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How To Earn From Instagram Reels?

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Instagram Reels is contained in this comprehensive guide.

What is the current Instagram secret to viral growth? Instagram Reels, to be precise.

“We’ve seen our interaction jump by 280 percent since bringing Reels to our Instagram channel last year,” says Mel Brittner, Later’s Social Media Manager.

However, mastering the optimal Reels approach — as well as learning how to use *all* of the game’s features – is no easy task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover all you need to know about Instagram Reels:

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are Instagram videos that are brief and engaging and allow you to exhibit your imagination while also bringing your business to life.

People come to Reels to be a part of cultural trends, collaborate with the community, and learn new things.

Your company can produce videos just like people do using creative tools like AR effects, music, and text overlays.

Key Features Of Instagram Reels

Key Features Of Instagram Reels

Be discovered in the Reels tab

People may easily jump in and watch your videos using the Reels option in the main Instagram navigation.

Creative tools help you amaze your audience

The Reels camera app has all of the tools you’ll need to make engaging videos. You may either record video and apply effects or transitions, or you can upload video from your phone.

Product tags make for seamless shopping

Tag products from your catalog in Reels so that customers can find and buy them without having to leave Instagram.

Work with a community of creators

For on-trend storytelling, tap on the knowledge of Reels’ creators. The “Paid partnership with” mark indicates a paid collaboration with your company.

Amplify your brand with Reels ads

To reach your target audience, extend your existing vertical video ad campaigns to Reels or build a standalone Reels ad campaign.

Use call-to-action buttons on Instagram ads to link to Reels

By linking to your reels using the call-to-action button in your Instagram advertisements, you may increase the number of people who see them.

Tips to create the most impact with Instagram Reels

  • Create playful content that matches what people are already watching

Try incorporating Reels’ trends into your videos while adding your own unique spin. Alternatively, create your own trend with unique content. To excite your viewers and keep them watching again and over, use humor, transitions, audio, or text.

  • Begin with your brand and design with your objective in mind

Always keep your creative purpose in mind when designing Reels advertising. Make sure to showcase your brand in the initial few seconds if you want to increase brand awareness. If you want to increase conversions, make sure your product or service is demonstrated in motion.

  • Design for sound on

Sound is enabled by default on reels. To get your audience’s attention, use music and sound. Use original audio or music from the free library to enhance your narrative.

  • Do not add “swipe up” prompts

Reels advertisements are a wonderful way to save money on your 9:16 vertical video creative, but keep in mind that the user experience isn’t the same as Stories. Instead of adding “swipe up” prompts, draw attention to the action button. Your call to action, such as “Learn More” or “Visit Website,” will be displayed on the action button.

  • Creative partners can help you create video ads for Reels

Our recognized Meta Business Partners can assist you in creating unique video advertisements for Instagram Reels.

How to Create an Instagram Reel ?

Instagram Reels have been a fantastic tool for marketers and businesses to flex their creative muscles and provide a visual experience beyond a grid post since its inception.

In four easy steps, you can make your own Instagram Reel:

In four easy steps, you can make your own Instagram Reel
  • Step 1: Storyboard Your Concept

You’ve heard it said that failing to plan is intending to fail. So, before you step in front of the red light, be sure you have a strategy. To really get you started, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Which issue, fashion and styling, makes the most sense for your company or brand?
  • Recipes for food? Do you have any wellness advice?
  • Is there anything that now feels like a natural fit for your brand?
  • How will your Reels material work with your Instagram feed or Stories posts?
  • Who is your target audience, and what kind of content will they respond to?
  • Lectures, underneath, or a “day in the life” are all possibilities.

After that, spend some time browsing the app to see what pictures, content, trends, and styles you can use as inspiration.

Storyboard your content by breaking down the clips you’ll need to shoot in order to make the concept work once you’ve solidified your direction.

That way, you’ll have a visual representation of how your Reels will look — and a solid strategy to work from!

  • Step 2: Shoot Your Instagram Reel

It’s now time to film your Instagram Reel. There are three ways to build and access IG Reels:

  1. The Reels tab
  2. Your Instagram home screen
  3. The Instagram Stories camera

How to Create a Reel From the Reels Tab?

To make a Reel from the Reels tab, go to the Reels tab and press the top right camera icon.

How to Create a Reel From the Instagram Home Screen?

From the Instagram home screen, tap the “+” in the top right corner and scroll down to the Reels tab at the bottom.

How to Create a Reel From the Instagram Stories Camera?

