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Modern Warfare 2 bug lets players stow up to $1.3 million cash in DMZ mode, here’s how

Modern Warfare 2 bug lets players stow up to $1.3 million cash in DMZ mode, here’s how. Since the game’s release about a month ago, users have been documenting their gameplay and live-streaming Modern Warfare 2 whenever a new issue pops up. Players have now very much “broken” the game, from leveraging a bug to max out their weaponry to G-walking their way through the multiplayer queue.

However, since Activision regularly publishes updates and hotfixes to make the most recent COD title entertaining for the community as a whole, flaws and glitches in the game are progressively being fixed. While there are glitches in both the free-to-play DMZ as well as Warzone 2.0 modes, the multiplayer mode has its fair share of problems as well.

Warzone gamers are still returning to their old habits of becoming invisible and griefing, despite the fact that the most recent Ricochet anti-cheat engine forbids cheaters and other exploits from existing in the game. These bugs are also prevalent in the DMZ mode, an extraction-based game style that puts players against AI bots and other players in a big room.

Players may gain up to $1.3 million dollars in DMZ mode, where hiding money, equipment, and other resources grants XP and aids in obtaining players’ preferred weaponry to live, according to a newly uncovered flaw by a gamer. The Modern Warfare 2 bug operates as seen above.

Modern Warfare 2 DMZ bug can make you a millionaire

Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode has a problem that, according to Twitter user JGODYT, may generate quite a commotion among the player base. The bug offers users a quick and easy way to earn up to $1.3 million without having to spend hours grinding the game. Finding the necessary materials to complete the glitch, however, might be difficult.

You must first look for a weapon on the ground near some cash in order to activate the bug. After then, you must quickly hide the cash while turning your gaze away from the firearm. Keep in mind that you should aim accurately to avoid picking up the weapon by mistake.

You must quickly move about and look for the money indication in the lower left corner of your screen if you want to quickly pick up and stash the money. You will then be able to watch your money grow quickly until it reaches the strange sum of $1,310,710. Additionally, the sum next to your teammate’s name will be raised.

You will be given a one-time sum of around $1.3 million via this bug, which you may use to your advantage in Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode. This bug also allows you to max out up to two weapons at once.

However, you must first choose which weapons in your loadout you wish to level up. Put that weapon on, and quickly stash money. By giving you more XP, this will progressively raise the level of both your account and your weapons.

Since Modern Warfare 2 has some of these flaws and glitches, there is no official information stating that utilizing them would result in a player ban. However, we strongly warn against using any of these exploits because doing so might get you permanently banned from the game. You may play Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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