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Free Fire V Badge: Myths, How to join Partner Program, and more

Free Fire V Badge: Players who have been approved into the Partner Program for Garena’s Free Fire will get an unique symbol next to their nicknames called the V Badge. Garena use this strategy to entice content producers to social networks, particularly YouTube, and keep a regular flow of content pertinent to the mobile game there with the ultimate objective of boosting and maintaining the game’s popularity.

Numerous fans are anxious to get this badge since it comes with many benefits and privileges, both within and outside the game. Contrary to certain player-held misconceptions, candidates must fulfil specific requirements in order to get this unique badge.


There are several misunderstandings in the community regarding the qualifying conditions to join the FF Partner Program, despite the fact that Garena has publicly stated them. Redeem tickets are an easy method to earn cosmetics in Free Fire, thus some players believe they can use them to get the V Badge. This is completely untrue since in order to obtain it formally, interested content providers must register.

Players who think they can get a valid redemption code for the V Badge must give up their search and focus on trying to meet the badge’s formal requirements.

Eligibility requirements to join Free Fire Partner Program

The following items should be on your to-do list before applying to the Free Fire Partner Program:

  1. Candidate’s YouTube channel should have above 100,000 subscribers.
  2. The latest 30 days’ worth of content must have an average relevance rate of 80% to FF games.
  3. The channel must have had at least 300K views over the course of the previous 30 days.
  4. Additionally, the author must actively promote great material on social media channels.
  5. There must be fascinating, wholesome, and offensive content.
  6. The applicant should be diligent and professional.
  7. A requirement is a passion for gaming.

The admins made it very clear when they provided these qualifications that just achieving them would not ensure a player’s selection for the Program. Only the applications of deserving creators are allowed after each application has undergone an internal assessment procedure.

Process to join the Free Fire Partner Program

Candidates that satisfy the outlined requirements should follow the listed procedures to apply for the Program:

Step 1: Visit the official partner program website first. You may access it by clicking this link.

Step 2: On the landing page, you will see the “Apply Now” option. To continue, click it.

Step 3: You will be sent to a Google form that requests the information shown below.

  • Name (as in Govt. ID)
  • Mobile number
  • Your Channel name
  • Your Channel link
  • Subscriber count
  • Your Address
  • ID Proof (Aadhar, PAN)

Tap the submit button after filling out the form with the necessary, accurate information.

Step 4: Be patient and await Garena’s team’s reaction after submitting.

Perks of getting Free Fire V Badge

Following acceptance into the Partner Program, one is entitled to the following advantages:

awards from the game, diamonds (the game’s cash), and personalised room cards

Those who have more than 500K followers and 95% FF-relevant content published on their channel will receive payment.

  • Early access to forthcoming in-game content
  • Featured on the official Free Fire social media accounts
  • Access to the official Free Fire client for observers
  • Get giveaway redemption codes
  • Direct contact with the official team is possible
  • Invitations only to competitions and esports events
  • Unique stuff from FF

Note: Content producers using Free Fire and Free Fire MAX are eligible to join the Free Fire Partner Program. They should also be aware that the official website might not be accessible for a while.

What is Free Fire Partner Program Eligibility Criteria?

Candidates must have a YouTube channel that is active and has at least 100,000 subscribers. The influencer/past Applicant’s 30 days’ worth of content has to be 80% Garena Free Fire-related. A minimum of 3 Lakh channel views from the user’s past 30 days are required.

How do you claim V badge in Free Fire?

The V Badge is not one of the premium things that players may receive for free with redemption coupons, though. Only partners are eligible for the V Badge, and according to the OB25 patch notes, “Free Fire Partners will now get a special in-game badge.”

How do you get the V badge in Free Fire Partner Program?

The uploaded content must be appropriate, interesting, not insulting, and not contentious. Players must exhibit regular social media involvement and high-quality material. They must be extremely motivated and have a strong desire to achieve. Users need to be eminently professional and eager to put in a lot of effort.

How users can get V Badge on their Free Fire ID

YouTube channels with at least 1,000,000 subscribers. At least 80% of the material must have been created during the past 30 days using Free Fire. The past 30 days’ worth of views for users must exceed 3,000,000.

How do you use V badge?

If gamers want to join the Partner Program and receive the V badge, they must fill out a form. Their name, address, channel data (name, URL, subscriber count), and other things will be requested.

How do I join the partner program?

Minimum qualifications to participate
Observe all the monetization guidelines for YouTube channels.
reside in a nation or area where the YouTube Partner Program is offered.
Have no strikes on your channel according to the community guidelines.
possess more than 4,000 legitimate hours of public watch during the past 12 months.

What are the benefits of V badge?

The following applications of a V-Badge in Free Fire are available for readers to consider: Partners will get a generous quantity of diamonds, bespoke chambers, and in-game incentives. If gamers meet the “95% FF content” threshold, they are eligible to get cash incentives. Ahead of time, players will get access to forthcoming in-game content.

How to apply for Partner Program V-Badge and requirements in 2022

If gamers want to join the Partner Program and receive the V badge, they must fill out a form.
Their name, address, channel data (name, URL, subscriber count), and other things will be requested.
Steps to access the form:
Step 1: Users must use a device to access the official Partner Program website.
Step 2: Users must choose the “Apply Now” option that is shown on their devices.
Step 3: After being forwarded to the Google Form, all the information must be correctly filled.
Step 4: After completing the application, they can submit the form.

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