Follow the below instructions to make an Instagram Reel using the Instagram Stories camera menu:

  • Open the Instagram Stories camera and look for the Reels icon, which is either between the usual Normal and Create modes or adjacent to “Story” on the bottom menu:
  • Reels can be shot externally and uploaded in a series of clips, in a single stream, or in a series of clips.
  • Select the “+” icon in the lower left corner to add external clips from your camera roll to your Instagram Reels.
  • Hold the recording circle in the center of the screen to shoot footage internally in the Reels app.
  • By tapping the audio button and searching for a song from the Instagram music library, you may add music to your film.
  • Alternatively, record a Reel with your own original audio.

You can also choose which part of a song to highlight. Your audio will be attributed to you when you post a Reel with original audio, and if you have a public account, anyone can make Reels with your audio by selecting “Use Audio” from your Reel.

You may also select the speed of your movie (the default is 1x) from the left sidebar. 3x,.5x, 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x are all options. Take advantage of Instagram’s timer and countdown effect for hands-free filming.

The timer allows you to record any of your recordings without having to hold the camera. After pressing record, you’ll get a 3-2-1 countdown before recording for the duration you choose.

You’ll become able to associate your clips as well. When you need to make seamless changes between scenes in your footage, this tool comes in helpful.

Tap the three stars icon just above record button to activate effects. You could look through Instagram’s features gallery here.

Tap “Edit clips” to quickly reduce, reorganize, or add new clips. Long hold a clip and press the minus icon to erase it.

Over 4 million brands and creators use Later, a social media planning and scheduling platform.

Later allows you to schedule your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok posts ahead of time for free.

  • Step 3: Preview and Add Additional AR Effects and Text

When you’re satisfied with the footage, go to “Preview.” Take use of Instagram’s various effects to bring your content to life. Most of these features will be familiar if you’re familiar with Instagram Stories tools:

  • Text: Add text to your Reels to say more.
  • Draw: To add some further flair, use the draw tool.
  • Stickers: Add captions, GIFs, the present time, and a selection of Instagram stickers.
  • AR effects: Browse Instagram’s never-ending portfolio of AR effects developed by Instagram and other creators all over the world.
  • Swipe left to access filters that you can use to customize your Reels.
  • You can also add audio from Instagram’s music library at this step, in addition to recording a voiceover or adding sound effects, if you missed it before.

TIP: Go to the Reels page on Instagram to find out what’s popular in audio and save any tracks with the “trending” arrow for your next video.

  • Step 4: Share Your Instagram Reel

Now it’s time to show off your work. Select a cover photo and create a fascinating caption that speaks to your Reel by tapping “Next.”

Decide if you want to post your Reel to the Instagram Feed from here. For maximum exposure, we suggest sharing to Feed. Crop your profile image next, as this will be how the cover image appears on your profile grid.

Tap “Tag People” to include Instagram profiles in your Reel; you can also invite a collaborator here. If the user agrees to collaborate, your post will be shared with their followers and they will be listed as a co-author.

You can also title your audio (if you made it yourself), add a location, and turn on “Recommend on Facebook” to expand your audience.

After that, tap “Share.” And with that, you’ve completed your very first Reel — job well done!

Instagram Reels Dimensions: Recommended Aspect Ratio and Video Size

Instagram Reels, like Instagram Stories, are intended to be viewed vertically, full-screen, and on mobile devices. With this in mind, develop material with a 9:16 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.

Shooting and editing using a mobile phone is a good technique to stay on the inside of the ideal dimensions. Remember that the video caption is presented in the bottom fifth of a Reel. If at all possible, keep critical graphic elements out of this section.

Should You Shoot and Edit Reels in Instagram? 

When it comes to the Instagram Reels algorithm, the ideal strategy is to create original material for IG Reels.

However, this does not imply that you must shoot and edit all of your film in the Instagram app. If you want to master transitions and edit video to a specific beat, saving film to your camera roll and editing it with a third-party software before uploading to Reels might be a better option.

The following are the most user-friendly Reel editing apps:

_Instagram Reel

After you’ve published your edit, add on-screen text, subtitles, voiceovers, and audio to Instagram for the best results.

This will help the Reels algorithm effectively categorize your material and ensure that your video appears on the appropriate audio discovery page.

TIP: Instagram’s algorithm favors high-quality video material over content that is clearly recycled from other applications (such as TikTok). As a result, creating Reels content on Instagram rather than TikTok is the recommended approach.

How to Find and Add Audio to Instagram Reels?

Reels, like TikTok, is heavily reliant on music.

You can find and add audio to your Instagram Reels in a number different ways:

  • Select “Use Sounds” after scrolling through Reels to find trending audio.
  • Browse your saved tunes or use Instagram’s music library.
  • Look for particular audio samples.
  • Check out Later’s Reels trend resource every week.
  • Once you’ve found a good soundtrack, go around to see what other videos are employing that sounds.
  • Taking inspiration and jumping on a trend never hurts.

