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TwitchCon EU 2023 will be in Paris

Yesterday it was revealed that Twitchcon EU would be held in Paris the following year. Following the first one in Berlin, Germany in 2019, this will be the fourth Twitch convention to take place in Europe.

According to Twitch CMO as well as EVP of International Doug Scott, attending TwitchCon gives a technicolour experience of all that makes Twitch special. “During a weekend of exceptional entertainment, information sharing, competitive gaming, and, above all, enjoyment, the memories and community relationships made on our service are evident for everyone to witness. We can’t wait to reunite the community at TwitchCon Paris in 2019 and in San Diego this October.

TwitchCon is held annually in both North America and Europe, with the European event beginning in 2019. Numerous thousands of fans attended the TwitchCon event in Berlin, demonstrating how well-liked the streamer conference is.

When is the next Twitch con?

The next Twitch convention will be held in San Diego from October 7 to 10, 2022. In August, you may buy tickets for the North American TwitchCon. Musical performances, interactive activities, Twitch’s second-ever Drag showcase, and more will be included in the event. The first-ever Drag showcase for the event was presented during the Amsterdam Twitchcon, underscoring its welcoming atmosphere.

Community Meetups, Meet & Greets, costume competitions, and various showcases are all part of Twitch conventions. These conventions also host restricted events for Twitch partners. It gives streamers a chance to interact with both their followers and other streams. These yearly conventions are greatly anticipated by thousands of admirers, who either attend the event in person or watch it online.

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Where in Europe will TwitchCon EU 2023 be held?

The streamer convention will visit France for the first time in 2023 when it has its conference in Paris. This event will be a first-of-its-kind opportunity for fans and streamers to interact with some of their favorite streamers. Thousands of people will watch the cosplay competition from all over the world.

Twitch con Amsterdam 2022 attracted over 14,500 fans, which is much more than the Berlin event in 2019. The convention’s popularity is undeniable, and as local travel restrictions loosen, attendees are anticipated to grow at the Paris event the following year.

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