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How to Earn Money with Playing Games

When we are bored, we all enjoy playing games. In today’s era, when everything is online we obviously like to do everything on our mobile. So, why not try out some mobile games or to know how to earn money by playing games?

You can try some of the well-known online games or real money-earning games online, we used to play as children, such as Ludo, snakes and Ladder, chess, and others, to expand your exploration.

Online games that earn money have evolved beyond their traditional role as time passed in recent years. Online games are made with the intention of testing your reflexes, hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and understanding of a wide range of subjects, including current events, general knowledge, music, sports, and much more. You can play free online games to earn money.

How to Earn Money by Playing Games

What if you learned that the online games you’re thinking about playing may also help you make money? or there are several online games for money? You did read that sentence accurately. You can find many real best money earning games online.

Many online games to earn cash are accessible to everyone with very little initial investment required, but if your luck and intellect work well together, they can earn you a respectable sum of money. So, here is how to make money playing games online.

The ten games for money online listed below can be played to make real money online. Try them out if you want!

List of Online Games from which You can Earn Real Money

There are several games to make money online. These are apps that pay you real money. So play games and earn money. These are free online games to earn money :

  • Ace2Three
  • QuickWin App
  • Loco
  • Rummy Circle
  • Paytm First Games
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Qureka
  • My11Circle


It has more than 8 million players. It is India’s First Online gaming portal or one of the money-earning games that is completely owned and offered by Head Digital Works Private Limited. It is among the Android games to earn real money

It is progressively providing a platform for a community of skilled players all over India with the goal of promoting online gaming in the nation.

It has about 5,000,000+ Installs and a best rating of 3.8 on the Play Store.

It is a well-known card game variation with a top-notch user experience that enables all rummy enthusiasts to play rummy card games for free as well as for real money.

A player has a choice of 2 or 6-player tables, as well as variations with or without jokers. Additionally, each game only lasts for one deal, during which the winner receives chips from every other player based on his count and entrance price.

In addition to multi-table events where numerous players can compete against one another, it also offers free rummy tournaments.

Ace2Three also has a dream combination in place with cutting-edge software developed on a specially designed architecture to be reliable when operating Multi-Player Tables and Online Tournaments.

A well-oiled machine that has assisted them in starting their journey and delivering consistently at an extremely high level during their term. This online game earns money feature helps you. Download the A23 Rummy Apk game.

QuickWin App

It is the most attractive game in the online market today. It’s beautiful graphics and different sounds make people relax and comfortable after their stressful day.

It also has different interesting things and more surprises With it’s different levels.

CategoryFree Arcade Games
Publish Date26-01-2019
App uploaded byRajdip Barman
Latest Version1.0
RequirementsAndroid 2.3.2+

Digital Track offers QuickWin, which has been installed more than 1,000 times. It’s an amazing competition where you can win prizes by responding to a few simple questions. it is one of the legit cash games.

In the Play Store, it has a 4.2 rating. It is the most recent trivia game that gives straightforward tests on subjects like general knowledge, cuisine, current events, computers, sports, culture, Bollywood, and others.

It is an all-inclusive bundle that offers tonnes of amusement along with tonnes of opportunities to win prizes.

The players have the option to buy question packs on Paytm and compete on the leaderboards, which is the finest part. The player receives 10 points for each accurate response.

Entering the exciting world of Fantasy Sports, It is an online game for money with a strategy element where you may assemble a virtual team of real players that compete in actual matches.

To win points in a live game, create a team that performs well overall.

Football lovers can play fantasy football on the Dream11 online sports gaming platform for as little as Rs. 100. Fantasy Sports Info created it, and as of now, it has been installed more than 10,000 times.

It offers the ability to pick players from a pool of attackers, defenders, midfielders, and goalkeepers to create a team. They can choose a captain and a vice-captain as well.

Depending on how carefully you choose them, you may also be able to raise your overall grade.

There are two different contest types:

  • One with a large prize pool
  • The other with a smaller reward pool.

The player can watch the live match and keep track of how the players are doing.


Loco is a Live Trivia and Quiz Game Show. They are creating a space where you can watch, stream, and play together in the future of Indian gaming entertainment.

Loco is a community-based virtual environment or free games to make real money, where you can be anybody or whatever you want to be.