NOTE: If you upload original music outside of Instagram Reels, your videos may not appear on the accompanying Audio page, lowering your Reel’s visibility.

How to Access Instagram Reels Analytics?

Instagram Reels insights are available. There are two types of insights:

  • On their own Reels
  • The Insights tab on Instagram

How to Access Instagram Reels Insights on Individual Reels:

Follow these steps to see how an Instagram Reel is performing: Open a Reel you want to see insights on from the Reels tab on your profile page. Select “Insights” from the three-dot icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

How to Access Instagram Reels Insights:

Go to your Instagram profile and choose “Insights” to see how your Reels are doing generally. From here, you can look at how your various Reels videos are performing in comparison to one another.

How to Earn from Reels With Instagram Reels Play Bonuses?

According to Instagram, “Reels Play bonuses are opportunities for producers to earn money right away from Facebook and Instagram for creating content that their audiences appreciate.”

It’s simple: creators get money based on the number of times their Reel is played. If you have a corporation or artist account, all you have to do is share Reels on Facebook and Instagram (and access to the program). Over the course of 30 days, Instagram will reward Reels with at least 1,000 views.

NOTE: The Reels Play bonus program is currently only available to a select number of authors in the United States.

5 Tips for Creating Viral Instagram Reels 

_Instagram Reel (1)
  • Use On-screen Text and Captions 

Given that 85 percent of video on Facebook is viewed without sound, including on-screen text and subtitles in your videos is a no-brainer when it comes to expanding your audience.

Furthermore, subtitles are not only useful for individuals who watch without sound, but also for those who have hearing impairments.

You can use Instagram’s closed caption sticker to add video subtitles. Select “Captions” from the sticker icon.

The audio may take a few seconds to transcribe. You can go over the text and make sure it’s all correct once they’ve made it through.

TIP: Place your closed captions in the center of your screen to ensure that they are visible across the Instagram app.

  • Use Trends as Inspiration

Reels are similar to TikTok in that they come and go swiftly. Take a few minutes each morning to look through the Instagram Reels page and other creators’ profiles to see what they’re sharing to stay ahead of the curve. Is there anything else that keeps coming up – a song in particular?

A sound clip? A new dance craze? If that’s the case, click the soundtrack to see how many other authors have used it.

Browse the videos to get a sense of the current trend. Alternatively, save this Reels trends resource, which is updated weekly.

  • Drive Traffic by Encouraging Viewers to Head to Your Link in Bio

The greatest strategy to get traffic from Reels is to have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that directs them to your bio link. This could be accomplished using on-screen text, a voice call-out, a video caption, or all of the above.

You may create a tiny landing page with many link buttons and clickable images using a link in bio tool like Later’s This is a simple approach to increase the value of your bio link, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

  • Find Your Niche and Post Consistently

Identifying your topic and uploading regularly are two of the best techniques to get popular on Instagram Reels. There seem to be a lot of Instagram users with various interests and activities. Whatever your brand or business does, there seems to be a niche for you!

  • Include 3-5 Hashtags

Using 3-5 hashtags might help the Instagram system better comprehend your content and serve it to the right people.


Every little bit counts! Instagram Reels has a creative possibility for you, regardless of your brand or business.


Q- What’s the best way to obtain Reels on Instagram?

A- In Feed, tap at the top or swipe right anywhere. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Reels. Tap and hold to record a clip, or press to begin recording and then tap again to stop. You may also add a video from your camera roll by tapping it in the bottom left corner.

Q- What are Instagram’s Reels?

A- Reels are Instagram videos that are brief and engaging and allow you to exhibit your creativity while also bringing your business to life. People come to Reels to be a part of cultural trends, collaborate with the community, and learn new things.

Q- Why is it that I don’t have Reels on Instagram?

A- If you have an older smartphone or haven’t updated your apps in a while, your Instagram app is likely to be out of current. Older versions of Instagram do not enable Reels for security reasons, therefore an outdated app could be the cause of your inability to use this function.

Q- Are Instagram Reels only 30 seconds long?

A- Instagram now allows users to make Reels segments that are far longer. The time restriction for clips published as Reels has been increased to a full minute on the social networking platform. The prior limit of 30 seconds has been doubled.

Q- Do you have Reels on your profile?

A- Even though you have the option to remove it, if you publish the reels on your feed as well, it will appear on your main profile grid. You can share reels to your Instagram stories, close friends, or through direct messaging whether you have a public or private account.

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