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How to Make Money with EarnKaro

A beginner's guide to earning money with Earnkaro App

Make money with EarnKaro by sharing exciting deals and earning commissions through their affiliate program.

Hey there! If you’ve ever wished for a simple way to earn some extra cash, you’re in for a treat. Let me introduce you to EarnKaro App– your new best friend when it comes to making money effortlessly. In this article, we’ll chat about how EarnKaro works and how you can pocket up to Rs. 30,000 every month without breaking a sweat.

What is EarnKaro App?

EarnKaro is like your online money buddy. It helps you team up with over 50 big online shops and make money by sharing their cool deals. Whether you’re a marketing whiz or just like finding awesome stuff, EarnKaro lets you share deals, and when people buy through your links, you earn cash! It’s that simple.

How To Download Earnkaro App?

  1. Download the EarnKaro App:
    • Head to your app store, download the EarnKaro app, and install it on your phone.
  2. Sign Up in a Snap:
    • Open the app, sign up by entering your mobile number, email, and create a password. Click on the ‘Start Earning’ tab to kick off your earning journey.
  3. Create Profit Links in Two Ways:
    • Find a product you like on any website, like Myntra. Copy the product link.
    • In the EarnKaro app, click the ‘Make Link’ icon, paste the product link, and hit ‘Make Profit Link.’
    • Alternatively, choose a product from EarnKaro’s curated list.
  4. Share and Earn:
    • Share your profit link through WhatsApp, Facebook, or any social platform.
    • When someone makes a purchase through your link, you earn a profit.
    • Track your transactions in the app. If you’ve joined the referral program, enjoy a 10% commission for a lifetime.
  5. Cash Out Your Earnings:
    • Once you’ve pocketed a decent profit (minimum Rs. 10 confirmed profit), it’s time to transfer it to your bank.
    • Head to the ‘My Earnings’ section in your profile.
    • Request a profit payment – it’s that simple!

Ready to make easy money? Sign up on EarnKaro now and start your effortless journey to earnings!

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How can I make money with EarnKaro App?

  1. Sharing Deals:
    • EarnKaro lets you make money by sharing great deals from different online stores.
    • Pick a product you like from EarnKaro’s partner websites.
    • Create a special link for that product and share it with your friends or family.
    • Whenever someone buys through your link, you earn a profit.
  2. Creating Profit Links:
    • You can make unique profit links for products on EarnKaro’s partner websites.
    • Share these links, and every time someone uses your link to shop, you make a profit.
  3. Referring Friends:
    • EarnKaro has a referral program.
    • Invite your friends to join EarnKaro with your referral code.
    • When your friends sign up, you get a 10% bonus on their earnings for life.

It’s as simple as finding cool deals, sharing them, and earning when people shop through your links. Plus, you get a bonus when your friends join and start earning. Easy, right?

How To Refer And Earn With Earnkaro | Earnkaro Refferal Code

  1. Create an Account
  2. Then Go to ‘My Profile’
  3. In my Profile Click on ‘Refer and Earn’
  4. Find Your Referral Link: Inside the ‘Refer and Earn’ section, you’ll see your unique referral link.
  5. Share Your Referral Link
  6. Earn Commission: Whenever someone signs up using your link and makes a purchase, you earn a 10% commission on their confirmed profit for life.

Different ways to earn money online with the Earnkaro app?

  1. Join Affiliate Programs:
    • On EarnKaro, you can join affiliate programs from top companies like Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, Mamaearth, MakeMyTrip, and more.
  2. Share Product Deals:
    • Share cool product deals on social platforms like WhatsApp.
    • Convert these deals into profit links on EarnKaro.
    • When someone buys through your link, you make a profit.
  3. Create Affiliate Links:
    • Easily earn money by creating affiliate links for products you like.
    • Share these links with your friends or network.
    • Earn a guaranteed commission for every purchase made through your link.
  4. Use EarnKaro Magic Tool:
    • If you have a lot of followers on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Telegram, try the EarnKaro Magic Tool.
    • It automates and makes your link-sharing process super easy.

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How to Withdraw Money From EarnKaro App-

Steps to Withdraw Money From Earnkaro App:

  • Open the app and go to “My Profile.”
  • Find the “Payments” section.
  • Click on “Withdraw.”
  • Choose how you want to receive your money.

Payment Process:

  • Once you’ve requested payment, your earnings will be in your bank account within 6-8 days.
  • You can request a payout when your profit reaches Rs. 10 or more.

