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How is a NASA astronaut chosen and how much money does he make per year?

The astronaut profession is one of the most attractive and the one that arouses the most admiration. Who has never dreamed of looking at the Earth from the outside? At a time when the space race seems to be gaining steam again, with Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos vying for NASA contracts, cosmonauts may once again capture our imaginations. But what does it take to be a NASA astronaut? And what is the salary?

How to become an astronaut?

To become a NASA astronaut, you must first be a US citizen. Those who meet this condition will have to overcome a long list of requirements, such as having a university degree in engineering, science, or mathematics with at least three years of experience, being in excellent physical shape, and, in the case of pilots, having completed a thousand flight hours.

Astronauts are part of a very competitive field. According to NASA, every two years, an average of 4,000 applicants apply for just 20 jobs. In the last call, in 2019, only 12 candidates were selected out of a total of 18,000.

The salary of an astronaut

NASA astronauts, as government employees, are paid on a salary scale for the GS-12 and GS-13 categories. It also depends on the experience and merits of each one. The lowest salary for the GS-12 category stands at $65,140 per year, about 54,000 euros, while a GS-13 astronaut can earn up to $100,701 (83,000 euros).

However, there is the possibility that an astronaut will be promoted to the GS-15 category. In that case, he could earn a maximum of 142,000 dollars a year (117,000 euros), although the figure will depend on his position, responsibility, and his performance within the astronaut corps.

How much does an astronaut earn? NASA reveals details about the space race

NASA answers the question that many of us ask ourselves about the reward of an astronaut, in addition to other curiosities that surround the most sacrificed job of all.

Being an astronaut is the most important dream for many people and it is one of the most difficult paths to fulfill in life. However, it is not an impossible goal and as an example, we have the scientists that NASA periodically sends to the International Space Station.

Given this, a question that has always arisen is knowing how much money astronauts earn and the space agency itself has previously answered it.

How much does an astronaut earn?

In the past launch of the Crew Dragon, the capsule developed by Space. With Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, NASA decided to share some details about the commanders of the mission to the ISS.

These two astronauts were selected by NASA in 2000 and the agency has revealed the salary each of its space travelers receives. To be an astronaut you must have very extensive preparation, NASA usually selects people with studies in some branch of science, pilots with many hours of flight, and professionals with a doctorate or master’s degree.

Civilian astronaut candidates are based on the United States Federal Government General Program salary scale which ranges in grades from GS-12 to GS-13. This qualification of each person is determined according to the academic achievements and experience of the person.

Currently, a NASA worker placed in GS-12 can start out earning $65,140 a year and a GS-13 can earn as much as $100,701 a year.

Military astronaut candidates are assigned to the Johnson Space Center and remain in active duty status for pay, benefits, leave, and other similar military matters.

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The oldest astronaut to fly with NASA on the Space Shuttle was John Glenn at 77 who flew on STS-95 in October/November 1998 and the youngest astronaut to date is Sally Ride at 32.

To become a pilot astronaut, you must have at least 1,000 hours of experience in jet aircraft, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science, or mathematics from an accredited institution.

Plus, you’ll have some serious competition, as NASA receives 4,000 applications for approximately 20 openings every two years.

How much does an astronaut earn in space?

How much does an astronaut who goes into space earn?
What is the salary of an astronaut? According to the official question and answer page of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the American space agency, a rookie astronaut, who has just been recruited, receives an average of USD 63,600 annually, which is approximately XNUMX BRL 244 thousand.

What is the salary of a NASA engineer?

Computer Engineer: $71,000 32,000; Laboratory technician: XNUMX $.

How long can astronauts stay in space?

  • Sergey Krikalev
  • Nationality Russo
  • space career
  • AER cosmonaut
  • time in space 803d 9h 39min

How much is the salary of a NASA aeronautical engineer?

NASA Flight Engineer Salary

NASA is always looking for aeronautical engineers and pays between $112,000 and $135,000 for experienced engineers.

What is the salary of a NASA scientist?

In the position of scientist, he starts earning R$ 4,722.00 in salary and can earn up to R$ 7,924.00.

What is the salary of someone who works at NASA?

NASA Lab Salaries

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  • Charge salary
  • Physician salaries at 1 reported salaries R$ 4,868/month
  • Receptionist I Salaries: 1 Salary reported R$ 1,643/month
  • Nurse I Salaries: 1 Salary reported R$ 1,418/month
  • Call Center Agent Salaries at 1 Salary Reported R$ 947/month

What is the salary of an ITA engineer?

Salaries to the Technological Institute of Aeronautics

  • Charge salary
  • SP wages at 1 reported wage of R$ 1,643/month
  • Aerospace Engineer Salaries at 1 salary reported R$ 8,000/month
  • Internal Salaries: 1 Salary Informed R$ 3,524/month
  • Consultant, Technical Salaries at 1 salary reported R$ 10,010/month

What happens if a person takes off their helmet in space?

First, all the air in your lungs would be expelled at high speed, causing the millions of alveoli in your respiratory system to burst. Seconds later, he would suffer the consequences of absolute oxygen deprivation, known as anoxia, while his bowels would empty.

How many astronauts are in space in 2020?

There are currently three people in space. American Chris Cassidy, commander of Expedition 63, and Russian engineers Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner have lived on the ISS since April this year.

What is life like for astronauts in space?

Astronauts: how do they live in space?

The routine on the ISS even includes growing lettuce. 🇧🇷
The ISS kitchen is always busy. 🇧🇷
Bathrooms are inside cabins for greater privacy. 🇧🇷
Astronauts have a “space academy” at their disposal. 🇧🇷
Since they sleep at the workplace, there is no risk of being late.

How much is the salary of an aeronautical engineer?

Profession Aeronautical Engineer: salary and career in the field of Aeronautical Engineering

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Trainee full
Big company R$ 5,772.56 R$ 9,019.62
Medium-sized company R$ 4,440.43 R$ 6,938.17
Small business R$ 3,415.71 R$ 5,337.05

How much does an Embraer Aerospace Engineer make?

At the largest and most famous aircraft manufacturing company in the country, Embraer, newly hired aeronautical engineers receive a salary of approximately R$7,900.

How much does a USA Aerospace Engineer make?

A software engineer typically earns $107,845 annually, while an aerospace engineer earns $96,153. Finally, a researcher has an average salary of $103,604.

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