twitter handle. Then users send out broadcasts (tweets) on a daily, hourly, or as-needed basis. Type 280 or fewer characters in the What’s Happening box next to your profile image, then click Tweet. Someone tweet will be seen by those who follow guest and possibly others who do not.
  • Some individuals use This platform to find fascinating people and businesses on the internet and then choose to follow their tweets.
  • Encourage people you know to follow you on This platform so they can see their tweets in their feeds. To gently create a following, let your pals know you’re on This platform. When someone follows you on this platform, it etiquette dictates that users follow them back.
  • To subscribe to someone’s tweets, discover someone fascinating (celebrities included) and press Follow. Users can simply unsubscribe them if they tweets aren’t as entertaining as you hoped.
  • Visit at any time of day or night to see your this feed, which is updated as people tweet. To keep up with what’s going on in the globe, head to Trending Topics.
  • That is all there.

Twitter- As a Marketing Tool

Huge numbers of people use this platform to promote their recruiting services, consulting firms, and retail outlets, and it works.

The current internet-savvy user is sick of commercials on television. People like advertisements that are quick, unobtrusive, and can be turned on and off at any time. It is exactly that; after you understand the complexities of tweeting, you can use This platform to generate good advertising results.

koo and twitter

Twitter as A Tool for Social Messaging

Yes, it is a social networking platform, but it is also more than just a messaging service. It is all about meeting new people from all over the world.

Other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger, integrate nicely. If users appreciate a tweet and want to share it on Instagram Stories, for example, press the tweet, then tap the Share symbol and select Instagram Stories. Your tweet will be included in your Instagram Story. (At the moment, this feature is only available on iOS.)

What are the parallels and distinctions between Koo and Twitter?

  • If user have made the switch to Koo, you’ll see certain parallels between the two platforms. Users of Android and iOS can access both platforms. Koo’s platform is very similar to Twitter in terms of user interface. On Twitter, users can create tweets with up to 140 characters, whereas Koo allows users to ‘Koo’ in 400 characters. Similar to Twitter, you can update media files, particularly videos.In fact, it features a trending hashtags section, similar to Twitter’s hot topics, and you may share certain subjects or people in responsible for sending instant messages to other users.
  • Koo is divided into two sections as they eat. Feed and individuals and feeds allow you to view the platform’s postings, while others display the people you’ve followed or relevant recommendations. While Koo displays a user’s feed chronologically, with the most recent update at the top, It can organise a user’s feed based on the number of engagements and replies to a post.
  • One of the most notable differences between Koo and Twitter is that the Indian software provides services in a variety of local languages, making the site accessible to a wide range of Indians.
  • For the time being, the site only covers Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Kannada; however, Punjabi, Bangla, Oriya, Malayalam, and Assamese will be added in the near future.
koo and twitter

Similarities between both

The two platforms share a number of commonalities.

  • Koo, which is available on Android and iOS, has a very similar UI to Twitter.
  • While users can create tweets on the latter, Koo allows them to ‘Koo’ in 400 characters.
  • Users can also upload media files, such as videos, to the site.
  • Koo features a trending hashtags section that looks a lot like Twitter’s trending topics.
  • There are possibilities to share specific subjects or people, as well as send direct messages to other users, just like on Twitter.


While the two apps appear to be similar, they operate in different ways.

  • The first distinction is Twitter’s enhanced support for local languages. Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, and Kannada are supported by the in-house platform.
  • More Indian languages will be supported in the app, including Punjabi, Bangla, Oriya, Malayalam, and Assamese.
  • The platform also allows users to publish 400 characters, which is more than Twitter allows.
  • This is because the website believes that additional characters are required for users to publish in their native languages.
  • Koo’s feed is split into two sections: feed and people. The first can be used to view the platform’s content, while the other displays the users who have been followed or related suggestions.

Is Koo app better than Twitter?

That is precisely the plan, according to co-founder Mayank Bidawatka, who believes Koo will surpass Twitter’s 25 million Indian users this year. By the end of 2021, it had reached 20 million downloads in India.

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