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How to Insert a Video in google docs

How to Insert a Video in google docs- Although you may include links in Google Docs that take users to video websites (like YouTube), there is no option to play the video from within the document. You could need to embed a video in a Google Docs document in a variety of circumstances, but even a third-party application can’t help you do this.

I tried many methods to add a video to Google Docs, but none of them seemed to work reliably enough to avoid requiring the receivers to download additional software. Today I’ll demonstrate how simple and cost-free it is to embed a video into a Google Docs document.

Note: The receivers of the document must have editing privileges in order for this technique to function.

Insert a video in a Google Docs document

Videos may not be supported by Google Docs, but the drawing tool does accept and even enable playing of video files. However, there is no possibility to input a movie within the sketching tool itself. To make a playable video link that you may put within the sketching tool at this point, you’ll need the assistance of another program. We’re going to utilize the Google Slides app, which supports video playback, for this. Let’s begin:

Create a playable video link in Google Slides

  1. Make a new presentation on Google Slides.
  2. Here, tap in the center of the slide to pick it, then choose “Video” from the “Insert” menu.
  3. From here, you may access a video stored in your Google Drive or paste a link to a YouTube video. Select the preferred method for including the video.
  4. Click the video once it has been uploaded, and then use the keys Ctrl+C to copy it to the clipboard.

How to Insert a Video in google docs

Let’s add the URL to the playable movie in Google Docs now that you’re doing it:

  1. Tap the “Insert” menu in the Google Docs document and choose “New” from the “Drawing” option.
  2. Paste the video URL into the drawing tool using the Ctrl+V keys, then select “Save and Close.”
  3. This will include the video with a complete preview inside the Google Docs page.

The receiver can play the video by double-clicking it after it has been opened in the drawing tool.

Insert or Add a Video in google docs to View the video preview

  1. You may add an additional step to change how a YouTube video link appears when you put it into Google Docs. The choice to see a preview of the video in your document window is provided by this. Using videos that may be accessed through a URL in this way is practical.
  2. The video URL should be typed or pasted into your text. A quick notice will appear and ask if you want to see the video’s title rather than the URL. To accept, either choose this message or press Tab.
  3. Hover your mouse on the link that displays when the video’s title appears. The Smart Chip is shown in the video. Place the Smart Chip under your mouse, and then select “Open Preview.”
  4. In the player that appears in the lower right corner of your screen, you may then see the video.
  5. To see the controls, move your mouse over the video. Simply click the X to close the player after you’re done viewing in the upper right corner of the video.

Insert a Video by Copy From Google Slides to the Drawing Tool

  1. Using Google Slides together with the drawing tool is another method for adding a movie to Google Docs. For video links or those stored to Google Drive, this technique works effectively.
  2. Visit Google Slides and use the Insert > Video option in the menu to add the video to a slide. To find your movie, use the “Search,” “By URL,” or “Google Drive” tabs. then insert it by clicking “Select.”
  3. Copy the video when it shows on the slide. The “Copy” option in the context menu of the right-clicking menu or the Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C can be used to do this.
  4. Go back to your Google Docs work and add a drawing by selecting Insert > Drawing > New from the menu.
  5. Copy the movie from your clipboard and paste it into the Drawing window. Use the hotkey Ctrl+V on a computer running Windows or Command+V on a Mac, or right-click and choose “Paste.”
  6. Select “Save and Close” when the video shows in the Drawing window.
  7. The video picture will now appear in your document.
  8. When the video opens in the drawing tool, double-click that picture to start it, then press the Play button.
  9. You may reveal the playback controls by moving your mouse over the video. Simply shut the drawing window once you are done observing.
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Insert a Video by Add-On installation

  1. There is still a choice if neither of the aforementioned options completely satisfies your requirements. DocuTube Viewer is a third-party Google Docs add-on that you may install. You may use it to play one or more videos in your document’s sidebar.
  2. Install the utility through the Google Workspace Marketplace like you would any other Google Docs add-on. Bring up your paper in Google Docs and add a link to your video there. If you’d like, you may even provide multiple video links.
    Select “Watch” from the pop-out menu in the DocuTube Viewer after selecting Extensions from the menu.
  3. Click “Load Videos” when the add-on appears in the sidebar.
  4. The sidebar then loads up with all of the videos from the links in your document. You may watch the one you choose on the sidebar by just pressing Play for it. To pause and restart the video as usual, move your mouse over it.


Sincerely, YouTube and videos added from Google Drive should at the very least be directly supported by Google Docs. Videos in Google Docs may be played using the built-in video player in Google Drive. But until then, you can apply the aforementioned technique with a few restrictions.

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