EarnKaro Withdrawal Conditions:

  1. Withdrawal Conditions on EarnKaro:
    • You can cash out your earnings when you reach at least Rs. 10 in your account.
  2. Profit Status:
    • Only confirmed profits can be withdrawn. Pending profits will be paid once they are confirmed.
  3. Payment Method:
    • If you provide your bank details for payment, make sure they are valid and that you want profits sent to that bank account.
  4. Payment Time:
    • After your profit is confirmed, you can request payment. It might take 30 to 90 days for confirmation, depending on the retailer.
    • Once requested, your money will be in your bank account within 6-8 days.
  5. Important Note:
    • If EarnKaro doesn’t receive commission for a transaction, you won’t get any profit.
    • If a retailer doesn’t track a sale, you won’t receive any expected profit from that sale.

Features of EarnKaro App-

  1. Make Links:
    • Easily create profit links from over 150 active partners.
    • Share these links with friends and family.
  2. Magic Tool:
    • Automates deal-sharing, especially handy for a big social media network.
  3. Exclusive Offers:
    • Access special deals on top brands like Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, and more.
  4. Simple Navigation:
    • Designed for easy browsing across categories, stores, and offers.
  5. My Activity:
    • Review your shares, clicks, and transactions with a tap.
    • Monthly detailed summary of all your activities.
  6. Withdraw Effortlessly:
    • Simple 2-step process for quick withdrawal of earnings.
  7. Refer and Earn:
    • Invite friends, earn 10% extra for life with your referral code.
  8. Educational Videos:
    • Learn everything about EarnKaro with in-depth videos on the home page.
  9. Testimonials:
    • Hear from top earners about their experiences.
  10. Wide Range of Affiliate Programs:
    • Partner with 150+ brands without any prior investment.

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How To Use EarnKaro?

Start earning with EarnKaro by following these easy steps! First, download the app from the Google Play Store. Sign up using your email or phone, and you’re all set. Share fantastic deals or create special links for products you love. Join top affiliate programs like Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, and more. If you’re a social media pro, use the EarnKaro Magic Tool to share effortlessly on platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Spread the word by sharing your affiliate link, especially on WhatsApp. When your earnings hit just ₹10, you can withdraw them with EarnKaro’s simple payout process. Your money will be in your bank account within 5 to 6 working days. Plus, remember you can earn up to Rs. 30,000 per month through EarnKaro. Happy earning!

How And Where To Earn Paytm Cash Using EarnKaro App?

The EarnKaro app is a cool way to earn Paytm cash. Just download it from the Google Play Store and sign up using your email or phone. Start by sharing deals or making special links for products you love. EarnKaro partners with top companies like Flipkart, Myntra, AJIO, and more. Share these links on WhatsApp, and when someone buys through your link, you make money. Once your earnings hit Rs. 10, request a payout, and it’ll be in your Paytm wallet within 5 to 6 days. You can earn up to Rs. 30,000 every month with EarnKaro.

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What is EarnKaro App?

EarnKaro is an affiliate marketing platform based in India. It allows users to earn money by sharing deals from various e-commerce websites with their network. When someone shops via the shared link, the user earns a profit.

Is EarnKaro App available for both Android and iOS devices?

EarnKaro is on Android, but there’s no clear info if it’s on iOS.

How can I earn money with EarnKaro App?

Share deals or create links for stuff you like. When people buy through your link, you make money. Also, get cash by inviting friends.

How do I cash out my earnings from EarnKaro App?

Withdraw money by going to your profile, hitting ‘Payments,’ and requesting a payout when your profit is ₹10 or more.

Is there a minimum age requirement to use EarnKaro App?

Yes, you must be at least 16 years of age to become a member of EarnKaro5.

Is EarnKaro App Trustworthy?

Yes, EarnKaro is trusted for affiliate marketing in India. But, always check the terms and conditions.

Is EarnKaro A Free App Or A Premium One?

EarnKaro is totally free! No fees to start earning.

Is the Earnkaro App available on Play Store?

Yes, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

Is EarnKaro safe to use?

Yes, it’s safe. Over 20 lakh users have used it, but always check the terms before using any online platform.

Note: Before you start with EarnKaro, do a quick research check. Understand how the app works, read the terms, and check user reviews. Based on the reviews I found, EarnKaro has mixed feedback from users. Some users have reported issues with tracking orders and receiving payments, while others have had a positive experience and found it to be a good source of income. Know what users are saying to make an informed decision for your EarnKaro journey. In a nutshell, a little research can make your EarnKaro experience hassle-free.

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