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How to see who favourited your TikTok?

How to see who favourited your TikTok? People frequently save videos on TikTok that they wish to revisit in the future using the “Favorites” function, which is growing in popularity. But How to see who favourited your TikTok?

In order to make it simpler for users to browse and engage with content on the app, TikTok offers a variety of useful features and is constantly introducing more.

The “Favorites” function is one that is enjoying rising popularity. People may bookmark films using this feature, group them into folders, and save them for later access through a specific area of their profile.

You might question if you can see who has favorited a video you’ve shared, exactly like with likes as well as profile views. Similarly, you may be concerned about whether someone else can see if you’ve favorited their video.

Can people see who favorited their TikTok?

No, at now, producers are unable to identify the users who have favorited their TikTok videos. However, they are able to see how many people have favorited their video.

By glancing at the bookmark symbol on the right side of the video and reading the number below it, anybody may determine how many people have favorited a particular video. You won’t be able to pinpoint any particular accounts, though.

To the surprise of many of viewers, TikTok reinstated the profile views function in 2022, but this time it was made available only to those who opted in. Even yet, it indicates that more individuals than ever are aware of the degree to which their TikTok behaviour is visible to the public.

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