It’s simple to participate in the Loco Live Trivia and Quiz Game Show because you’ll only have 10 seconds to select an answer to the question that’s being posed.

There isn’t enough time for anyone to search for the answer online, which is why you have so little time to respond.

You win if you correctly respond to 10 questions in a row. If you omit one, the game is over.

The entertaining game Loco Live Trivia and Quiz Game Show adds a fresh spin to the trivia quiz style.

It’s an addictive game that will challenge your knowledge, introduce you to new concepts, and even provide you with the chance to win money.

RequirementsAndroid 4.1 or higher
Package Namecom.showtimeapp
AuthorTeam Loco
Operating SystemAndroid
LanguageEnglish and 47 more
Content Rating+3

To date, it has been installed more than 10,000,000 times, and it was created by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited. The Play Store has given it 4.1 stars.

An ed-tech business called Unacademy’s former marketing director founded it in November of that year. The best feature is that numerous participants can participate in the game simultaneously, and the Rs 12,500 prize money is distributed to each winner.

On weekdays, the quiz is offered twice (at 1:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.) and once (at 10 p.m.) for users to participate in real-time.

Users are quizzed on 10 multiple-choice questions by a charming host, who also grants them “lives” to re-enter the game if they are eliminated.

In return, they are rewarded with cash prizes that are credited to their Paytm accounts.

 Rummy Circle

One of the most played games in India is rummy. It’s simple, enjoyable, and loaded with enough challenges to keep you going back for more. It is a real money-earning games app.

The online rummy platform Rummy Circle allows you to play rummy while also adding excitement to your preferred gadget.

With the addition of a digital avatar, it delivers the exact same game that was previously exclusive to small groups of friends and family.

They are among the most well-liked gaming websites in India thanks to their quick gameplay, safe platform, and secure transactions.

It is a component of Play Games 24×7, and the nicest thing about it is that the largest prize pool tops out at a staggering Rs. 4 crores.

With a minimum payment of Rs. 25, one can register to play right away after downloading the app for free. It has a user base of 5 Million people, a rating of 4.5/5, 1,98,272 total votes, and more than 10,000,000 installs.

Each participant seeks a replica of their offline rummy experience. We use cutting-edge technology and copious quantities of data collection to provide each player with a unique gaming experience.

You receive your selected 13-card game on your dashboard each time you play rummy online. What is Indian rummy’s attraction? talent and entertainment in equal measure!

Paytm First Games

It is India’s Leading gaming app to play real money. It consists of different all-skill games.

GamePind created Paytm First Games, which have received over 1,000,000 installs so far. The Play Store gives it 3.7 stars.

It is the ideal location for game enthusiasts who also enjoy participating in competitions, trivia, and other forms of entertainment. Its user interface is simple.

It has a vast selection of games, including, to mention a few, Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, and Ludo. Among the titles in the Casual Games category are Cut the Rope, Badland, and Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze.

There are 300 games in all. Notable is the fact that some rewards costing more than Rs. 10,000 are governed by income tax laws.

The best part is that any virtual currency you have accrued via the game cannot be changed into actual money, including coins, cash, gold, gems, and diamonds.

8 Ball Pool

It gives its new season in the latest version to enjoy maximum games at your end.

Approximately 500,000,000+ people have downloaded the 8 Ball Pool app from The Play Store has given it 4.5 stars.

The largest multiplayer pool game is this one. Similar to how we play pool in real life, players in this game can adjust their own shot power by clicking the left mouse button and then moving the pool cue away from the direction they’re aiming.


By completing some really entertaining brain-led activities, Qureka enables you to test your knowledge and earn coins:

  • Playing daily live quiz shows (more than 15 per day)
  • Playing hourly quizzes in categories like GK, Sports, and others every hour
  • Exam preparation quizzes & playing cricket quizzes

Qureka is a service provided by CoolBoots Media and has over ten million installations. On the Google Play store, it gets 4.2/5 stars.

With Qureka, an online gaming option, you may make money by engaging in brain-intensive activities like playing free daily live quiz shows where you can win money every day.

There are additional options where you can take an hourly quiz and increase your chances of winning. They currently have 6 entertaining games.

It provides a variety of brain games, including Earth Hero, Candy Slash, Don’t Crash, Box Tower, Candy Slash, and Don’t Crash.

