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Android 13: Everything You Need to Know Best About New Google’s Next System

Android 13 is Google’s famous operating system’s exciting new chapter. We all expect Google to keep building this unique graphic style and place it more prevalently across the Android operating system, as well as encourage third-party manufacturers to adopt too many aspects of it, following last year’s Android 12 release, which tried to shake up the whole thing by incorporating the courageous new Material Users design.

If history teaches us something, it’s that large software changes are always accompanied by quality-of-life improvements aimed at ironing out the kinks and perfecting the recently launched formula.

Android 12 was a significant software upgrade that changed a number of stuff, and this will almost definitely be the same.

Android 13 will most likely be released as an early developer beta for Pixel devices in early 2022, with a stable version and complete deployment expected in the fall of that year.

Android 13 name

In fact, It will be the 22nd major version of the operating system since its launch in late 2008. In contrast to the bulk of Android versions, which were named after delicious desserts in alphabetical order, current Android versions have gone with a strict number naming strategy.

The ‘culprit’ was Android 10, which was scheduled to use another letter Q for a dessert name, but due to a general dearth of well-known desserts beginning with that letter, Google decided to scrap it entirely.

This very recent move has probably split Android lovers in half. On the one hand, it makes it straightforward, but it also takes away Android’s individuality and makes the various versions more forgettable. Isn’t there a distinct difference between Android 5.0 Lollipop and Android 8.0 Oreo?

Internally, Android 12 was known as Snow Cone. And what is the name of Android 13’s delectable dessert? Rumors claim it’ll be called “Tiramisu,” after the iconic Italian dish, but that’ll have to wait until it is officially announced.

Android 13

Android 13 release date

There is no established annual Android calendar, so good luck forecasting when the next version of Android will be released, but based on prior years’ events, this is the most likely scenario for this rollout.

Android 13 BuildsExpected Release Date
Android 13 Developer Build 1February 2022
Android 13 Developer Build 2March 2022
Android 13 Developer Build 3April 2022
Android 13 Beta 1 + Official announcement at Google I/OMay 2022
Android 13 Beta 2June 2022
Android 13 Beta 3July 2022
Android 13 Beta 4August 2022
Android 13 Stable BuildSeptember 2022

While there is no proof that this will be the case in 2022, we do expect Google to release Android 13 as an early developer beta for compatible Pixel devices in February, along with a press announcement to kick things off and highlight the major new features.

That would be the case with Android 12 and Android 11, and there’s no reason to believe Google will do anything differently with this.

Which phones will get Android 13?

This will also be accessible on the majority of existing and future phones. We anticipate that only Pixel 3 series phones will be accessible for the Android 13 update, with most other phone makers opting out. However, it will take a little time until all qualified phones receive the update.

Android 13: Everything You Need to Know Best About New Google's Next System - 1

Android 13 new features

New color themes

Color themes, which work in tandem with Color Extraction to produce unique colorways for the Android interface depending on the predominant colors in the background, were introduced in Android 12.

Google will undoubtedly expand on this in the future, and it appears like it will include a couple of new dynamic theme options that will modify the vibrancy. These are going to be:

  • The default Material You dynamic theme is Tonal Spot.
  • Vibrant: As the name implies, this one has more vibrant secondary and background colors.
  • Expressive: In addition to the extracted colors, this adds some colors that aren’t present in the background.
  • Spiritz: This one has a more muted appearance with greyish tones.

Notifications permission

The introduction of temporal authorization for the device camera and microphone, which allow users to totally disable exposure to the crucial hardware, was one of the excellent privacy-related improvements with Android 12.

The same capability appears to be being applied to alerts as well. Apps would have to seek authorization to display alerts before they do so, according to “POST NOTIFICATIONS,” a feature that will be incorporated into this.

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This anticipated forthcoming feature of Tiramisu makes perfect sense as Android seeks to be the all-encompassing software suite. Have you ever questioned why distinct apps can’t have various languages?

This will apparently allow users to change languages per app and have their phone’s appearance in a different language, indicating that Google has always been on a similar page.

However, in order for the pan-linguistic feature to perform as intended, the related app must have the object-oriented programming language strings enabled.

This functionality would undoubtedly be useful to multilingual Android users or those attempting to learn a new language.

Android 13: Everything You Need to Know Best About New Google's Next System - 2

Lock screen customization

With this, it seems that users can enable an expanded and more informative layout for the lock screen that shows notifications beneath a smaller version of the clock. When the notifications are read and cleared, the clock will revert to its default large state. Rumors have it that this feature could even arrive a bit earlier in stable Android and could be baked in Android 12L.


We did not have to wait long to see the next-gen OS in action, since Google normally publishes the first prerelease version of new Android versions in February or March.

However, we don’t expect the majority of the changes to be made public until May, when Google hosts its I/O developer conference. However, it’s almost reasonable to anticipate that we’ll have to deal with a lot more rumors, leaks, and hacks before that happens.

People May Ask

Who will get Android 13?

Thanks to Google’s long-term software support, the Google Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 4XL, Pixel 5, and Pixel 5XL will all receive Android 13 support.

Which version of Android is the latest?

Android OS 12 was released in October 2021, and it is the most recent version. Find out more about OS 12 and its important features.

What is Android 12 called?

Snow Cone.

What is the full meaning of Android?

Android is a mobile operating system. Android is a whole word that does not have a full form.

What Samsung phones will get Android 13?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. Samsung Galaxy M52 5G.

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