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Death By Audio launch the Space Bender chorus pedal with wonderfully bizarre video

Death By Audio launch the Space Bender chorus pedal with wonderfully bizarre video. The new pedal adds delay and seems to work well with both guitars and synthesizers. We adore the friendly competition that boutique pedal companies appear to be engaging in to see who can create the greatest launch video. When it comes to the weird in the promotional video for its brand-new Space Bender chorus pedal, Death By Audio definitely earns bonus marks. Just have to witness it for yourself.

The pedal itself has an integrated delay duration and modulation for that delay, which may be either a sine wave oscillator in LFO mode or even an envelope in ENV mode. It can range from modest to the type of weapons-grade noise we’d expect from DBA. From demos we’re seeing, it appears to be rather flexible and will take you into flanger area.

From a very little (x1) to a moderate delay (x10). When the intensity control is turned up, you may access crazy oscillations and feedback elsewhere. Perfect for soft ballads. Oliver Ackermann, the inventor of DBA, declares, “Never again will you claim this chorus pedal just isn’t intense enough!

The Death By Audio Space Bender costs $270 / £255 and is only available on Reverb in an unique limited edition of 200 White versions.

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