Through the games, you will be able to evaluate your hand-eye coordination and mental acuity, among other things.

Additionally, users can participate in quizzes every 30 minutes from 9 AM to 9 PM every day and win a maximum of Rs. 60,000 each day.

These tests include questions on a wide range of subjects, including history, science, current events, general knowledge, art, culture, cricket, technology, business, sports, food, politics, celebrities, television, mythology, music, films, and literature, as well as topics from nature, geography, the world, and social backgrounds.

It is a play-and-earn-money app. You control the cards on PokerBaazi. With your abilities, climb the ladder, sharpen your skills with each game you play, and leave your mark on the poker world. The knowledge is available to assist you in acquiring their level of skill.

India’s top online poker site for a while now has been PokerBaazi. It’s Networks Private Limited is the provider. The product has a 2.7/5 rating on the Apple store.

The website features no-limit holder and pot-limit Omaha poker tournaments as well as cash games. While tournaments come in a wide range of buy-in levels, cash games come in six-max and nine-handed forms.

It makes use of a number of fundamental concepts from mathematical, psychological, and strategic analysis so that no two cards are dealt with the same priority and that each player must choose the best card combination from the ones he is dealt.

It consists of Community Cards, which are five cards placed face-up on the game board, and Hole Cards, which are two random face-down cards distributed to each player on a table.

Each player creates their own unique card combinations for the game using their hand of cards. A player attempts to create the best five-card combination with his two Hole Cards and a predetermined number of Community Cards.


My11Circle is an online fantasy sports game made for those who enjoy showing off their aptitude for sports analysis and expertise.

The gaming experience and privacy are My11Circle’s top priorities as a member of the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports.

Since its inception, Sourav Ganguli, a legend in the game of cricket and brand ambassador, has served as a testament to its eye-catching presentation of features, state-of-the-art setups, one-of-a-kind tips, tricks, and tournaments.

You can join the millions of other fans and gain bragging rights too!

Around 13 million individuals play the fantasy cricket eSports game My11Circle. It currently has over 100,000 installs and a rating of 3.9/5.

The player in this game can choose 11 people for their squad out of a total of 25 or 30 players. Just as the live action starts, your team earns points based on the performance of its 11 players.

Your ranking is determined by your final score.

You may start playing with simply Rs. 25 and it is created by Tech Makhni. The tournament, which might be domestic or worldwide, and the competition determine the prize money.

It enables you to create and manage a team with your own group of all-star players, wicketkeepers, bowlers, and batsmen, as well as enter a challenge that fits within your spending limits.


The games mentioned above are some of the best online games that pay real money and are currently accessible. You can play games for real money. They cost very little money to start, but they may quickly earn you a ton of money. They do, however, have daily limits and a monthly maximum that can be won.

A warning that these money games that work are not tax-free should be noted. If you played these games for fun and entertainment rather than only for the money, you would really like them. While using gaming websites and apps to earn money playing online games could seem like a simple way to do it, one should exercise caution because these platforms have a tendency to become addicting. You can play games and earn money.

People May Ask

Q- Do game apps really pay you?

A- They frequently profit from your ad-watching and survey-taking as you play their games. Your daily earnings will probably be a few cents, and rewards usually start after you reach a certain threshold, usually $5. Even that, according to app reviewers, can take a while.

Q- What Game App Pays the Most?

A- The most profitable is Swagbucks, with a $5 reward and other earning options.

Q- Do online games pay real money?

A- You are rarely directly paid in video games. But taking part in video game competitions, farming out characters after leveling them up, or starting a Twitch show can all earn you real money. Superstar gamer Tyler Blevins, often known as Ninja, has made roughly $10 million from playing online video games in one extreme scenario.

Q- Which app gives real money?

A- A cash-back and rewards app is Swagbucks. Through Swagbucks, you can earn points, abbreviated as “SB,” by buying, participating in surveys, watching movies, playing games, or completing other things. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash deposited into your PayPal account. Each task’s final score may differ.

Q- Do PayPal games pay real money?

A- Playing games that offer PayPal payouts won’t make you rich, but it’s a nice, stress-free side gig that you can use to supplement your income. This would make a fantastic side business if you enjoy playing video games.

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