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Logitech G Reveals New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset

New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset- Last week, Logitech G unveiled a number of new items, including the A30 Wireless Gaming Headset from Astro Gaming. As they have taken what has made Astro unique throughout the years and capitalized on it with additional elements that have not previously been a part of their range, the look and feel of this model is essentially an improvement from the prior sets.

Even the programmable plates on the side of each ear are made for comfort and performance while still preserving the familiar appearance. Since this model is currently on sale for $230 in the business’ web store, we have the whole rundown for you about it below.

New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset is a stylish, individualized multi-purpose headset created for usage across all platforms. It mixes fashion and functionality. Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset enables gamers to create their ideal gaming experience across all platforms thanks to configurable speaker tags, as well as the flexibility to change controls and device connectivity using Logitech G mobile app.

Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset blends the ergonomic heritage of Logitech, which is based on comfort and adaptability, with unmatched gaming performance features, including optimization for simultaneous multi-device connectivity as well as custom mixing.

New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech G Reveals New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset

Play Anything: 

With simultaneous multi-device connectivity and bespoke audio mixing, Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset works with the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, XB Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, mobile, iOS, and Android.

Lightspeed Wireless: 

A30 is equipped with Logitech G’s Lightspeed wireless technology, which guarantees a quick and dependable connection that professional competitive gamers have grown to rely on.

Control Your Audio: 

Big booms and pristine clarity are provided by 40 mm audio drivers. Gamers can rapidly mute, mix, change the volume, play, pause, and do other things with on-ear controls. Use Logitech G mobile app for iOS and Android to personalize your gaming and music experience while on the go.

Flexible and mashable

XB Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, professional-grade Lightspeed wireless 2.4 GHz connection for PC, Bluetooth for mobile and portable gaming devices, and 3.5 mm aux for anything else let you mix many devices at once.

Several Mics:

Gamers have the option of using the built-in mic or the attached boom for crystal-clear sound. Maximum concentration is provided by the boom arm, and a clean and straightforward headset experience is provided by the built-in mic.

Epic Battery Life: 

Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset, which has a battery life of more than 27 hours and charges through USB-C, offers wireless freedom between platforms for days.

Put it away without concern:

After detecting no movement for a predetermined period of time, an accelerometer embedded into the A30 headset will automatically switch it off. Users of the Logitech G Mobile App can change the duration or disable this feature.

No power, no issue

Even when the batteries are completely depleted, the A30 Wireless Headset can still be used as a wired headset. Simply plug the A30 into any device with a 3.5mm port after attaching the external boom microphone (pun fully intended).

Customize It: 

White and Navy are two gorgeous matte color schemes that you can choose from. With swappable, customized speaker tags, gamers may further customize their headsets. They can make original designs using their own graphics or pick from a carefully curated variety.

Play Anywhere: 

Designed and built to follow you wherever. The swivel mounted earcups for the A30 can be placed in the included carrying case or laid flat to be worn around your neck when not in use. The recognisable style is intended to be flaunted in public, on broadcasts, or as a component of your battle station.

Wireless Freedom: 

With the Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset’s ability to disconnect from a PC or console, cut the cables and gaming on the go.

All-Day Comfort:

A great, balanced feel is achieved with an ergonomic design, plush memory foam padding in the earpads and headband, and the ideal amount of clamping force.

Lightspeed on Mobile: 

With the launch of the A30 USB-C transmitter, the A30 Wireless Headset offers Logitech G’s Lightspeed technology to mobile gaming platforms for the first time, including phones, Nintendo Switch, and mobile gaming PCs.

Pricing and Availability

In October 2022, Logitech G ASTRO A30 Wireless Gaming Headset is anticipated to go on sale at a suggested retail price of $229.99 USD MSRP on and other international retailers. Please visit our website, blog, or follow us on Twitter @LogitechG for additional details. Visit to get the Logitech G mobile app.


Q: What is Logitech G Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset?

A: For players who demand excellent audio and dependable wireless communication, Logitech created G Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset.

Q: What are the key features of Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset?

A: Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset features low-latency wireless connectivity, ASTRO audio technology, a flip-to-mute microphone, and customizable EQ presets.

Q: What devices can I use Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset with?

A: Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset is compatible with a variety of devices, including PCs, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

Q: What is the battery life of Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset?

A: Up to 15 hours of use can be obtained from a single fill of Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset.

Q: How does the Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset connect to devices?

A: Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset uses a USB wireless transmitter to connect to devices.

Q: Does Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset support surround sound?

A: Yes, Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset supports Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic surround sound.

Q: How much does Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset cost?

A: Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset’s cost differs by location and retailer, but it usually falls between $119.99 and $149.99.

Q: When will Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset be available for purchase?

A: Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset is already available for purchase in select regions. The availability may vary depending on the location and the retailer.


“Players can master all of their favorite playstyles with the A30’s ultimate flexibility, mobility, style, and comfort in a contemporary gaming headset that plays on all platforms.”

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