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5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS

Here are 5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS. Purchasing a new best speaker system for your house offers up a world of audio possibilities, but how do you know you’re getting the most value for money? You can determine which frequencies your system performs best with speaker testing tools, ensuring that you receive your money’s worth.

We’ll go through the finest speaker testing applications and how they evaluate your speakers in this article.

Best Speaker Testing Apps

1-Test HiFi

TestHIFi is the only application in the world that can examine your own sound system’s HiFi capacity as well as your listening place.

Basically, you switch on the application and position it a certain distance away from your speaker where it measures the frequencies.

You’ll get a detailed report with 7 distinct audio criteria that sound engineers use to examine the quality of their speakers once the application is finished.

You may even test the system in two separate locations: close to the speaker to evaluate how the speaker’s audio performs, and at a precise listening position in the room.

5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS

The latter is special in that it shows you where the sound performs best in a given space. This might assist you in determining the optimal location for a chair in your music room or the placement of your surround sound speakers.

2-Speaker Tester

Speaker Tester uses a sine wave signal to assess the overall quality of speakers, either internal or exterior.

The software works by firing a sine wave signal at your speakers, as well as based on the frequencies it reports, you’ll receive a 1-5 rating indicating how good your speakers are.

You have the option of using manual or automatic settings. You can pick the exact frequency range for your speakers to see whether they can manage it with manual testing. You’re looking for a test that shows 5000hz for high frequencies as well as 200hz for low frequencies.

You can even select certain parameters to test, such as buffer size or playback rate.

5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS

With the automatic configuration, you simply press a single button, as well as the test, will be performed on your device’s music system. This one, however, is only accessible for Android phones.


The STIPA application is the priciest on this list, but it’s also the most powerful speech intelligibility tool available.
The average person who wants to evaluate their speakers is unlikely to download the application on the spur of the moment, but whether you want to examine speakers on a commercial level, there’s nothing like it.

The aim is to test your speakers to see how a message or statement might sound on a huge PA system. You might use STIPA to evaluate a school to see if the sound coming out of the speakers was clear.

You can use the basic STIPA with your iPhone’s constructed microphone, however, there is a pro plan that you may upgrade to at any time.

Your smartphone will play a certain frequency to your speakers to evaluate their performance, just like the other speaker tests on this list.

5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS

When you subscribe to a subscription plan, you gain access to additional features such as LEQ analysis, full detail reporting, save and remember, & exporting.

4-Subwoofer Bass Test

If you have an Android device, you can use this simple program to get through your subwoofer bass sound. The subwoofer bass test has three options, all of which can be used to evaluate the bass frequencies of your headphones or audio system.

The 1st setting uses multiple frequencies from your subwoofer to determine how low you can safely go with your bass. This is helpful if you’ve just purchased a new subwoofer and aren’t clear about what settings to use.

The 2nd setting only emits out one frequency, as well as it’s more for perfectly alright your speaker to make it sound just right.

5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS

The last preset transmits a blend of two frequencies to your subwoofer, focusing on the bass’s acoustic beat.


AudioTools promises to be the world’s most popular audio testing and measuring platform, and it’s easy to see why.

The app is capable of far more than just testing speakers. Speaker polarity, distortion, impedance, delay, STIPA basic, as well as STIPA professional will all be checked.

The program also includes SPL modules, acoustic analysis, line input tests, design tools, as well as utility in addition to speaker testing. AudioTools is the only speaker software on the market that can accomplish all AudioTools does.

On the other hand, some of the reports are so complex that you nearly have to be an audio engineer to comprehend them.

In-depth graphs can help you understand what’s going on with your audio, but only if you learned how to interpret them.

This is without a doubt one of the most complete applications for testing your speakers on the market, but it has a steep learning curve.

5 Best Speaker Testing Apps For Android And iOS

AudioTools also has a list of other applications you can use in conjunction with it to improve your results even further. Smart Tools, SPL graphs, as well as impulse responses are all included.

Best Apps For Testing Speakers

When it comes to testing speakers, there isn’t just one approach that everyone uses, which is why having a selection of apps is so vital. Each item on the list above can assist with a specific issue, and some can assist with multiple issues.

The placement of your speakers, as well as the size of speakers you have, will have a huge impact on the sound you get, so think about it all before settling on audio you don’t like.


Setting up a new home’s best speaker system throws up a world of audio possibilities, but how do you realize you’re receiving the most out of it? You can find out which frequencies your system works best on using speaker testing tools, allowing you to get the most bang for your buck.

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